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 Achilles Squad

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PostSubject: Achilles Squad   Achilles Squad Icon_minitime06/08/13, 04:55 am

Achilles Squad


John L. Do’Tree
Master Sargent
Team Leader
DMR and Magnum
Biography: John is a long time UNSC Marine, or as most call them... Lifers. He lives for the fighting and will die by the fighting. John has only lost 2 men in his long time of serving. Both were dear friends of his, but he tries to not let that bother him when he is in the midst of battle. John led Marines before joining the ODSTs. But when the opportunity arose, he happily accepted.

Mark A. Gallegos
Petty Officer 1st Class
Team medic/ second in command
Assault Rifle and magnum
Biography: One of the best medics in his class during A-School, he was selected by the UNSC Navy high command to join the Marines, after a few ‘heroic’ adventures he was soon put into Achilles ODST Squad.

Gerry T. Lancaster
Heavy weapons specialist
Battle Rifle and Rocket Launcher
Biography: Gerry(pronounced as Jerry), has been with John for a long time. Of course he doesn't see eye to eye with Sargent Graham, but that’s only because Kyle makes fun of how loud he is and how he can never go on stealth missions. Gerry was asked to join the ODSTs because he is an adrenaline junky, and because his CO wanted him gone and out of his Platoon.

Jim H. Barnes
Lance Corporal
Technical Specialist
Assault Rifle and Magnum
Biography: Lance Corporal Jim Barnes is the newest squad mate of Achilles. It took months for high command to find Achilles a replacement for their last casualty. Jim was in a desk jockey job for the Corps. Of course he wasn’t the best nor was he the worst in his class during his schooling, but he did a good job. After months of requesting and requesting to be put in a combat role, he go it. Though he didn't expect this.

Kyle J. Graham
DMR and Sniper Rifle
Biography: Kyle is the smart mouth of the squad. He’ll tell off a commanding officer in a heart-beat. He also argues with Corporal Gerry because of how loud he is with every mission they have. Things like, “Lancaster! I can hear you over the bullets whizzing past my face! Shut the f*** up!”
Or, “Hey Gerry, I heard you snoring last night. I think the covies heard you all the way from here. Just can’t take you anywhere.”
Though Kyle maybe an ass, he get’s his job done, and he does it well.

"Excuse me, sir? I represent the Canadian Ex-boy scouts Association, and it's time for our annual blood drive!" - Deadpool
"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."
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Achilles Squad
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