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 Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo)

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Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo) Empty
PostSubject: Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo)   Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo) Icon_minitime30/09/13, 05:06 am

Name: Salthekwer sally Centu

Age: Varies to indevidual lekgolo worm, but the colony itsself is about 24 years old.

Race: Lekgolo sentient colony

Skills: Base knowledge of maintenance and firing of basic covenant firearms, Ability to form very complex sturctures, 'Hive-mind' mentality, and ability to vibrate individual lekgolo as "Vocal chords" to create audiable sound, and on occasion intelligable words.

 Aside from that, Salthekwer is capable of storing small, lightweight items within it's form.

Role: Patroller, tank, damager, etc. The usual.

Screenshot/apearance:    When not in any particular form, the Salthekwer colony is a writhing mass of tiny orange worms, pulsating with a warm red light. In the center of this mass is a spiked mineral rack, which the indevidual worms guard fiercely.

     In infantry form (A.K.A. hunter form) this colony is a large bipedial beast with a hunched, spiked back and large, well formed, falsely-jointed limbs. It's head varies in shape, but it has an almost invariably long neck. This is Salthekwer's strongest form.

 Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo) Pixel_10

   The salthekwer colony is capable of forming into other shapes, of course, but these two are roughly standard.

Theme song(s): Animal I have become, three days grace

Insignia, if applicable: -

Current Location: Pending roleplay

Current Status: pending roleplay


  (handwritten note found in the pocket of a human child, Sally Maybelline Canarjus. This is odd, however, because Lek'golo do not have eyes, and thus cannot see to write.)  We are together strong. That is what we know no matter how many times you try to separate us. And so we must tell you the story of why? so be it, then. Take this note as you take this child.

  This child was taken from you, human. I suggest you be more wise a parent. She is only one human but she carries the strength of a thousand lekgolo. You are quite lucky that I found her. I am Salthekwer, a soldiar of the covenant and several of my own. You are a human soldiar. I should have killed her, but she is now to me as my bonded brothers are: she is to me as much my child as your own.

    As for the child, I have adopted her name as my own, as have my counterparts, simply because the child is more to us than she is to you. Do not let her be trained against us, as we will not hesitate to kill you and your allies for every lekgolo she kills. Do not leave her again, because I may not be there to guide her to return to you.

  -end of note.

    Selthekwer was shaped to be a soldiar, and the colony is well suited for it. years of training have been summerised into the being, as have years of seeing the ends of lives. One such life was that of a spartan who had single-handedly destroyed the bonded colony selpentin by setting it on fire. Selpentin was the origin colony of salthekwer.

  Driven into a frenzy by the defeat of their closest friend(s), the Salthekwer colony tore off the human's head, tossing it to the ground in pure hatred, pouring the red blood of the man's corpse onto it's back-spines. Minutes later, it realised the presence of another being, a human child.  Not having ever encountered such a being before, the hive-minded structure was unanimously curious, but also simultaniously hesitant. The child, not having witnessed the slaughter of either Mgalekgolo or human that had taken place, did not know to be afraid. Seemingly not recognising the stunned collective form as a thing to be feared, she spoke.

  "H-hhello, mr. hunter, sir... I'm lost..."

  This supprised the Mgalekgolo even more. It was too confused to move, let alone decide what to do with the child, so it simply stood for a moment, then turned and ran.  It returned shortly, having given itsself time to recover. The child was still there. Despite having killed humans before, the salthekwer colony was somehow unable to bring itsself to kill it. The two minds shared something that neither understood. The child needed someone to look after it, and the Lekgolo colony needed someone to look after. They had both lost someone, and in varying degrees, they were both lonely for the first time either of them could remember.

  This was the start of a series of unusual adventures that spanned a full two years. The human and the hunter saved eachother many times from one threat or another. Be it overly-suspicious elites or last-minute spartan patrolls, they constantly looked out for eachother. They shared with eachother their stories, their fears, even their deepest secrets, because of their friendship. Salthekwer, however, had grown in number and in size, and knew that soon, the colony would be large enough to devide. So as to spare the child from the confusion involved, the lekgolo colony made a decision that was very tough for the both of them. It was time to say goodbye.

    Shortly after dropping the child off in an area that the colony noticed that humans travelled often, Salthekwer successfully was able to devide, producing a new colony, which was named Sailktheg. As it's old bond name had been forgotten, the lekgollo colony chose a new one: Sally, after the child it cared for not long ago.

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Salthekwer sally Centu (Mgalekgolo)
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