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 Crew of the UNSC Backlash and additional personnel

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PostSubject: Crew of the UNSC Backlash and additional personnel   01/10/13, 05:59 pm

((Feel free to post characters here for the Improv RP.))

All non-Navy crew derive from the 40th Marine Expeditionary Force, which consists of:
- 11th Marine Division
    - 11th Reconnaissance Battalion
- 7th Marine Aircraft Wing
    - 6th Marine VTOL Wing
- 12th Marine Logistics Group
- 20th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
    - 33rd, 35th, 37th Marine Expeditionary Units

All Navy crew serve as a detachment from:
Task Force 133

Ship Name: UNSC Backlash
Class: Strident-class heavy frigate
Role: Management of forward operations in unfamiliar territory, reconnaissance, transport, command ship.

Technical specifications:

Length: 575 meters (1,887 ft)
Width: 124 meters (407 ft)
Height: 112 meters (368 ft)
Engine(s): Deuterium fusion engines
Slipspace drive: Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Other system(s): Energy shielding


-Mark IV, heavy coil - 94B1E6/MAC
-M42 Archer Missile Delivery System
-M870 Rampart 50mm Point-Defense Network
-M4093 Hyperion nuclear delivery system (3x)


On the Command Deck-

Name: Rear Admiral. Abejide Idowu
Age: 41
Nationality: Nigerian
Role: Captain of the Backlash. Coordinates communications with FLEETCOM and ensures the well-being of the Backlash and her crew. Takes full command of the ship in the event of ship-to-ship combat.
Current location: The UNSC Backlash, hovering over Requiem landmass designated REQ-813-A.
Current status: Managing marine and pelican deployments.

On the ground-

Marine Force Recon Fireteam 11-01
-Local designation and callsign: FORCON-1
-Local name: Badger Team/Squad

Captain. Darwin "Roadie" Grant, Force Recon team leader
Second Lieutenant. Howard "Loather" Love, Force Recon mid-range rifleman, second in command
First Sergeant. Richard "Fritz" Manning, Force Recon demolitions expert, close quarters expert
Corporal. Quante "Savior" Goode, Force Recon marksman
Lance Corporal. David "Foghorn" Platz, Force Recon communications expert, logistics, location responsibilities

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PostSubject: Re: Crew of the UNSC Backlash and additional personnel   02/10/13, 10:58 am

Name: Spartan Tasha

Age: 21

Race: Caucasian

Skills: Excellent tracker, master knife fighting, good with shotgun, can make/disarm booby traps. Does not take prisoners, will charge and attack without orders, will execute injured or surrendered Covvies.

Role: Scout, Former member of Spartan Fire Team Wasp

Appearance: Tasha is notably small for a Spartan, she is nowhere near as tall as most of them. Indeed she is just about the same height as an average marine. She has light blue eyes and long hair that has been dyed a dark green colour. Her back is horrifically scarred from torture she endured when captured by Covenant Terrorists. Her armour is a dark grey colouration with yellow patterns criss crossing it. Her armour consists of the Scanner Helmet, with Defender shoulders and chest plate with inner plated fore arm guards and legs.

Theme song(s): Duality Slipknot

Insignia: A Wasp Badge, Yellow and black colours

Current Location: Does not have to be wherever you are in the story

Current Status: Active


Accessing file...
Opening document: Password requested:
Enter Password: *********
Password Accepted.
Access Granted: Admiral Stormvich Panchello

Report on Spartan IV Tasha

Spartan Tasha, had once been among the friendliest of the Spartans, making significant time to talk to other UNSC personnel. However after her team being virtually wiped out during the Midnight Dawn Incident and herself being captured, that has changed dramatically. She has become very quiet and reclusive. She does not like to talk, not even to other Spartans. Tasha hates physical contact and few Spartans can touch her without her wishing it, she especially hates being touched on the back and has been known to attack anyone foolish enough to do so. (Possible physiological scars? Treatment denied by ONI) Tasha does not take any Covenant prisoner and is exceedingly brutal, cruel and bloody when it comes to killing enemy prisoners or injured. (Possible vengeance for what she endured?)
Tasha speaks very little of what she suffered at the hands of the Covenant Terrorists, only that she did not tell them anything. She refuses to be captured again and will fight on even when hopelessly out numbered preferring death to surrender. Another result of the torture has left her merciless in battle executing surrendered or injured Covenant regardless of their rank with equal hatred and brutality. There are several recorded incidents where Tasha has deliberately dragged out the death of injured Elites for over an hour or more with one of her many knives. (See Attachment A) There is also the case where she executed a captured enemy VIP. (See Attachment B)
Her skills in battle are as good as they always where and one would struggle to find a better tracker. It is highly recommended that Tasha is not used for capture operations as her tendency to kill those that where intended to be captured is detrimental to the mission. She is deemed fit for active service though it is highly recommended by numerous medical professionals that Tasha is placed into a relatively calm Spartan Team so that she can form bonds with them. It is hoped that upon doing so Tasha can begin to recover mentally from what she suffered. (See Attachments C, D and E)

I hope you know what you are doing, I am not certain that placing Tasha back in a war zone is a wise strategy. I know she is a valuable asset... But what if at her core she is broken? What happens if she causes the failure of the mission? Think about that before you send her into war. We have been friends for a long time and I trust that you will make the right decision.

Doctor Samantha O'Reilly

"The Codex Astartes does not support this action" Leandros

"I have one rule... Everyone fights no one quits if you don't do you job I'll shoot you"

"I fight because the day I don't is the day the UNSC kill me" Spartan III Anna

"Ten, nine, eight, seven... BOOM! Burn you alien mothe... Oh wait sorry Sarge I got bored" ODST Emma Watkins
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Crew of the UNSC Backlash and additional personnel
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