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 The article of Langsten Gaul

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PostSubject: The article of Langsten Gaul   The article of Langsten Gaul Icon_minitime04/11/13, 03:11 am

Welcome, to UNSC Personnel files...
Please gain access from superior or proper authorization.

Passcode required...
Enter Passcode************
Loading text file #1
Load complete!

Name: Cpl. Langsten Gaul
Age: 32
Race: Male/Caucasian/Grimy Skin
Skills: Not many, but he is loyal, and will follow all orders given by a trusted superior.
Role: Tank MG gunner
Screenshot/apearance: The article of Langsten Gaul Reference+Imagery
Theme song(s):
Insignia, if applicable: The article of Langsten Gaul Big-u-marine-corps-lance-corporal-collar-rank-insignia-14306
Current Location: Chi Ceti System
Current Status: Healthy, Operating in F.O.B Spear
Biography: Langsten was born in 2496, in the system Chi Ceti. His father fought insurgents, but went MIA while leading a raid on Reach. His mother ran a crop farm. During his life, he was schooled little, and gained respect in his community by poaching rare animal species. He evaded arrests and continued that life-style up until Covenenat scout ships attacked and glassed his planet. The current population of the planet was 200,000. Of the 200,000, 19,750 were evacuated to inner colonies. His mother... was not among the 20,000 individuals. The UNSC began drafting by the millions. With in the course of a month, he was transported to Reach with millions of others. He filled out a form, was given gear and a rifle, and was soon specialized to a tank division. He served as an MG gunner there. He has not seen action yet, but as promoted through battle simulations... And he waits...
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The article of Langsten Gaul
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