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 Everyone Read this.

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PostSubject: Everyone Read this.   Everyone Read this. Icon_minitime06/11/13, 05:03 pm

I reread the entire character thread, and realised that there's a problem that could effect pretty much everything in the RP (And goes against what I've already set down, if I'm being particularly harsh).

The character bios. Specifically, the character bios that deal with demons.

As I've said, demons are really strong, and everyone who killed or fought one off poses a problem here; there's not much chance of a kid killing a demon (even by accidentally impaling it).

I'd like people to edit their characters if necessary. Of course, this only applies to people who are still in the RP, I know a lot of people dropped out early on :c.

I've highlighted the parts that I'd like fixed, sorry if this ruins anything for anyone.

If the edit just says to see this post:
I'd suggest changing the demon to a wild animal, or another person.

If it says anything else or you want to discuss this, PM me.

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Everyone Read this.
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