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 Isaac Rodgers

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Benjamin Graves
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PostSubject: Isaac Rodgers   29/11/13, 08:46 pm

Name: Isaac Rodgers
Age: 35
Race: human
+expert at hand-to-hand combat
+combat specialist
+great at close quarters combat/CQC.
-hates being insulted
-loves explosives
-very impatient
-detached from reality
Role: N/A
appearance: he is tall. Standing at 6'7". His skin is pale. His hair color is brown and his eyes are brown.
Theme song(s): fade to black (Metallica)
Current Location: classified.
Current Status: active.
Biography: Isaac Rodgers is a seasoned soldier. Even though he does not listen to orders sometimes, he is still respectable. And I think he has learned from his mistakes in not listening to orders. Since the third time he did so, he lost his right arm. Strangely though he was not bothered in the slightest way which leads me to believe he isn't very attached to reality. Or at least doesn't care because he knew his arm would be replaced. He was also very exited to see his prosthetic arm. After he got it he studied it for hours, actually it wasn't really studying, he showed it off to officers and marines alike. He also loves explosives but strangely he doesn't like explosive weapons like rocked launchers and grenade launchers. But He is an expert a hand-to-hand combat. he is very brutal though. Then he hates being insulted. Proven by him when a commander questioned his training. He broke his arm. And since none of the other officers said anything happened and that lead me to believe both that, the commander was disliked and Isaac was liked by the other officers.
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Isaac Rodgers
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