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 Alanoth, ONI Special Agent {Finished}

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PostSubject: Alanoth, ONI Special Agent {Finished}   10/01/14, 01:45 am

Name: Alanoth C. Lirian
Age: 34 years
Race: Human;Caucasian Hispanic mix

Skills: Expert Marksman, 12 years experience, Advanced CQC Proficiency
Role: Leader or Mentor


Theme song(s): What I've Done - Linkin Park

Insignia, if applicable: ONI Special Forces

Current Location: UNSC ONI Operations HQ
Current Status: Preparing for a mission


......UNSC DOSSIER FILE #6789003J
......Lirian, Alanoth C., Captain Second Grade - Promoted to Lieutenant Major for valorous actions in the field...Demoted to Sergeant for disciplinary insubordination...Court Martialed for treason...Reinstated with rank Captain Second Grade....Transferred from UNSC Marine Corps to ONI...Status changed from Recruit to Special Agent...
.....Unauthorized Access Detected - TERMINATE CONNECTION

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Alanoth, ONI Special Agent {Finished}
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