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 Setting of the RP

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PostSubject: Setting of the RP   Setting of the RP Icon_minitime08/05/14, 02:28 am

Year: 2034

Location: Earth


In the late 2010’s, all sources of oil were depleted, with reserves running low. Faced with an unprecedented energy crisis, many nations soon went to war with each other for control of the opposing nations remaining oil. This Resource War lasted for ten years before a science and technology company known as Nexus achieved the creation of sustainable fusion power. Distributing the schematics for the new reactors and developing a host of other reliable alternatives, the war came to an end in in 2028

State of the World

Four years since the end of the war, and much of the world has changed. Borders have been shifted, with new nations even forming to fill the vacuum or taking advantage of the chaos. Nearly every major nation had the war come to their shores, with many coastal cities still bearing the scars of those battles. Due to the chaos of both the war and previous economic crash from the oil crisis, many areas are either overrun with crime or warzones in their own right.

Level of Technology

-Advanced computers and rudimentary AI’s (Non-sentient) that allow for smarter security systems ranging from cyber-defense to security droids/robots.
-”Smart” cities (Think Watch Dogs where cities are controlled by massive operating systems)
-Tiltrotor VTOL craft the size of helicopters.
-Powered exoskeltons
-New cybernetics including much more useful prosthetic limbs
-Bullets still remain though lasers are in use aboard large ships. Gauss heavy weapons.

(Any other suggestions for Earth based, Human made Technology would be appreciated)

Major Organizations

Nexus Industries: A multi-billion dollar corporation that specializes in technology. Serves as a behind the scenes antagonist for the story, among other groups. Leading developer in next-gen tech that encompasses robotics, nanotechnology (includes nanorobotics), computing and AI software, commercial energy technologies. Owns it's own private army in Draco Securities, and has a corporate HQ in New York City.

Draco Securities LLC: A PMC group owned and supplied by Nexus, they serve as security for the companies high-tier facilities, outsource themselves as muscle for countries or groups seeking their skills and expertise, and are even close to replacing law-enforcement.

Legion: One of the major organized crime groups in the United States, they deal in drugs, smuggling of stolen goods and weapons, and a host of other activities. Any gangs operating in their territory are either not worth bringing into the fold, or are to Legion what shell companies are to larger companies.

Panacea Biotech: As the title suggests, Panacea is a biotech company that specializes in biological technology. Bio-engineering, genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, and even cloning all fall under Panacea's specialty. Globally, they are the leading company in these areas, and as a result Panacea has advanced things like medicine, and even perfected (or at least improved) the science of genetically modified foods and organisms.

Black Fox PMC: The main –and only- competitor to Draco Securities LLC. Black Fox specialises less in conventional security and warfare, and focuses on the unconventional kind.  They are known for hiring members of Special Forces all over the world, and are often referred to as “Special Forces for hire” by the media. In 2030, Black Fox was in the global eye following a biological weapons scandal along with information about what were essentially assassinations, damaged their reputation. Black Fox often buys contracts from Government agencies, in exchange for permission to seize any assets they find.

United Nations Extra-terrestrial Security Division (UNESD): Created in top secret in the 1942 following the classified Battle for LA where an alien craft appeared above the night time sky of Los Angelis. The UNESD or as it was known at the time the Allied Human Security Force. The UNESD primary purpose is to intercept, capture and assimilate aliens if they possess peaceful intentions or intercept and destroy them if their intentions are hostile. In 1979 the Allied Human Security Force changed its name to the United Nations Extra-terrestrial Security Division. The UNESD explores alien technology and is better equipped than most human forces, with tougher, lighter body armour and benefiting from the advanced technology they have acquired, the funding they receive from the UN and their pick of the best operatives that nations have to offer. Their motto is “Vigilare caelorum tueri” , or in English, "To watch the heavens, to protect."

ODIN: Odin is top secret espionage and law enforcement group created by the United Nations, and answers only to a small group that represent the few national powers that can keep this organization running. The mandate of Odin, is to preserve both peace and uphold international law on a global scale, and while their methods can be questionable at best they have for the most part never strayed from that ideal. As an espionage group, information is one of their main tools and weapons and to aid them in gathering it, they utilize a pair of satellites orbiting the planet with one at each halve, called Muninn and Huginn. Both they and the UNESD are fully aware of the other, and except in cases where their objectives overlap they generally stay out of eachothers way.

(Other groups to come, suggestions are welcome)

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Setting of the RP
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