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 Superpower Rules

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PostSubject: Superpower Rules   Superpower Rules Icon_minitime08/05/14, 03:02 am

Below is a set of lists that will serve as examples for powers that are either allowed, need to be toned down, or prohibited.

Acceptable Powers

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight
  • Super-strength
  • Super-speed
  • Heat/Laser vision
  • Some form of highly advanced technology that does not meet godlike proportions.
  • Invisibility
  • Ice projection (almost like Frozen or Ice Man (X-Men) style
  • Energy projection (Starfire)
  • Control over Earth (Terrakinesis) [Not the entire planet, just the ground, rocks, dirt, in a limited area]
  • Hydrokinesis (control over water)
  • Magic that does not involve being a supernatural being (No mythical creatures taking human shape, like a Dragon [American Dragon] or some manner of deity.
  • Personal shapeshifting (no Wonder Twins please)

(Any other powers that are not on the list please ask either Razgriz, Fallen, or Kristy)

Powers that if in use need to be toned down

  • Teleportation: Needs to be limited by range and line of sight. Can range from actual teleportation (Nightcrawler style) to using portals (Portal style).
  • Super healing can still be fast and effective, but not Wolverine or Deadpool fast. There must be a fair amount of time for the injury to heal that leaves a character vulnerable, or some manner of trade off (like the more serious the wound, the shorter your lifespan gets from the healing)
  • Super Strength cannot involve lifting buildings or large vehicles like say tanks of eighteen wheelers. Small cars and similar sized vehicles or of similar mass, are fine.
  • Super speed cannot make you move at FTL speeds, or at Mach 4.
  • For magic, use of it is fine so long as you're neither a true god (because let's face it that would just be too OP) or a magical non-human creature. There must be limits on the magic, such as things like amount of 'mana' or energy your character has available before they cannot use their magic for a certain time. You cannot change someone into something else, so no changing people into animals.

Just as a reminder, but there must be weaknesses, plural. You can be tough to beat fine, but neither invincible or requiring a magic bullet/kryptonite/writer's intervention to beat.

Forbidden Powers

  • Manipulation of an object’s particles or molecules
  • Precognition (knowing the future)
  • Time travel
  • Conjuration of weapons and objects from nothing.
  • Some form of literal god related power.
  • Some manner of powerful, magic related object that can make someone a god. (Ark of the Covenant, Dr. Jones)
  • Intense speeds beyond that of light or sound
  • Mind control (Mind reading is actually fine so long as there's a limit regarding strong willed/minded individuals)
  • Molecular abilities that can allow you to either create something literally out of nothing or to destroy something down to its base molecules.
  • Anything that could relate you to Superman, Sentry, Goku, or other overpowered characters
  • No Gurren Lagann type shit, like throwing galaxies as shuriken (for fucks sake still can’t believe that was a thing (dude you loved it shut up))
  • Nothing worthy of an action packed anime sequence (Dragonball Z, Bleach, etc.)
  • Any manner of immunities or powers that give you an immunity to other powers
  • Control over objects (to be more specific, summoning in massive battleships from some alternate dimension coz they answer to you; you’re heroes, not generals)
  • Any control or influence over death
  • No God Modes. Pretty much goes hand in hand with the weakness section.

((On the subject of ships, if there is ever a friendly organization along the way in the story [SHIELD from Marvel and their Helicarrier] then yes, there can be a ship used by the heroes however, please as a courtesy either no personal ships, or no using a personal ship's weapons for attacks. Maybe say the systems are broken))

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Superpower Rules
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