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 Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions}

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions} Empty
PostSubject: Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions}   Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions} Icon_minitime14/06/14, 01:20 am

Name: Recuba cana Cido

Nickname(s) - Walking Wall, Buddy, The Big, Angry, Scary Thing

Age: 34

Race: UNSC Controlled Mgalekgolo

Skills: (Positive) - Immense strength, Loyalty, Friendly, Plasma Assault Cannon training, Shielded, Big and tall    
(Negative) - Slow, Afraid of the dark, Loud,  

Role: Major - Anti-Vehicle/Assault
Minor - Defensive unit/Equipment carriage  

Screenshot/appearance: Dark Green assault armor, with random etchings along the helm, shield, and arm guards. He carries 8 medium sized Ammunition bags for infantry support. The worms comprising of him are a light orange. His blood is a bioluminescent orange. His weight is about 10,700 pounds. (4.535924 kg) He is around an intimidating 15 feet tall.
(Recuba before joining the separatists)

Theme song(s):

Insignia, if applicable: Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions} 20070304222625!Mark_of_Shame

Current Location: UNSC Frigate REDACTED

Current Status: Alive and well, for a Hunter, that is.


/>. Accepted.
/>. Please state command now...
-OPEN DATA FILE #459655701-

/>.OPENING FILE - Recuba Cana Cido
Gathered information from interview of Recuba Cana Cido (Covenant Separatist), despite constant communication difficulties.

Personality - On the fact that he doesn't talk to most allies, other than those of higher rank, he is said to be calm most of the time. Although he is is a wild beast in combat. Unlike most Hunters, he doesn't hate the humans. Finding them more entertaining than threatening.

Family - Seraso Cana Kyva (Deceased Bond Brother)

History - Recuba Cana Cido was 'born' on Te just before the Age of Reclamation. After a few years on Te, the prophets had chosen him to be assigned as a protector of the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam during the attacking of the Heretic occupied Forerunner gas mine. During the battle he was almost killed by a group of heretic sangheili, if not for the arbiter. He would remember this always. After the battle, he (and the remaining of the covenant forces) left via Phantoms.

He would continue to follow Thel throughout the Covenant, even when the Separatists we formed. He joined the Separatists (due to his loyalty to the Arbiter) and fought with John-117 and the humans, eventually being used as a cargo hold guard and carrier for the UNSC aboard the Frigate REDACTED where he got his Armor painted green, and "enlisted" into the UNSC.

"Hey, if your reading this, then we need a sort of "care giver" for Recuba. If you know someone or want to be in the same squad with a walking death machine, and boss it around, then please report to REDACTED to start training. Thanks."

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Recuba Cana Cido {Finished, open to suggestions}
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