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 Useful Information + What is this?

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PostSubject: Useful Information + What is this?   09/07/14, 02:50 pm

This RP is set in Washington DC and has a total of Five Families battling over the city.

The heads of three of the families are Me, San and Kristy. The other two families will remain NPC families so that there's never a reliance on someone else in order to do something. People joining the RP will be allowed to start in any of our three families and whoever is the head of the family would assign a rank to your character. Expect to start low and work your way up through the family. This will allow longevity and also let the RP continue should you choose to leave in the future.

The Five Families are known each by their name. (The families are ordered by power and reach)

The Cammora Family
The Cammora Family are one of the oldest families in DC. They slowly gained power through mostly peaceful means, absorbing smaller families until they were bigger than most. Though generally cautious and slow to react, the Cammora are renowned for their power when backed into a corner. Other families refer to them as il lento (the slow) but yet always pay their respects and tributes on time. They are undoubtedly the most powerful of the Five Families.

The Cappacio Family
Few families can claim to have the influence that the Cappacio possess. With funds innumerable, the Cappacio have their hands in every honeypot in the city. They’ve been the most publicised, the most criticised, and the most popular family in DC ever since their first foundings. Most people would’ve be surprised if they had their hands in the government of the state at this point. They claim to use honourable methods to get their money, but everyone knows every method imaginable, honourable or not, is what got them where they are. But, despite their dirty ways, and their high profile members, no one would dare hit them. Their only opposition is the Cammora, and they intend to change that.

The Fabrizo Family (Skippy's Family)
The Fabrizo family began as one of the smaller underling families working for a much larger operation. Through coertion, bribery and threats, the Fabrizo family convinced many to turn against and kill their leaders. This allowed them to slowly, slowly take over the operation in Sicily and impose a quasi-dictatorship over the Cosa Nostro. They expanded their reach to America as early as they could and quickly rose to one of the biggest powers in DC. The Fabrizo Family is best known for their quick thinking leaders, savage muscle and ruthless philosophy. ‘If the finger hurts, better cut the whole arm off to be sure.’

Travnikov Family (Sanity's Family)
The Travniko Family has, for the longest time, not technically been a stand alone family. It’s members all operated, worked for, and were funded by, the Solnstsevskaya Bratva, in Russia. They operated under the order of the high ranking Leonid Travnikov, who turned them into hitmen and loan sharks, before expanding into the realms of car thefts, bribery, money laundering, and political corruption. Now, though still a subsect of the Bratva, the Travnikov Family has started to climb to the top of the American crime world, as one of the Five Families of DC.

The Gravano Family (Kristy's Family)
The Gravano family began as a much smaller street gang operating under a different name and working for the other families, pushing drugs, weapons and even as hitmen. Eventually, one of the families set them up to take a fall for them, both because of the gangs growing strength and because they needed to take heat off of themselves. After disappearing during the time they spent in prison, the gang emerged as the newly christened “Gravano” family. Backed by corrupt politicians and officials, the Gravano family quickly carved its own foothold into Washington and despite being the youngest and least powerful family, they know what they want and are willing to do anything to get it, and that includes stepping on the toes of stronger families.

Each family has it's own rivalries and it's own colours that identify them.

All clothing and vehicles belonging to the families will be adorned with hints of their colours in darkened tones.

As far as rivalries go:

Cappacio - Cammora
The Cappacio see the Cammora as their only real threat in DC. The Cappacio wish to remove this opposition and take full control of DC and all incomes and influence this provides.

Cammora - Fabrizo
The Cammora fear the Fabrizo, although not openly. Their brutal approach goes against Cammora philosophy, the quasi-dictatorship of the Cosa Nostro unnerves them and the Cammora know they must deal with them before all the families suffer.

Fabrizo - Gravano
The Fabrizo see shadows of themselves in the Gravano. They understand how far they could rise and how much of a threat they could become. The Fabrizo have already been hit minorly off of them and they took it to heart.

Gravano - Travnikov
The Gravano see the Travnikov as the family just above them. They understand that absorption or destruction of the Travnikov would allow them a much needed foothold in the upper regions of DC.

Travnikov - Cappacio
The Travnikov see the Cappacio influence and want it. The Cappacio control most authority and the Travnikov understand that authority is the key to winning the city. The Cappacio are blind to the threat below them and the Travnikov have every plan to utilise this.

So yeah, thats basically it. There's no overly structured story to it,  we're just going to let it develop as it will and let people RP freely (ish)

Note: If you leave the RP or do not post for a long period of time, the head of your family has the right to control your character if necessary to advance the RP. We've tried to avoid reliance wherever we can but it might still happen.

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Useful Information + What is this?
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