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The White Wolf
The Wizards

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PostSubject: Characters   09/07/14, 02:52 pm



Place of Birth:




Background history (Inc how you got into the family):

Name: Santo Fabrizo

Age: 45

Place of Birth: Sicily

Appearance: Santo is a tall, thin man with a drawn face. He’s known best for his violent temperament and sudden mood swings.His black suit, with slashes of deep dark green, is usually the best sign of where he is.

Family: Fabrizo

Rank/Role: Godfather

Background history (Inc how you got into the family): Santo was one of the fifteen mob members originally sent from Sicily to America to establish a foothold for the Fabrizo. He rose quickly through the ranks, with his namesake giving him access to the leadership of the American outfit. The Fabrizo warred and bribed their way to the top and ask only undying loyalty to their family from all members. Santo has been known to often take care of problems for his family personally. He’s always protected by the three biggest enforcers that Fabrizo have, and no-one has dared raise a voice to him for many years.

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PostSubject: Re: Characters   09/07/14, 03:15 pm

Name: Leonid Travnikov

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Stalingrad, Russia

Appearance: At a height of 6'1" and weighing in at 197lbs, Leonid is far from a small man. Broad shoulders and a nice v-frame body make him more than a little intimidating, and that's without counting his strong jaw and light blue eyes, which tend to break the will of most people, too scared only by the thoughts of what he would do to them. His recently shaved blonde hair has already started to grow back, but it hardly matters, as he is such a fan of hats.

Family: Travnikov

Rank/Role: Pakhan/Godfather

Background History: Leonid was one of the many Russians who arrived in America in the late 1940s, after the victories ending of World War Two. With a goal of setting up a Russian base of operations within the capitol of the American country, Leonid and his kin were quick to set up a branch of the Solnstsevskaya Bratva. The Bratva itself had, and still has, strong ties to members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and as such this little branch was seen in many ways as an underground link for the government and its agents. Over time, the branch grew, and grew, and grew, and before long, it became one of the most important groups in the criminal world of America, with Leonids name known amongst criminals and law enforcement alike. Hunted year in and year out, Leonid continues to expand his grip, eager to choke the life blood of the American crime world out, until only he and his people remained.

- Police Report: Leonid Travnikov -
Record from: Bureau of Police
Address: 1401-1409 Penn. Ave.
Date of arrest: 29/3/1954
Charge: Hazardous driving
Disposition of case: 30/3/1954
Residence: Room 34, Willard

Place of birth: Stalingrad, Russia
Nationality: Russian-Mongolian
Criminal specialty: Grand theft auto

Age: 32
Build: Broad
Height: 6’1”
Complexion: Light
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 197
Eyes: Blue
Scars and marks: Scar behind left ear

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PostSubject: Re: Characters   14/07/14, 08:35 pm

Name: Elijah Walker

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Alice Springs, Australia (Moved to Adelaide, Australia at age 6)


Family: Travnikov

Rank/Role: Shestyorka

Background history (Inc how you got into the family):
From an early age, it seemed like Elijah was ready for success. While not in a wealthy family, they provided well for him. helping out with much needed schooling, he was set to go to a prestigious college before his family was killed during an attack by the Japanese in 1942 while on a trip to the coastal city of Darwin. Oprhaned and left alone, he found a place in the Australian Navy. Stationed on the HMS Rockhampton, Elijah was made a Full Lieutenant after a Japanese air attack crippled the vessel. After the Rockhampton was rescued by allied forces, he was commended for bravery under fire, and was going to be fast tracked to success. But he was disenchanted with the Navy as the war drew to a close, and when his stint was up, he was out.
With a meager pay, he did his best, taking oddjobs. He even worked as a bodyguard, but that was his ultimate undoing. Arrested following the shooting of some fanatics, it turns out the man he was guarding was a freelance runner for the Gavano Family of D.C. This was 1949, and as his world went to hell yet again, he grew hard.

After his release in 1951, after having to prospect of a job or a normal life, he turned to a life of crime that suited his skills: Contract killing.

His first target was a politician in his hometown of Alice Springs. It went off without a hitch, and as he disappeared from the town of his birth, he found a new life.

For the next five years he would take contracts out all over the globe, until one day he ended up in a dangerous game in Los Angeles. Poison and sabotage and a few hectic gunfights brought him face to face with a beautiful but deadly Russian assassin named Ekaterina. A woman he had encountered years ago in a bar in Adelaide and had a short relationship with, before she disappeared.
After a few more attempts to kill each other (apparently Elijah had accidentally killed her dog during a chase in Los Angeles) he called a truce. In a neutral hotel room far from either of their own, they...well, talked.
And Talked.
And did other non-talk related things.

Over the next year or so they got to know each other better, until finally Elijah spoke his feelings.
Ekat returned them, and they married...after a very long meeting with Leonid that nearly caused for beatings three shootings and two threats of being encased in cement...alive.

Now Elijah works as a hitman for the Travnikovs, a low level associate until he proves he's worthy to be a real player in the family.

Name: Ekaterina Walker-Voelkov

Age: 31

Place of Birth: Arkhangelsk


Family: Travnikov

Rank/Role: Torpedo

Background history (Inc how you got into the family):
Born in Arkhangelsk, Ekaterina was introduced to the family at age 21. Becoming a low level money runner for starters, she grew into the Torpedo role after a member of the Gavano family tried to steal the money.
After killing him with his own gun, she ended up being given more dangerous work, until finally her father tested her in assassination.
She excelled, to his surprise.

Becoming a hitwoman for the Travnikov family, she chased down Elijah Walker, after he killed her dog, and ended up marrying him after a long week of attempted murder by both parties and a years worth of working together on contracts. It was during the truce in the hotel room that, well...she found out the bright boy she had shared a bed with nearly a decade ago was the man who fathered her daughter, Valentine.

So, she now works as a money handler once again, taking occasional contracts if able. She's devoting more time to Valentine, as a mother should.

Name: Valentine Walker-Travnikov

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C


Family: Travnikov (through parents; not introduced to the family)

Rank/Role: N/A

Background history (Inc how you got into the family):
Born in December of 1941, Valetine Voelkov didn't know her father until her early teen years, when he arrived with presents and apologies.
Forgiving him, she now lives with her parents in Washington, D.C, unaware her mother and father are part of the Travnikovs and have killed to give her a life.


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PostSubject: Re: Characters   14/07/14, 10:06 pm

Name: Dominic Gravano

Age: 35

Place of Birth: New York

Appearance: Brown hair and cold, blue eyes, Dominic is incredibly average, though he is slightly more muscular than most would be. He is known for appearing calm when he is most angry, notoriously quick to commit a murder and has a reputation of being hard to kill.
On his left cheek is a diagonal scar, running from his jaw to the bridge of his nose, from a knife wound in his youth.
On his stomach, is a scar from a stab wound and a gunshot after an attempted assassination.
A scar on his right shoulder marks another gunshot.
On his chest is the scar of a slash wound from a large knife after a street brawl.
His suit is almost completely black, aside from the seams which are purple.

Family: Gravano

Rank/Role: Godfather

Background history (Inc how you got into the family): Dominic was born in New York to an Irish mother and an Italian father involved with a crime family, though he never found out which. Aged five, his father was found murdered in his car, prompting he and his mother’s move to Washington. Aged thirteen, he committed his first felony; armed robbery. It was during this part of his life that he headed a street gang, working for more powerful gangs, often mafia families. He was eventually arrested on suspicion of murder, and after a brief stint in prison, he found out that he had been set up, used as a pawn in another gang war. Sickened by this, he turned his gang into a much larger organisation, bribing politicians, senators, businessmen, anyone who would accept his money and turned a nameless street gang into the Gravano family.


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