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 Paula Ortiz-ODST Sergeant

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PostSubject: Paula Ortiz-ODST Sergeant   Paula Ortiz-ODST Sergeant Icon_minitime16/07/14, 08:46 am

Name: Paula Ortiz

Race: Human-Hispanic

Skills: Trained in unconventional warfare, graded expert with the M6/SOCOM and M7S caseless.  Qualified as advanced with the BR85HB and MA37.  Proven to be a skilled operator either alone or in small squads of either trained soldiers or indigenous forces when placed in urban environments, her ability to think on her feet and adapt to a fluid environment are an asset.  While skilled in her weapon set, her lack of long-range marksmanship skills are a liability and rely on flanking a sharpshooter or relying on other assets in such a scenario.  Yet despite this, she has shown an ability to get the job done, using terrain to her advantage she will only reveal her position at the last possible moment and will not deviate from the mission profile unless it proves a strategic advantage.  Yet her greatest asset would be her grasp of technology and use of equipment as well as local knowledge.

Role: While a talented team leader, she also performs well as a second, giving valuable intel to the team leader as well as offering support where needed.  She speaks eight languages and is certified in the operation of the Pelican dropship and Hornet close support vehicle.

Appearance: Paula is 5' 6" tall and weighs 132 pounds, she has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.  She has oval facial features and a medium build with no distinguishing marks.

Personality: Paula is agreeable, able to get along with others and is not one to create conflict.  This does not mean she won't express concerns or objections but she knows the right way to do it.  A bit of a joker, she acts like one of the guys, proving herself capable in combat.  With a stable upbringing, she is not known for any behavioral problems but is noticed for having an elevated heart rate when in her drop pod.

Insignia: 7th Battalion Unit Badge

Current Location: UNSC Renewed Valor (Paris-class heavy frigate)

Current Status: Squad Leader, 105th Shock Troops Division, 7th Battalion, Fox Company, Baker Squad

Biography: Born in the city of Santiago, Paula was a driven individual and most of that drive was to join the UNSC.  At first she was going to be slated to military intelligence, but her scores through basic, along with her unconventional strategies got her noticed by the ODSTs.  She was trained in unconventional warfare and sent out on high risk operations with small squads where she proved a capable rifleman.  Her desire to learn meant that she took what skills training she could, mastering English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese.  These skills made her an ideal candidate for sending her into locations where the UNSC could not spare forces and raise local insurrections against those opposed to the UNSC.  In spite of all her in-country work, she never lost perspective and is considered a potential ONI operative candidate.

Misc: Paula enjoys sparring and mixed martial arts on her downtime as well as being a gym rat.
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Paula Ortiz-ODST Sergeant
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