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 Kodai Zarket

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Kodai Zarket
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PostSubject: Kodai Zarket   Kodai Zarket Icon_minitime03/08/14, 07:29 pm

Name: Kodai Zarket

Age: 23

Race: Latina

Skills: He as many gadgets and skilled with close to mid range. Long range is his weakness.

Role: Im a bounty hunter that works for the insurrectionist and covenant.i do attacks against them and the UNSC if the price is right.

Screenshot/apearance: he is 6''2 and skin is brown. He also wears up to date SPI armor

Theme song(s): Lockdown by Steve Jablonsky

Current Location: In space on the Ship of Deceit with ship master Xygos

Current Status: preparing for a target.

Biography: Kodai was born April 12, 2542. He has been through many thing. To the death of his parents and the Death of his wife. After the realization of the lies of the UNSC he joins the insurrectionist. 2 years after being in the insurrection he is given UP to date SPI armor to take out a target; a General in the UNSC. After the task was complete Kodai began to have fun with these target missions. After many target missions he left the insurrectionist and became a bounty hunter. This is just the beginning
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Kodai Zarket
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