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 Rise RP: Feudal Japan and the Era of Change

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Sengoku Era Japan RP: Yes or No
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PostSubject: Rise RP: Feudal Japan and the Era of Change   26/08/14, 03:23 pm

In 1467, the Onin War began.

By 1477, it was over. Kyoto was utterly destroyed, and Japan feel into an era of even greater conflict. Though some had nearly united Japan into a land of peace, the daimyo worked against this, with generals and self imposed rulers relishing their own wealth and prosperity, while hundreds died in their name. The land of Nippon was in utter, endless chaos. With clans vying for power from Hokkaido to Kyushu, now was the darkest era in all of this warring lands history.

But along with this bloodletting, rumours and legends sprang up of demons, dark creatures, and monsters roaming the battlefields, picking off the damned or drawing them back into shadows. Of late, new legends have risen, of single beasts wandering into forts and butchering hundreds. Though the daimyo are convinced this is nothing more than ronin and shinobi, some think differently.

With foreign influence in the land growing, as the Chinese begin to speak with the imperial families and daimyo, and travellers from far east of the islands begin to arrive by the boatloads, it is certain that the world will change. The Emperor has made decrees declaring grand prizes for those that can best the Superior Oni, and rewards for any head of an Oni brought to the imperial representatives. If the foreigners hear about this, an invasion of extermination will come soon behind.

Upholding the traditions of this land are more important than any war, any demon, or any trade - at least, that's the Emperors official statement...



Character Template:


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PostSubject: Re: Rise RP: Feudal Japan and the Era of Change   27/08/14, 02:06 am

So glad I know how convert my name into japanese. >.>

Nikorasu time.

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Rise RP: Feudal Japan and the Era of Change
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