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 SARP Reboot Characters

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PostSubject: SARP Reboot Characters   03/11/14, 09:15 pm

Characters should all be in their first year at Sanctum, which means they will be 16 years old.

Home Region:

Soul Type: (What weapon is it? e.g, Khopesh, Gladius, Bow, etc. As said, what weapon you can have will depend on your home region.)
Soul Appearance: (What does it look like?)
Soul Effects: (Think Enchantments from Skyrim, Such as fire damage. This should have something to do with your character.)

Name: Emeline Winterhalter
She stands at about 5'7
Age: 16
Home Region: Lamorak
Personality: Emeline is a mature, responsible and sensible girl, her strict upbringing making sure of that. She is usually calm and level headed, although she has a temper that, when flared, can make her act rashly and without thinking.

Born into one of the few truly wealthy families in Lamorak, along with her father being the commander for the majority of Lamorak's armed forces, Emeline was brought up forced to act much more mature than her age to keep his impeccable reputation spotless. Emeline was raised in large houses with almost everything she wanted, but never spoiled. Her father made sure to instill in her a strong sense of honour and right or wrong, and made a point to teach her that she should help people less fortunate than themselves. When she eventually expressed her desire to follow her father into the military, Emeline's mother was horrified at the thought of her daughter being a soldier, though her father beamed with pride.

Some time after her fourteenth birthday, Emeline and her father, along with the commanders of Koga, Paressia and Magnus, were given a tour of Sanctum Academy, courtesy of the Archangel. She wasn't particularly interested in the tour, but she feigned interest throughout. On the return trip, two days later, a group calling themselves "Leviathan's Ghost" attempted to kill her father, crashing a car into theirs and dragging them out. Her father was shot in the arm and made to watch as the gunman prepared to shoot Emeline, being stopped only when Emeline tried to fight back, her soul forming in her hands as the blade impaled assassin.

Soul Type: Zweihänder - The White Rose
Soul Appearance:
From the end of the pommel to the tip of the blade, it is about 5'6 in length.
Soul Effects: The pattern on the blade of her soul seems to crawl, and extends outwards into a thick rose bush. Emeline can control how large the bush grows and in which direction it grows, which can trap opponents' weapons or limbs.


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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   04/11/14, 02:24 am

Name: Conner Dorian

Appearance: Of average height, has a slim build from running. Skin is natural white though time spent out in the sun for so long has given him a light tan on the arms, neck and face. Dark hair and brown eyes.

Age: 16
Home Region: Lamorak
Personality: While his outward demeanor can be friendly and immature, the reality is that Conner can be quite serious and levelheaded when the situation arises. He harbors some ill will towards the nobles of Lamorak, seeing them as indifferent to the lives of those that live in the city. Despite that, he is brave, and loyal to those that do him a kindness and his friends.

Biography: Originally Conner had a father who owned a struggling business, however when a new tax was passed into effect by the nobles his father was unable to maintain the business, and was forced to close. Unable to maintain their home, Conner and his father were soon put to the streets when Conner was at the age of ten.

Winter came soon enough, and illness too his father. As the cold and snow set in it seemed as if the end would come for Conner himself in the form of an icy death. But Conner was saved by a group of thieves, who took pity on him and sheltered him, fed him, and soon taught him their trade. By the time he was 15, he was known among the group as Conner Swiftrunner, being among the fastest of the group, and a skilled thief.

Such a reputation though, did no come without a cost. On his sixteenth year of life, another group of thieves moved in to his city and sought to take control of the streets through intimidation of the smaller gangs, including Conner's. One day he was cornered in a street by two of the rival gang, and they demanded he join them or be made into a dead message for his group. Refusing them, they made to kill him with a knife to his chest, and in an act of defiance he lashed out with a fist.....and instead of punching, ended up stabbing the man through the chest with a dagger that spawned within his fist. He killed the man that day, sending the other fleeing, and when he returned to his gang.....they talked, and agreed to send him to Sanctum. But not to serve as an angel, but to learn and develop his skills and power, then return to be the gang's trump card against their rivals.

Soul Type: Dagger, Ebon Wind
Soul Appearance: Essentially a one-handed dagger totaling 14 inches, the handle and cross-guard make up four and-a-half inches while the blade itself makes up the other ten. A black steel blade with a handle wrapped in light brown leather and a cross-guard of silvery-steel.

Soul-Effects: Because Conner was always the runner and one of the fastest people in his town, when he focuses while holding the blade he is capable of achieving great speeds during traversal and combat, but only for a brief period of five seconds. Exceeding the limit risks damaging his body by straining it (as it was never meant for those speeds for prolonged time. When over, the effect cannot be used for two minutes while his body recuperates.

What is a man but the sum of his choices?

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fall."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Deal with the root of the problem, never the branches." - Alex CasaMadrid

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   04/11/14, 04:31 am



F. = Filius (son)
N. = Nepos (grandson)

Full name translated: Nikolaos of the Iulia Family son of Gaius grandson of Nikolaos of the tribe Mare the White part of the clan living in Transylvia

Alternatively: Nikolaos of the Iulia family son of gaius grandson of Nikolaos of the Tribe Mare the hidden (part, section) of the clan living in Transylvia.

Appearance: Wintry white skin, pale as if he'd seldom seen the sun. Dark Blue-gray eyes, uncommon among the citizens of Magnus, hinting at an ancestor from Lamorak. He's tall and lanky, skinny and long necked. Yet despite this he has some musculature to him, because fitness is promoted as a necessary part of a man's daily routine in Magnus.

Age:16 (I'm really glad you put that disclaimer in your post, would've had him be 18 otherwise)

Home Region: Magnus (Urbs Magni)

Personality: On the outside he can be quite distant, the cares of this world not his own. He is by his nature as secretive as he is revealing. For everyone who meets him sees only the mask he wears. He lets no one close enough to see who he truly is. He is also mature to the point of elderly, a surprise to many who don't know him. He has a very "been there, done that" attitude.

1. intro to person
2. brief childhood
3. any talents or skill training prior to school
4. acquisition of the Soul
5. aftereffects

1. He's a stark intellectual from noble origins. At least that's what he tells people. His familial origins are that of estrangement. He is the odd one out in the family, not a bad egg, but not quite the same as them. Only ever being half-interested in family social events. Most especially since non-family members would be invited, such as Magnus Senators and those of the born class (born into nobility etc). His extended family are quite boisterous and active, talking much and trying to include everyone, quite extraverted. comparatively he himself is quite the quiet one, taking on more introversive traits. His immediate family, who would be his mother, who together lives with his uncle, who is of the upper class of Magnus, is much quieter.
2. Much of his childhood was sheltered and unsheltered. His mother tried to shelter him from the harshness of the outside world, recognizing that her son was  sensitive soul. Though she did what she could, he was exposed to a lot of things common to that of Magnus. Political opponents being murdered in the street, threats, prostitutes in the street selling themselves off. Though if anything made him angry or sad he did not show it. He had a lot of privileges that others did not. Private tutors came to their mansion, some of which he got along with and others he could not. Proving to be quite bright some of his tutors were out-studied by him - they could teach him no more for he knew as much as they.
3. During his childhood he was kept in shape, as it was his duty to be, by trainers. The physical workouts often became boring to him, until they began teaching him to fight. This is picked up as if it was a second nature to him. He picked up basic swordsmanship and hand-to-hand. He also wandered the city, when he could get away from his mother, interacting with many different peoples of different positions. Many of these people he got along well with were those in positions of authority, giving him many connections within Magnus.


Soul Type / general appearance: [Falx][Kopis][Sica][Gladius]

Soul Appearance: GENIUS: a spear standing about 200cm. There is a spear head at the top and a smaller point at the base of the shaft. The shaft appears to made of Ash or some-type of wood, whereas the spearhead appears as iron. There are veins of Turquoise Blue and Pigeon’s Blood Red that appear to connect the shaft and the spear head as well as the base point.

Soul Effects: [ideas] Tireless, Phasing (physical and visual transparency)

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   05/11/14, 11:14 pm

Name: Aurielia Nu
Appearance: Auri
Age: 16
Home Region: Paressia; moved to New Pregus. Is half-blood - mother from Paressia and father from New Pregus.
Personality: somewhat ditzy at times, she is sweet and thoughtful. Aurielia tends to have a bad temper when provoked, but usually keeps herself well in control.
The Police Chief's daughter and a model student, Aurielia Nu was more then met the eye. Inwardly sad, she secretly filled the void left by her deceased older sister Marielia through nighttime parties and other debauchery. Ending up in her father's office more then once, none could really figure out how this kind girl could stay at the top of everything but be such a pain in the ass.

Then, one night, while being accosted at a party by a few boys, one of them attempted to drag her into an adjoining room. Not as drunk as they assumed, she fought back, until one hit her. Smashing into a wall, the boys descended, but in a flash of light a rapier appeared, right through one's neck. Blood spilled and screams abounded, Auri passing out.

When Aurielia came to her senses, her father explained to her what happened from her bedside. No charges pressed, Auri recieved her letter a few days later.
She packed her bags, and headed to Sanctum.
Soul Type: Rapier
Soul Appearance: (What does it look like?) Weiss' s but with butterfly designs on the blade near the base.
Soul Effects: (Think Enchantments from Skyrim, Such as fire damage. This should have something to do with your character.)
Auri can teleport three times in a ten foot radius every fifteen minutes. Doing any more teleports can risk causing her body to leave parts behind. Auri can only teleport in an area she can see or has intimate knowledge of (her home or place of residence - and her father's office at work. She cannot teleport into a location with something inhabiting that area, like a person.

Name: Rei Ikari
Appearance: Rei
Age: 16
Home Region: Koga; moved to New Pregus
Personality: Bubbly and outgoing, she tends to be a joker and happy go lucky fool. She has a heart of gold. Currently she is a bit quiet, and no one really knows why.
Born in Koga, she moved at the age of five to New Pregus when her mother got a new job. For nine years she her life was fine, but an almost idyllic life ended up with tragedy; her parents were killed in a terrorist attack on her mother's corporation, leaving her orphaned. Left on the streets for the first few weeks, she was taken in by a couple who started to dote on her. But these people were not her friends. Caught in a den of terrorists, she tried to fight back, and nearly died. But her Soul appeared, and she managed to escape. Taken in by the Police Chief, she became a sort of little sister to Aurielia and joined her at Sanctum.

Soul Type: (What weapon is it? e.g, Khopesh, Gladius, Bow, etc. As said, what weapon you can have will depend on your home region.) Double-ended katana, Radiance Lost
Soul Appearance: (What does it look like?) Double ended katana. The blade is covered in runic patterns and has a phoenix at the base of one blade and a dragon at the base of the other.
Soul Effects: (Think Enchantments from Skyrim, Such as fire damage. This should have something to do with your character.) Infinite Light: She can imbue her blade with light to cause attacks to burn. When she puts her headphones on though, she has an echolocation ability. She can use it to map an area within fifty feet or track someone within that fifty foot sphere. She cannot do it for very long, because the longer she uses it the more intense her headaches become.


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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   06/11/14, 05:37 am

Name: Artorias Black

Appearance: 6'2 Hazel eyes

Age: 16

Home region: Lamorak

Personality: Artorias is a quiet person who doesn't like to talk about himself but always tries to care for his friends. He can be jokeful and unserious but at heart is serious and wise, even if he doesn't like to show it. At times he can be hard headed as well and annoying to most people but tends to try and make up for such.

Bio: Born to a weaponsmith in Lamorak, Artorias had a fascination with weapons and his father saw to that he would learn to use one. He used every weapon his father would make but never saw a light in them until he held a greatsword an a bastard sword. Feeling a great love for them Marcus spent his free time learning how to use such weapons before choosing the Bastard sword over the Greatsword for its extra speed and movability. Experimenting on many different ways to fight with a Bastard sword he eventually used his blacksmithing skills to make his own customised Sword which he kept until the event.  

One day while training in a forest near his town, he could see smoke rising from where his town was and hurried home only to find his down besieged by muarders. He hurried home but had found his home and father destroyed, soon after an marauder had found him, Artorias was able to hold him off until a few more came. overwhelmed Artorias dropped his weapon and was about to accept defeat until he felt a grip in his hand and an anger that carried him through the fight taking down his current attackers with sheer might. After the outrage Artorias left his home village as it was overrun. He soon came apon a letter which permitted him to the Sanctum Academy. (Just PM me if somethings wrong, a bit tired and could be missing a few things :].)    

He went to find New Peragus so he could train at Sanctum Academy, all he wants is to be stronger so he can protect those he could call a friend.

Soul Type: Bastard Sword, he calls it Sif. (Sits at 56-70 which is his own customs)

Soul Appearance: Sif (Maybe thin him a little.)

Soul effect: His souls effect is to grant him a bonus in speed and strength that would surpass most people but the longer he keeps it active the more deranged he gets, soon becoming too angry to realise friend from foe.

Aura: Black

I got nothing

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   09/11/14, 09:55 pm

Name: Grey Lent
Age: 16
Home Region: Lamorak/New Paragus (Parental divorce. Moved between both)
Personality: Very chill and down to earth. Likes to joke around and have a good time but know when to take things seriously. Hides his intelligence with his childlike attitude.
Biography: Was born in Lomark but when his parent divorced he moves back and forth to New Paragus. Mother owns a house in a small settlement in the forest where he learned his survival and archery skill. Father lives in NP, Grey learned more of the education and science route here. Using both the skills he learned from his stay at both places he become a better hunter and archer. Created his own set of arrows(regular, rope, piercing, and other gadget arrow if the supplies are near) Due to his parents high energetic personalities Grey has assumed a more calm demeanor as to negate his families demeanor. Bow appeared when he came in deadly contact with a wild bear. Soon after he got a letter to attend Sanctum

Soul Type: Bow
Soul Appearance:This
Soul Effects: Jager's Accord. Posseing the bow on oneself the wielder is granted enhanced senses.
-(see)eyes can see further than normal, can track quick movement, and able to have a night like vision at dark
-(touch)able to feel small vibrations in the earth or walls if target in near, must concentrate.  Pain tolerance is heightened
-(taste) heightened sensors on tongue can taste certain particles in the air(like blood or poison gas)
-(smell) has beast like senses. Can smell odors better and distinguish. Works like an animal. Is effected by the wind
-(hear) acute hearing. Can hear on frequencies normal human cant hear. Can hear further than a normal human. Can focus on a certain noise to make it clearer and louder, must concentrate, drowns out other noises.
When the bow is wielded by holding ones breath he can enter an adrenaline state that allows him to think and react faster, only when he is about to shoot a target. (for battle and long shots)


Did you think I was lying?
I said I’m evil, without even trying.
Drinking the red from your heart in one sitting.
You think you've got me pegged, you must be kidding.
I raise the dead up and they do my bidding.
Girl, I’m a thousand years old, I’m a riddle.
Bad little boy, yes, I’m bad, but not little.

Don't you know I'm a villain, every night I'm out killin'
sending everyone running like children
I know why you're mad at me, I got demon eyes
and they're looking right through your anatomy
Into your deepest fears, baby, I'm not from here
I'm from the Nightosphere
To me, you're clear, transparent
You got a thing for me girl, its apparent
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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   10/11/14, 12:06 am

Name:Leofrick Piers
Appearance: Blonde with green eyes, 5'2" nearly too skinny, the very beginnings of a beard
Age: 16
Home Region: Lamorak
Personality: Loves nature, the outdoors, and just about all animals. Doesn't care much for rules but will follow them if pressed.

Soul Type: Crossbow
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects: When focusing enough, Leofrick can make the bolts from his crossbow sprout spines from where it lands. Targets are impaled from inside out, or simply barbed for the arrow to stick in, while the area around the bolt becomes sharp and spiny, until time passes, the bolt is removed, or he wills it to end.

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   10/11/14, 06:16 am

Name: Jaxon Bears, but insists on Nolan
Appearance: 5'7 and 140 lbs. Jaxon isn't as big as some might think, being from Koga.
Age: 16
Home Region: Koga
Personality: Nolan acts like everyone's older brother despite never having been one. He picks fun with friends while never meaning it. Always tries to lighten the mood. He's impulsive and immature at the worst of times. Glass half full kinda guy, never asking for much, just what he needs. Always tries to see the good in things. However there's another side of him. A sorrowful, cold and untrusting side. Quick to judge and easy to anger, Nolan tries to suppress this part of him.


Soul Type: Broadaxe
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects: "Second Wind"
If Jaxon receives wounds, toxins, burning or anything else that would prove fatal (removing his head is an exception), he will recover from it involuntarily.


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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   10/11/14, 12:46 pm

Name: Shang Junichi
Age: 16
Home Region: Xian
Personality: Shang is a man of high tastes, preferring only the brightest company and greatest goods, from fine foods to fine toilet paper. Though very mature, certainly for his age, he is still quite arrogant, viewing himself and his associates as higher grades of people compared to the majority of others, and certainly believing that inhabitants of Xian and New Paragus deserve more respect than those of, say, Koga or Asaad. Coupled with a private upbringing, Shang is far from a social butterfly. Though waving around his money tends to help.

Biography: An heir to one of the wealthiest families in all of Xian, Shang's great grandfather and his family were among the few families that came from outside of New Paragus, yet helped build it into the thriving metropolis it now is, founding a construction company and raising from the ground up dozens of the skyscrapers that now fill the land, while funding huge projects back in Xian to increase land for cities and towns. Shang spent the first ten years of his life sheltered and pampered, being taken to political meetings, business gatherings, and many things like them, giving him chances to mingle with other youths like him, devoid of the outside world, sheltered and watched over.

When he turned eleven, his father and mother began to ignore him, turn their back on him, as he was enrolled in a very private and privileged institute. His goal would no longer be connections, now it would be growing as a person. He struggled early on, but before long he became one of the best students in his class, often competing with others for the best grades. By the time he hit fifteen, he was an intelligent, capable, wise-ass, arrogant, prick of a boy, who enjoyed bullying the small, stupid, and poor. He had made his family proud.

Shang had come to enjoy martial arts, and trained personally with some of the greatest swordsmen his father could hire. Each session got harder and harder, until eventually the duals became life or death situations. In on particular occasion, Shang was wounded, scarred, and losing badly. Once he was disarmed, it all seemed like it was over - until a long, beautiful blade spawned from the nothingness in his hand, and countered, disarmed, and nearly killed his opponent. When the session was over, both Shang and his tutor were sent to the medical wards, where they discussed what had just happened. When Shang's family found out, they couldn't have been happier. With the wave of his hand, Shang's father saw to it that he was enrolled to Sanctum, to make use of his new strength - his Soul Weapon.

Soul Type: Jian
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects:

'The Gentleman of Weapons'
When in combat, Shang need only take up an outward facing stance to activate the true strength of his weapon; immense and incomparable speed, able to duel not only weapons, but projectiles of any sort, from bolts to blasts of magic. Though, if he were to move in any way other than his arm, the entire routine fails, and given its use, this could easily be fatal.

'Eastern Lightning'
Though it requires intense skill and patience, when in a dire enough situation, Shang and his soul garner the ability to unleash a torrent of lightning bolts from out of the very sky - though able to activate even indoors, the power of the bolts is heavily determinant on the weather, as a sunny day would provide less lightning than a storm. Though it drains Shang, and makes him quickly fatigued, it is an immensely powerful manoeuvre.

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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   11/11/14, 06:38 am

Name:Jie Huang
Appearance: 6 ft blonde hair blues eyes with a lean build.
Home Region:magnus
Personality:Is friendly and generally well mannered and willing to help most people he meets but will openly say what he is thinking regardless if it is blunt or not/
Biography:From a young age marik decided that he wanted to make it out on his own terms not those of family's name.One day, the weapon that marik usually carried seemed to be replaced by a slightly different one. It was lighter, better balanced, and fit more comfortably in his hand. Not thinking much of it, he left his home to go pick up some things from a close friend who he bartered with occasionally when he was attacked by someone who held a grudge from being humilated the day before during a competition but when he refused the man attacked planning on killing him and when marik instinctively drew his weapon and slash at the mans throat. The man died a few seconds later from blood loss while marik ran off to his friend worried about more people showing up, and, a few years later when he turned 15 marik received a letter of invitation from Sanctum Academy so he accepted thinking it would allow him to get stronger.

Soul Type: butterfly swords

Soul Effects:the blade of the weapon becomes near-invisible, making it very difficult for opponents to discern where it is and giving the weilder a distinct edge in a swordfight

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PostSubject: Re: SARP Reboot Characters   

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SARP Reboot Characters
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