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 Robert "Bruce" Gordon

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SGM Gordon S-095

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PostSubject: Robert "Bruce" Gordon   Robert "Bruce" Gordon Icon_minitime24/11/14, 11:37 pm

Name: Robert “Bruce” Gordon

Age: 74 as of 2557 (including time spent in cryo)

Race: Human, Caucasian, Spartan-I

Rank: Sergeant Major, UNSC Marine Corps

Awards and Decorations: UNSC Medal of Honor; UNSC Marine Corps Brevet Medal; UNSC Colonial Cross with two oak clusters; UNSC Navy Cross with one oak cluster; Purple Heart with two gold clusters; Silver Star with silver oak cluster, Bronze Star with Valor “V” device flanked by two oak clusters; Meritorious Service Medal with “E” device; Combat Action Ribbon; Joint Meritorious Unit Award, UNSC 25-Year Service Medal with bronze oak cluster; Human Insurrection War Service Medal with two bronze stars; Human-Covenant War Service Medal with five gold stars; UNSC Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal; UNSC Joint Service Medal; UNSC Special Operations Service Medal; Fall of Reach Survivor Medal; Ark Expeditionary Force Medal; UNSC Colonial Occupation Medal; UNSC Marine Corps Basic Training Ribbon; along with other awards. Also wears Expert Marksman Badge with Assault Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun, and Grenade attachments. Has Expert Wheeled Vehicle and Tracked Vehicle Badges, as well as Pathfinder Badge, ODST Badge, Spartan-I Badge, and Spartan-IV badge.

Uniform: Wears modified version of UNSCMC Dress Blues on dress occasions. Jacket is black with red trim, and has 12 small brass buttons with “UNSCMC Globe” insignia on each. Wears the standard Marine Corps Sergeant Major rank on his sleeves. Has red and gold service stripes going up to his elbows from his wrist trim, and along the top service stripe are gold stars; the stripes and stars each represent years of service. Also wears gold epaulet scales with cord on his shoulders. Will wear either his Glengarry hat or his Marine Corps White Visor Cap. Around his waist he wears a red NCO sash that is held to his body by a custom-made white Marine Dress Belt with the UNSCMC insignia on the brass buckle. In place of trousers, he wears his Gordon Dress pattern kilt with a white horse-hair sporran.
In most other instances, he is seen wearing standard ODST BDU armor with red details to distinguish his team. He does not carry an armored pack, and chooses instead to go light with his combat knife on his chestplate.

Skills: CQC, EOD, Well-versed in most ground vehicles

Role: Platoon Leader; Instructor; brevetted as official ODST Pipe Major

Preferred Weapons: M90 Shotgun; twin civilian model LeMat-styled revolvers that fire nine .44 magnum rounds and one 12 gauge shell each); DMR; SR-99 Sniper System; Combat Survival Knife; BR-55 Battle Rifle; MA5 series

Screenshot/Appearance: Stands at 6’4, with notably muscular features and scars from his augmentations. Has a shaved head, and a slash mark over his left eye, with a cut running down the middle of his eye. Eyes are steel blue in color, and his eyebrows are greyed and thick. Sports a groomed grey moustache and a square jaw.
Robert "Bruce" Gordon 79th_b12Robert "Bruce" Gordon Odst_l10

Theme Song: “I Won’t Back Down” by Johnny Cash

Robert "Bruce" Gordon Sparta10

Current Location: UNSC Infinity

Current Status: Actively serving in the Spartan-IV program, training fireteams

Personality: Gruff and stern, while still retaining dry humor and wit. Prefers to smoke either a pipe or a cigar; says that “Big J wasn’t the only one who smoked!”. Despite his rough demeanor, he cares about those around him and will not hesitate to put his own life at risk. Loves bagpipes.

Robert was born into an illustrious military family of strong Scottish and American roots, with both parents actively serving in the UNSC Navy during the Insurrection, and during his childhood exhibited a strong sense of honor and dignity through several acts, from saving someone’s life to simply helping the elderly move bags and cases. He promptly enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps on delayed enlistment at the age of 17, and quickly proved himself as a natural leader and a strong motivating force within his unit.
He caught the eyes of NavSpecWarCom and CMI, who had reinstated the Orion Project in the wake of growing activity from the Outer Colonies. In 2503, at the age of 20, he was picked up and conscripted into the Spartan-I program, being among the 300 confirmed on the roster. For his tenacity and leadership of his squad, as well as for wearing his Gordon Dress pattern kilt in his dress uniform, he earned the nickname “Bruce” from his men, which referenced to the Scottish King Robert the Bruce from the 1300s.
In 2506, the Spartan-I program was deactivated, and Robert “Bruce” Gordon would find himself going back into active duty in the UNSC Marine Corps, this time as a platoon leader on the frontlines, spearheading assaults on numerous Rebel compounds and forces whenever and wherever they appeared. But, with encounters with Insurrectionists getting farther and fewer in between, Gordon would spend most of his time in cryo stasis. This would continue for the next 19 years until the Covenant would make war with the UNSC, and therefore calling the old Spartan back into service.
In 2525, in response to the Covenant’s first attack, Gordon would be thawed out and returned to full active duty. He would be recommended by ONI to join a new group of elite soldiers organized by the renamed NavSpecWar, and due to his service record and qualifications would be tasked as platoon leader in several ODST companies over the following years. In the next few decades, Gordon would take part in many major engagements, including the Battle of Hat Yai, Battle of Arcadia, Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Battle of Ariel, Battle of Viery and other ops during the Fall of Reach, and most importantly the Battle of Earth and also the Battle of Installation 00. He would be wounded several times, and be promoted a few more times, eventually rising to the rank of Sergeant Major.
He would be cited many times in after action reports and debriefs as having “overwhelming tenacity and boldness in the field”, which was accurately placed. At the battle of Sigma Octanus IV, his squad witnessed his anger first-hand after an Elite Zealot skewered another squad leader. He let out a yell and charged the Elite, who was caught off guard by the human’s courage but maintained his dominance over Gordon in CQC; Gordon would be thrown to a wall, but right before the Elite could dispatch him, Gordon headbutts him,  grabs a loose section of rod iron, and beats the Elite to death with it. On another occasion, during the Fall of Reach, Gordon would pose as a distraction for his squad while they were flanking a Covenant outpost, eventually charging them in anger despite being fired upon in a withering line of fire. He kept on charging as bits and pieces of his armor flew off his body as he sustained multiple wounds; he would eventually be knocked out from trauma and blood loss, and was put out of action for almost two months, returning to active duty in time for the Battle of Earth. Robert's uncanny ability for taking a lickin' and keep on tickin' can be contributed to his augmenations from the Orion Project.
In 2557, SGM Gordon would be notified of the Spartan-IV project, and eagerly signed up; his long service record as well as his status as a Spartan-I immediately qualified him, and Robert was soon reassigned to the UNSC’s newest warship, the Infinity. He now spends most of his time training the new Spartan-IVs, and despite his lingering war wounds will continue to lead fireteams on Ops missions.
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PostSubject: Re: Robert "Bruce" Gordon   Robert "Bruce" Gordon Icon_minitime29/11/14, 12:38 am

Definately better than your other character. Not so well versed in as many things.

This is rare, but this guy actually gets my approval without me having to ask for edits.

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Robert "Bruce" Gordon
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