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 High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy)

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Should this be a new RP?
High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty83%High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty
 83% [ 10 ]
High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty17%High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty
 17% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12

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High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty
PostSubject: High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy)   High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Icon_minitime03/12/14, 05:23 am


Elves - Arleta - Worship: Re'atalla (Mother) - Leader: Ke'atalla (Literally means voice of Essentially means a prophet, one chosen by their god, usually priest)

Orcs - Kaaz - Worship: Dragons - Leader: Riik Tel Drass (Dragon Rider)

Minotaurs - Hrem'vahl - Worship: Nature - Leader: Shaman Elders(Nomadic)

Undead- Praxa - Worship: None - Leader: The Lich

Human - Palis - Worship: Oras, God of Man. - Leader: King Uther Palis VII

Dwarves - Worship: Science. Miners are revered as heroes, and great inventors and scientists are remembered by every dwarf. - Leader: King Hrokir the Calm

None - Ris - A place where even the dead fear to walk, Ris is a cursed land, tainted by black magic. Those who walk there are said to go mad, if they even survive.


The Elves, during times of peace, devote their lives to religion, music or art, creating some of the finest masterpieces in the world. During times of war, however, they are masters of warfare, their smaller armies outwitting and outmaneuvering far greater ones. They believe that, like humans and Minotaurs, undead are abominations. Their Paladins were among the first to attempt to stop the undead invasion.


Reclusive and secretive from all other races, not much is known about the dwarves, save they value technology and science over any deity. Only once in living memory has a dwarven army been seen on the surface, to halt the undead horde. The Dwarven legionnaires were known to defend cities with only a handful of men.


Loyal to nothing but their own codes, the Undead are despised by all save the Orcs. Seen as unholy abominations fueled by dark magic, Undead are persecuted throughout the world. During times of peace, raising the dead without either the deceased's consent, or that of the lich, is highly illegal, and punishment will be dealt by the feared Death Knights of Praxa.


Bloodthirsty and violent, Orcs are constantly battling each other, pausing only when Riik tel Drass summons an army. Valuing strength above all else, the Orcs allied themselves with the Undead of Praxa, many younger orcs going as far as swearing their afterlife to Praxa.

Numerous and skilled, humans have the talent and aptitude to build great empires, as evidenced by Palis. Despite them being inferior to other races in terms of strength, wisdom or technical genius, humans make up for it with ingenuity. Human leaders are widely respected by all races. They make brilliant tacticians, and find solutions that most others would overlook.

Born into closely-knit and nomadic tribes, most minotaurs follow the peaceful path of the shaman, contacting spirits to heal and guide their tribes. This does not mean that they should be taken lightly, however. With their formidable size and their zealous nature, Minotaur warriors can destroy threats before the tribe is truly endangered.


Arleta - Home to the Elves. Forest, treehouse based elven cities and villages.

Kaaz - Home to the Orcs. Mountainous western region, flatland nearer Praxa.

Hrem'vahl - Home to the Minotaurs. Desert. No permanent settlements

Praxa - Home to the Undead. Dead.

Palis - Home to the Humans. Clean stone cities.

Ris - A once mighty and ancient civilisation, home to technology decades ahead of it’s time. It was laid to waste during the First Blight. It is home to only feral undead and whispers, now. All fear to tread here, for none have ever returned.

The Great Dwarven City The Great Dwarven City has been hidden underground for decades. Rarely has the entrance been found, and none alive today except for the Dwarves know where it lies.

Great Heroes:  

Oh there was a hero named Zeruk the bard. His words could bring wrath down hard.
Zeruk The Bard: Zeruk was a human bard who very words could bring about anything from a simple fight to a full blown war between two races. He met his end in an Inn when he ridiculed an Orc for her lack of scars.

Meatstick the Orc. What a furious gal. Shame about the dagger, that entered her ear canal
Meatstick the Orc:She was a fiery Orc berserker, famed for never backing down from a fight. Oddly enough, it all began when she met a bard in an Inn… She met her end when the young Orcish warrior she was trying to teach got tired of her yelling and stabbed her.

Gartan the Headless. The Schizophrenic Knight. He stabbed his trainer and lead the Blight
Garten the headless; An orcish death knight who was decapitated in battle, but continued his crusade against the living. Ironically, he developed a multiple personality syndrome after his decapitation. He stumbled across a raiding party of Elvish Paladins and well, his head was the only bit that survived.

Nikoi the Paladin. Quite a clever chap. The Dwarves hung him, cos his sermons were crap
Nikoi the Paladin: Nikoi was first bloodied during a raiding party against the Undead during the first uprising. He became famous for his discovery of gunpowder and his relations with the reclusive Dwarves. He was later hanged by the Dwarves for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ (We suspect it was the sermons though)

Felik the Dwarf. He kept a tight stock. All that money meant nothing though, when his house became a smoking block
Felik the Dwarf: An eccentric inventor who was the first dwarf to master gunpowder.
He stockpiled the gunpowder for years, selling it to the highest bidder whenever he could. His advancements allowed the Dwarves to develop new wonders in modern warfare. Unsurprisingly also the first Dwarf to be killed in a gunpowder-related accident too.

Alexas the Pyromancer. The first of his kind. He met the Dwarves and left of unsound mind.
Alexas the Pyromancer: Alexas had heard rumors of Gunpowder and travelled for nearly ten years to find the Dwarven City. From the substance, he learnt how to control fire in ways never been seen. Oddly, there was a great explosion in the Dwarven city around the same time that he swore he’d never been involved in. He was killed after getting drunk and attempting to bed a rebellious minotaur.

Kiris the Bandit. Tired of her peoples ways. She ran a group of bandits. "No Mom, it's not just a phase"
Kiris the Bandit: A minotaur who left her tribe in Hrem’vahl, sick of her people’s traditional ways and the desert heat. She started her own bandit clan, the size of a small army and terrorised the roads for years. She never forgot the Elf who’s pelvis she crushed that fateful night however. She eventually met Kanen, and committed suicide soon after.

Kanen the Lusty. The sluttiest of Orcs. He bedded a Lich and died from the itch.
Kanen the Lusty: Son of the Riik tel Drass, Kanen was much stronger, more violent, and lustier than most Orcs, three qualities that led him to seek life outside of Kaaz. It was on these journeys that he met an undead lass. Kanen, never being one to back down from a woman, bedded her; he died six months later of an infection in his nether regions. He always blamed himself for the Minotaur that killed herself, going on to say he shouldn’t have asked for marriage so soon

Prestige Classes (These classes are only available after you have proven you are capable enough to RP them in the style of the class. Previous RP experience is not counted. )

Paladin (1.5) May Light cleanse you! (Prerequisite: Elf, Spellsword)
Warlock(2) The Arcana is ours! (Prerequisite: Human, Mage)
Death Knight (1.5) We do not fear Death! (Prerequisite: Undead, Spellsword)
Dwarven Legionnaire (1) No surrender, No retreat! (Prerequisite: Dwarf, Warrior)
Orcish Berserker (1) There will be blood!(Prerequisite: Orc, Warrior)
Minotaur Shaman (2) The Tribe shall ascend! (Prerequisite: Minotaur, Mage)
Assassin (3) A blade around every corner! (Prerequisite: Rogue)

Prestige Class Styles:

Paladins care for the people and hate evil, attempting to smite it wherever they find it.

Death Knights are the vanguard of the Undead, ready to purge the living in defence of Praxa and its laws.

Warlocks are hunters of knowledge, hoarders of secrets long lost to the world.

Legionnaires believe in the strength of their allies. They are steadfast and hearty.

Berserkers love the fight, finding one wherever they go. They are never more alive than when the bloodthirst takes them,

The Shaman is a spiritual being, always at one with the perceived spirits of the land. They protect nature as much as they can and most Minotaurs look to them for guidance.

Assassins care for themselves, first and foremost, then their contracts. They have little in the way of conscience.

Base Classes
Warrior (1) (Examples of warrior-type classes: barbarian, knight, spearman etc.)
Mage (2) (Examples of mage-type classes: pyromancer, aquamancer, healer, etc.)
Rogue (3) (Examples of rogue-type classes: Nightingale, hunter, Bard, etc.)

(Hybrid Classes can exist. I.e Spellsword, Shadow, Battlemage, etc.)

Various History

The First Blight: The First Blight began over 1000 years ago, when a young Warlock uncovered a dark ritual that would grant the caster power and immortality, transforming them into a Lich. The Warlock’s pride caused the destruction of Ris, and almost caused the annihilation of life as the undead horde swallowed the land, halted only when the first Elven Grand Paladin gave his life to destroy the Lich.

When Ris was destroyed by the First Blight during the early years, the other races spotted a power gap and quickly rose within a few hundred years.

The Second Blight Praxa rose 200 years ago during the Second Blight. when an inexperienced Necromancer rediscovered the very tome that had created the first Lich. At first, he had not intended to use it, wishing to retain his mortal life. He experimented with Necromancy, pushing the boundaries of what was possible, eventually creating undead with true sentience, and he came to truly care for them. It didn’t last; and the gaze of the Paladins found him. His creations, his friends, were destroyed, and he was imprisoned in the Grand Temple. Maddened at the loss of everything he held dear, he escaped his captors, a seemingly impossible feat, and swore to avenge them. With his new powers, he created the first Death Knights and laid waste to the south of Palis, taking great swathes of land for his creations. The Paladins who had wronged him were unable to quell this sudden uprising.

When his rage softened, so did his soldiers, retreating into Praxa where remain they remain, only being sighted in skirmishes along the coast and border.


The link for anyone who's map img is broken:

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High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Empty
PostSubject: Re: High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy)   High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy) Icon_minitime04/12/14, 12:01 am

As of now 8/11 votes
6 in favor
2 against
3 undecided


long overdue: passed.

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High Fantasy RP (Mainly Kristy with input from Skippy)
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