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 Spartan : Alexandra Garcia

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PostSubject: Spartan : Alexandra Garcia    07/01/15, 10:51 am

Name : Alexandra Garcia

Nickname : Alexa

Age : 17

Race : Mexican American / Latina / Furyan ( Will change if Not Allowed )

Appearance : Average Height , Brown Long Hair Usually In A Ponytail , Brown Eyes Sometimes Glow Blue-ish Silver ( Reason Unknown )

Role : Close Combat , Sniper

Skills : Good at assassination missions & sniper Missions & great at Hand to hand .

Theme Song : Angel With A Shotgun -The Cab

Current Location : Earth

Status : Active

( Read as A Interview )

as I walked into the interviewing Room The Interigator Was Nervous I could tell Probably thought I was some bratty little girl I sat down & the interigator asked me for my name " Alexandra Garcia " then he asked me to give A Little Bit of a Back story so I said " Well My Parents Abandoned Me at 6 Tough life in the streets for about a year good thing I had a friend or two I got to stay at there house for most nights Without there Parents noticing ... anyways About a year later kidnapped By Doctor Halsey & the UNSC with two or three other kids one was a good friend of mine ..." the interigator listened carefully .. I guess that was his job I kept talking " there was a lot of training ... Later When I was old enough went on missions with Groups of Spartans on occasion ... Later one of my best friends died right in my arms ... " I had trouble saying it But I had to continue so I did " ... Blew up a covenant carrier came back down to the ground elite stabbed him in the Gut ... Right through his body died in my arms ... Right after that moment killed every covenant left there with no help ... I never could've done ... I guess it came from rage & Sadness ... But I had to move on ... On missions I was known as the slicer cause I used a combat knife a lot then I got a white energy sword from the friend that died so I used that All the time ... " I said as I smirked a little then I kept talking " well that's about it ... " The interigator said " okay now why did you stay the UNSC since you had the option to leave " I said " Well my older sister told me to go to hell so I thought respect her wishes " we both laughed & I think he realized that I wasn't an ordinary 17 year old & then I kept talking " & I didn't have much else to go back to so I'm here " I said in sort of a humorous way then the interigator said " that's about all we need to know thank you miss Garcia " i said " Your welcome sir " we shook hands & I left

( I hope this us good enough & I didn't know how to attach a screenshot :D )
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PostSubject: Re: Spartan : Alexandra Garcia    07/01/15, 11:17 am

( I don't know how to edit the post so what I forgot will be put here )

Armor : Primary color Gray Secondary color Red , Halo 4 Scout helmet , Default Halo Upper body armor from Halo reach , Halo 4 Leg armor i oretty sure its called Countoured , & that's about it :D
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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan : Alexandra Garcia    07/01/15, 11:18 am

Primary color : Dark Gray * ( why do I keep forgetting things ! )
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PostSubject: Re: Spartan : Alexandra Garcia    07/01/15, 02:41 pm


Please just rewrite your bio to actually be readable. Correct grammar, use of punctuation and spelling.

[16:56:44] Fallen : I LOVE YOU SKIPPY~ <3
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PostSubject: Re: Spartan : Alexandra Garcia    

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Spartan : Alexandra Garcia
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