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 Spartan 043: Jacob Kelly

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Faction & Division: Spartan II

Rank: Sargent

Name: Jacob Kelly

Race: Human, Caucasian

Age: 36

Height: 7'2 with and without armor

Weight: 350Ibs without armor 1,000Ibs with armor

Appearance: has long brown hair that curls at the ends of his hair. His hair goes down to his shoulders and he slicks the rest of his hair back when he doesn't have his helmet on. He has light blue eyes just like all the other Spartans. He has large biceps and large triceps with large forearms like all the other Spartans. Without his armor he wears a typical UNSC soldier attire. With armor on he wears the Commando armor set and his colors are black with a red secondary and his visor is black as well.


Marksman: when it comes to short to medium range firefight there is no one better

Friendly: doesn't mind helping people when they ask

Strategist: can come up with a plan to win the battle with the minimum amount of casualties and that will defeat the enemy the fastest

Cautious: won't move forward without knowing what he's getting himself into

Luck: he's not lucky like Spartan 117, but he can get lucky in fights

Strength: he's one of the stronger Spartans of the group just like others have their perks that they are good at.


Marksmanship: even though he is a really good close to mid range marksman ship he can't snipe for the life of him

Anger: he has a slight anger issue he can blow up at times, but has gotten a lot better at controlling it better than he was as a kid

Cocky: if he keeps winning he will eventually get cocky and overestimate his own abilities and can cause him to get severely injured

Speed: even though he is stronger than most he is slower than most not able to run as fast

Biography: As a kid he hung out by himself and was always quiet, but when asked to play any sports he would always say yes and would always dominate. He was also much bigger than most kids and gave him that advantage. One day though he saw some strange characters recording everything that he did and was terrified of them because of that. As a result he left home early and told his parents and was told that it was probably some teachers from other schools trying to recruit him to join their school. Later that night he was kidnapped and awoke when the men was there in his room. Jacob tried to let out a scream, but was put under by the men and was carried into the car and was replaced by a clone who was fast asleep.

When he has awoke he saw many other people in the same room and had no idea what had happened. All he knew was he saw the guards with the same clothes on that had kidnapped him and was terrified once more. The other kids where waking up and looked around at unfamiliar faces. As soon as everyone was awake people came in and started telling them what they were about and what they were going to do.

Time went on and he aged and was getting faster and stronger and was growing taller and taller each and every day, but the thing was was everyone else was as well. Days went and the same routine happened: morning workouts, breakfast, classes, lunch, competition, dinner for the winner of the competition. His squad was the weakest of them all too, so he had to work with them extra every day to get better and told them to steal food as training. This made his squad the sneakiest of the Spartan II's well except for Jacob.

Each team was known for something whether it was marksmanship or melee combat it didn't matter. Only one team had a variety and that was Jacobs team. His team was stealth plus Jacob so mainly stealth but also brute force. Time passes and Jacob developed his team even further to be a well rounded team that started to win the competition more often.

Finally it was time to get injected and was told the risks, but they were trained to not fear death yet to embrace it. Everyone was lined up and people started entering and dying or becoming crippled. He watched as each of his teammates enter and hoped they would come out every time. Luckily his members survived and it was his turn.

Jacob stepped up to the table and laid down. As he laid there people were inserting needles with small tubes into his arms, chest, legs, back, and head. They asked if he was ready and spoke yes. They pressed a button and the small tubes filled with blue and red liquid each tube filling with one of those colors. He could feel his muscles rapidly expanding and his bones becoming denser. The pain he experienced was nothing he could ever feel again. It was on a league of its own.

When it was all said and done, half the Spartans were dead and another one third of the remaining was crippled. The games were over and they were immediately sent on there first mission with make shift armor with that mission being successful they were given Mark IV armor.

At the age of 18 Jacob and one of his squad members had a child together and named the baby Tye, but had to give the kid up for adoption because they didn't want this to be his life. Even though they tried to hide the kid it was inevitable that they found out plus the military had to give the kid the injection that the Spartan II's had just so he could survive. Without this injection his muscles would expand to fast and his bones would be crushed just like the Spartan 1.1's, the kids of the Spartan I's.

As time passed and the missions poured in so did the technology eventually each Spartan had their own personal armor with Jacob having the commando armor that was black with a red secondary color and a black visor. His squad was something special and Jacob wanted to protect it with his life including the women he had a child with. His squad though was ambushed and his squad butchered before his own eyes. Jacob barely escaped that fight alive and after he returned to the ship he elected to sleep until he was needed.

Now Jacob has been awoken again with the deaths still on his mind not knowing what to do.

RP Sample:
"Alright you maggots you know what to do! First team to make it to the flag and take the flag back to this point gets to eat tonight! Red team, your team has yet to win I hope you can change that today!" The instructor barked at everyone. "Don't worry sir we won't loose today" I said with a smirk.

There was a gun shot in the air to signal everyone to go and instantly Jacobs team, aka Red team, sprinted ahead of everyone except Jacob was there fighting everyone and trying to slow the other team down for even half a second.

The rest of red team sprinted ahead to the wall and had to climb over fast because the other teams had finally beat Jacob up. "Go! I tried and I'll try again, but you need to hurry! Don't worry about me!" Jacob sprinted as fast as he could to the other teams and started tackling people one by one and pulling people down from the wall. "Come on and fight me you cowards!" I screamed at the other teams.

Red team had climbed over the wall and tight rope and had to send two of the remaining five to slow the others down again. Instead of fighting the other teams though, they snuck up on some of the other team members and knocked them out. Stunned by this move they turned around and started retaliating, easily able to beat the two up.

Red team had three people left and made their way under the bobbed wire and through the water until they finally had the flag. Red team picked up the flag and sprinted back, but ran into a group and were easily beaten by the another team. As the flag kept getting tossed around from team to team, finally Black team had the flag. They were the team who had won the most games in this and were almost to the finish line.

Jacob was waiting right there for them. "Come on and try to get through me." It was 6 against 1 and Jacob knew it would be hard to win, but he still tried. Jacob charged at black team and ran into the massive group of people sending punches and kicks as they were trying to pin him to the floor. Jacob saw that the flag carrier was trying to get away and used his lengthy arms to grab the women's shirt to pull her back into the crowd. Jacob was smiling throughout the fight because he was simply having fun, but this smile was more of an evil smile. Jacob knocked out three of the weaker Spartan trainees, but was over powered by the other much stronger men. In that instant he knew he had lost and that black team had bested him.

He watched has two people held him down the solo remaining person walk to the finish line. In an instant his squad ambushed the one person and fought him to the ground. They tried valiantly to get the flag 5 against 1. His teammates saw them and let go of Jacob and ran over there but as soon as they let go of Jacob on the ground, Jacob popped up and ran to tackle the two people. Jacob and the two on the floor looked up and saw red team sprint passed the finish line.
"Yea! Way to go guys!" Jacob screamed in joy. "How did you guys get right over there that fast?!" "You taught us to be stealthy and that's what we did." His second in command said. "Red team is eating dinner tonight. Everyone else return back to the barracks."
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Spartan 043: Jacob Kelly
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