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 UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan

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UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan Empty
PostSubject: UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan   UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan Icon_minitime20/03/15, 02:53 am

Name: Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan

Age: Twenty years

Race: Caucasian

Skills: May vary; accelerated learning curve, effective understanding of the English language, decent ability in spatial measurement, moderate amounts of medical training and knowledge, above average weapon accuracy, low-grade leadership ability, ingenuitive, excels in H-to-H combat.

With his given skills, Dunaiden can effectively support teammates in firefight based situations by helping those who are injured and making those most of what they're given, along with the fact that he is able to learn most skills rather quickly to a certain extent. His accuracy can also be used to effectively neutralise any enemies at close range and weaken or disperse groups at mid-range. His physical attributes, such as his stamina, strength, and small size allow him to effectively move in CQC scenarios, or short distances, without much trouble while still being able to effectively use hand-to-hand combat, neither is he the type to go down without a fight and tends to handle a heavy beating with ease if backed into a corner with no way out.

However, he has multiple limits. Dunaidan can't completely substitute as a medic, as his medical skill is limited to what he learned in the one year he spent at a medical college and his ingenuity, which means if someone is severely injured, he can't get them back into a fight and has a very low chance of stablizing someone who is in a critical state. His range also has limits, he has above average accuracy, however he is also visually impaired and his short height makes the SNR a rather unweildy beast for himself, making him almost useless in Long-range engagement. His bodily structure may give him an edge in moving short distances and in CQC with the ability to quickly react and accelerate quickly all the while not burning off much stamina, but his height, weight, and stocky build keeps him relatively slower when it comes to sprinting, and the increased weight of his armor doesn't help. While he is ingenuitive and can use it to employ guerilla warfare tactics, his speed and weight once again come back to haunt him as he can't easily get away if spotted on his own, nor can he move as quietly as some of the other Marines are able to. His mentality may allow him to effectively lead Marines when in a hard place and have general knowledge on how to lead and what to do, yet he isn't quite the tactical genious, infact he tends to find it difficult when trying to oversee tactical maneuvers with any large number of marines. In essence, Dunaidan falls better into the SUPPORT and ASSAULT positions rather than the LEADER or RECONASSANCE ones.

Role: Assault -- Typical loadout: MA5C/BR55 - M6C - C.Knife - Fragmentation Grenades - Marine BDU - CH252 Helm. (Mod.) - M52B Body Armor (Arm.) - VZG7 Armored Boots (Arm.) - S90 Gas Mask (carried)

Screenshot/apearance: UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7DzZgjM6KrAQF8Ggwylt68y61ywr4M3nGtFm9Wj0D4tl4q8pL

A Caucasian -- as mentioned above -- male of whom has a long record of European heritage, most of it belonging to Irish origin. Stands at a relatively moderate or short height of 5'7, or 167.5cm. Weighs in at around 198 pounds, or 89.81kg without his armor. With the armor on, his weight is estimated to be around 255 pounds, or 115.66kg. The armor, overall, adds about 57 pounds/25.85kg.

Physical appareance leads out to a man of a fairly built, yet stocky, body shape with a moderate to heavy bodily structure. Hair is dark brown, Crew Cut length. Hazel eyes, wide nose, with a pair of augmented goggles to improve vision clarity on duty due to chronic degradation of eyesight, while off duty a pair of glasses are typically worn. Despite his lack of height as well as agility, his body is very hardy and adaptative, this is very possibly partly due to the major stresses of which his body had gone through as a young child of which forced him at an early age to become far more adaptative to his enviornment. Armor has been modified to cover the thighs, shins, and forearms with only slight negations to stamina consumption due to a combination of powerful muscles in the legs and back. The M52B Body Armor has also had it's lower back and stomach further reinforced with armor.

Theme song(s): Sons of Amon - "Godmode"

Insignia, if applicable: Corporal -- UNSC Marine Corp. -- Service Number - K(ilo)417 -- Callsign 'Shamrock'

Current Location: Epsilon Eridani System, Reach

Current Status: Active duty, standby

Biography: Born on Harvest in the year 2516. Dun, as a child, was your average kid, living an average life, or so he tried to be and do. Corporal Dunaidan Christopher Galligan was diagnosed with a moderate degree of Aspergers Syndrome at the age of twelve of which was reassessed and rediagnosed to the mild degree a few years later. Aspergers Syndrome is an Anti-Social disorder and similar to that of Autism. However, Dun had been born with this conditon, it was not contracted or developed later in life, so before he had even turned the age of seven this disorder had caused most other children to isolate him, as well as bully him. By the time he had reached his pre-teen years, he was psychollogically scarred and severely depressed.

Dunaidan isn't known to be greatly social and not the best in some of the more emotionally invested social situations, such as raising a family. However, he still can still manage fairly well with basic social activity and in some very specific situations completely overcome his anti-social behaviour as gains more control over his own mental disorder. Dunaidan is reluctant to allow himself to become too attached to others save a select few. Those that he does happen to open up to make him feel more at ease in almost any condition, as such he may tend to stick around them more often than others, especially when tensions may be running high and when he may feel vulnerable, although this is a very rare occurance and only happens whena  traumatic event takes place. Despite this, Dunaidan has great ability in coordinating and cooperation with others, making him a very strong 'team player'.

His father had been in the service of the UNSC for fifteen years as an MP in the Epsilon Eridani System. While deployed for months at a time, his mother took care of him on his homeworld of Harvest. That was, until the Covenant arrived and completely overran the planet. She managed to escape the fighting, albeit very narrowly, and proceeded to bounce from world to world for the next couple years, this had made it difficult for Dunaidan to keep up during his final elementary years, however he had managed, one way or another, to scrape by. Eventually they had made their way to Reach. By this time, her husband had not been seen in years and was suspected to have died on duty due to a building collapse. His mothers status post-2536 is currently unknown.

In the coming years something overtook him, Dunaidan suddenly became more involved in everything abandoning his reclusive and increduously insecure lifestyle. His attitude changed from that of a fearful, yet naiively kind to a more hardened, independant feeling, and strongly willed person in a period of five years. What exactly inspired these chain of events or the initial cognitive 'rebalance' of his emotional mentality and stability? Nobody quite knows, except himself. He finished his secondary education with an astonishing change in average scores. During his seventh and eighth grade education, Dunaidan occasionally made an 80+ average in a class while others stooped as low as the 60s and 70s each quarter. Upon enrolling into his highschool, of which at the time he had been fifteen in age, his averages skyrocketed to that of 80's, 90's, and rarely a 100 once every year or so. Dunaidan graduated with a GPA of 3.64 soon after this improvement.

Typically stone faced on the outside, and not too social, Dunaidan is a fairly quiet character when compared to the more 'boisterous' of the Marine Corp. His mental fortitude, and former expereince of severe depression have allowed him to harden himself and become less likely to succumb to the more severe cases of Stress, Trauma, Depression, Insanity, Schizophrenia, and PTSD along with various other aquired mental dishabilitations. Though this doesn't mean he is devoid of emotion, infact he shows incredible signs of emotion and can be considered slightly impulsive and tempermental if the correct nerve is struck. Yet because of his social withdrawl, he may not emotionally react to the same degree as others might, and he may have far stronger reactions to situations others might not. He also tends to have a great drive when attempting to do something in which he is entirely confident in. Also, this only applies to any newer forms of mental illness or dishabilitation. The event of which occured upon January 7th, 2536 has, however, left a severe blow upon his mentality and is often bothered by it through dreams and occasional mentionings of the specific date and/or event itself.

During stressful situations and dire circumstances, Dunaidan is known to suddenly 'seize' control. During these moments, all indication of his Aspergers Syndrome seem to dissapear and a sudden air of authority comes about him that comes with his change in demeanour. His mood, attitude, and functional capabilites tend to swing very quickly and suddenly when he is put into desperate straights and usually for the better. It's speculated that this is due to his mind reacting very powerfully once it's aware that it is in mortal danger, it seems this also could be heightened by his Aspergers Syndrome as well, causing him to become incredibly emotionally empowered and driven, if occasionally a bit too much.

Once he had reached the age of eighteen, he enrolled into a medical school and received about a years worth of education before dropping out and enrolling into a pre-military program. Upon completion of said military program a year afterward, Dunaidan enlisted for the UNSC Marine Corp. Due to his completion of a military program prior to his enlistment, Dunaidan was immediately given a single advancement in grade to Private First Class. Dunaidan successfully graduated from Basic Military Training as a top trainee in his company, the 281st Marine Division of the 12th Marine Regiment, and thus was given an opportunity to re-enter another military program for Non-commissioned Officer training. He successfully completed the program, and thus passed the 'NCO' Exam, earning him a position as a Corporal in the UNSC Marine Corp on November 4th of 2535.

It is also known that Dunaidan was highly respected within the 281st's First Platoon, of which only he and four other marines are the remaining origional members of.

On January 7th, 2536, the platoon he had been apart of had set out on a routine training mission, at a location of which is currently disclosed due to multiple complications, when they had unexpectedly made contact with a covenant forward scouting party. The scouting party they encountered consisted of three 'Jackals', ten 'Grunts', and four 'Elites'. Dunaidan was the only one to escape without sustaining any sort of permanent or life endangering injury. As for the surviving four other than himself, they weren't so lucky. Soon after this engagement, the remaining marines were directed for a 'hot' extraction operation, this operation is more commonly known as 'Operation Icarus'.

Both the Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Leader were KIA. The status of all members of First Squad; are KIA or MIA. One surviving male member from Second Squad, received moderate injury with a broken forearm, broken rib, and a crushed hand with multiple lacerations, bruises, and burns across the body. Two surviving members from Third Squad, one counting as Dunaidan of whom had no significant injury other than severe bruising and very small and shallow lacerations across the body. The female surviving member of Third Squad suffered severe injury due to multiple needler rounds entering her right shoulder and arm before exploding. Multiple bits of shrapnel were found in her neck and spine, leaving her immobilized from the waist downward, her right arm and shoulder have been irrepairably mutilated as bits of bone were blown out the back of her shoulder as well as many of her muscles and ligaments were ripped and torn. With such grevious injuries, she should have died shortly after sustaining these wounds, yet was saved due to her squad mate's application of his existing medical knowledge and immediate treatment. The status of all members of Fourth Squad; are KIA or MIA. Two male members of Fifth Squad survived, one with moderate injury and the other, minor. The first member suffered a moderate injury by a round from a Needler Carbine passing cleanly through the left calf, and some minor shrapnel injury from a needler round of which exploded near him at some point. The second member suffered far more minor injuries such as a twisted ankle and a fractured L3.

Overall, of the fourty-seven members of Dunaidan's platoon fourty-three were listed as casualties, fourty-two of them were listed as KIA or MIA, one was honorably discharged and decomissioned, four were temporarily hospitalized before returning to duty, and one was listed as fit for duty. Under these circumstances, not only did the four surviving members all receive purple hearts, Dunaidan was awarded a bronze star for his service. Since then, many of his superiors have been keeping a close eye upon him with earnest interest. The records of the exact events that transpired during the engagement were lost, and only fragments have been found from bits and pieces of broken footage and communication recordings, yet all records pertaining to pre-engagement managed to stay intact and uncorrupted, allowing multiple clear shots of footage of the hostile forces moments before the two parties engaged.
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UNSCMC - K417 - 'Shamrock' - Corporal Dunaidan C. "Dun" Galligan
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