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 ODST member Heavy callsign 474

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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ODST member Heavy callsign 474 Empty
PostSubject: ODST member Heavy callsign 474   ODST member Heavy callsign 474 Icon_minitime27/03/15, 11:31 pm

Name: Victor Volfe

nickname: Heavy

age: 21

race: human

skills: hand to hand combat specialist, heavy weapons specialist

role: fighter, support

appearance: ODST armor, grey with green lining.

theme song: War by edwin starr

insignia: a knife stabbed into a skull

current location: on board of a UNSC ship.

curret status: active

bio: parents were Marines that died in battle when he was 4, he went to his uncle who was against the military, he raised him to hate battle but it didnt work, at the age of 18 he enlisted into the UNSC, it only took two years and he was excepted into the ODST program, another two years goes by and he is now by himself, a sole survivor from his old squad. he has the rank of sergeant. he does not lead but is a good fighter.
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ODST member Heavy callsign 474
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