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 Corporal Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin

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PostSubject: Corporal Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin   Corporal Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin Icon_minitime13/04/15, 10:30 pm

Name: Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin
Age: 27 (DOB: 7th November, 2507)
Race: Caucasian, of Slavic decent (Russian ethnic)
Skills: Strong concentration, excels in Hand-to-Hand combat, basic control of emotions, moderate marksmanship, moderate leadership ability, ability to speak Russian and English.

Born in Kaliningrad, Russia, Avgust Kalinin was taught the traditional Russian language, as well as the interplanetary English language. Because of laws in the Russian Federation, Avgust Kalinin was drafted to become a member of the Federal Protective Service (FSO) and the Moscow Intelligence and Defense Administration (MIDA). Here, he was taught hand-to-hand combat and concentration skills; as he was employed as a member of Kremlin Guard where he served as a traditional guard at Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier—also responsible for protection of the Russian President.

Eventually reporting in for duty in the UNSC, Avgust Kalinin was sent in with recommendation from the FSO and MIDA, eventually promoted into the UNSC’s Elite: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, where he demonstrated moderate ability as both a leader and a marksman at range.
Role: Rifleman
Screenshot/appearance:  Standing around 1.81 meters, Avgust is pretty well built with his role within the UNSC and his prior role within the FSO and MIDA. The standard ODST tattoo is printed on his shoulder to bicep, as well as the Russian Star on his left bicep; as his hair his shaved completely off—though dark stubble lines his jaw and the top of his head; he also has blue eyes.
Theme song(s): (May follow)
Insignia, if applicable: Corporal (UNSC Marines/ODST), Private (FSO and MIDA)
Current Location: Reach, Espilon Eridani
Current Status: Active
Biography: (May change into a different format)

Born in November 7, 2507, Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin belonged to the Kalinin bloodline—a long running line since the Red Revolutionary known as Mikhail Kalinin back in the 20th century. Living on the family estate in Kaliningrad in central Europe, Avgust grew a particular interest in military might and power at a rather young age; given the location’s pivotal location for defense in the Baltic Sea.

Eventually graduating from his primary and secondary education schools in 2525, the young Kalinin was drafted by the Moscow Intelligence and Defense Administration (MIDA) for the lawful requirement of minimum two year service in Moscow defense. Given his family’s status, Avgust was promoted to the Kremlin Regiment; which also extended to his service in the Federal Protective Services. Sworn into service officially on the 3rd of August; Avgust was responsible for defending the Mausoleum of Lenin—as well as take part in defending the Eternal Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Eventually hearing about the later Covenant attacks of other worlds in 2530; Avgust resigned from MIDA and in extension the FSO after five long years of service—believing it heroic if he should join the conflict between humanity and the Covenant. Although advised against this action from his parents, Avgust ignored their persistent warnings and eventually joined the Corps at the age of twenty-five in the year of 2532. Giving his experience with MIDA and the FSO prior to his enlistment into the UNSC, Avgust’s heightened ability against most other candidates gave him a clear standing in the options for the top of the graduating class. Entering service as a Private, Avgust was deployed on the planet of Vodin the following year.

Stationed on the planet of Vodin as a UNSC Marine peacefully for two years, Avgust’s squad was eventually called into action as he participated in the quick evacuation of the planet. Noted for his service by Staff Sergeant Adrian Bolo, he described Avgust as: ‘a reliable asset, operated with extreme prejudice’, and commended him for his: ‘quick eye and fast reflexes.’ Evacuated with the rest of his squadron, Avgust was returned to his assigned UNSC Battlegroup. Receiving a promotion to Corporal, Avgust’s commendation went on to the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Unit involved within his UNSC Battlegroup.
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Corporal Avgust Vladimirovich Kalinin
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