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 SPARTAN Shawn-016

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PostSubject: SPARTAN Shawn-016   SPARTAN Shawn-016 Icon_minitime16/04/15, 09:06 am

Name: Shawn

Age: 26

Race: Asian

Class: SPARTAN-II/1.1

Skills:  Shawn has no problem with working under pressure and is very focused on what she is doing though at times this is a good habit it can prove to be a bad one especially if there is a spec ops elite lurking around. It is noted that she uses her surroundings and to her advantage. One example would be when her M6 Grindell ran out of charge and she resulted to using a nearby M274 which was nicknamed the "mongoose" as a hammer to smash the nearby Unggoy and Sangheili. The SPARTAN has a large fear of heights along with flying  and feels uneasy when riding in a pelican, broadsword, Longsword, and even a UNSC ship.

Role: Heavy weapons normally.

Screenshot: To be added.

Theme song: N/A

Insignia: GUNGNIR Symbol on the front of her chest piece.

Current Location: UNSC modified Pheonix class colony carrier

Current Status: Active

Biography: Shawn Kauslar was born on Arcadia on January 12th 2510. Her father was part of the UNSC from 2489 to 2507 and met her mother on Arcadia when the two started a conversation due to being a few credits short for coffee and later meeting again on a shuttle where they sat next to each other. Soon after arriving to their destination they would engage in a romantic relation ship which resulted in her mothers pregnancy. She was born and raised on Arcadia but showed no social capabilities and never talked to children her age always wanting to be alone. She usually zoned out a lot when she finds something of interest she tends to block out all outside noises and focuses on what caught her eye. Unknown to both her parents and Shawn she was being watched through out her childhood.

This was the time when she was being viewed as a possible candidate for the UNSC SPARTAN II program. One of the reasons was that her father was apart of the failed ORION Project from 2491-2506 making her a SPARTAN 1.1. Once at the age of seven she was kidnapped and replaced with a flash clone. During training Shawn proved to be the most focused out of her fellow SPARTAN II's which she was originally going to take up training with the System 99 Anti material rifle but declined knowing that the role fit SPARTAN-058, Linda.

Shawn was one of the few that survived augmentation and for some time was depressed that most of her fellow candidates were either killed or crippled. At one point during the war the pilot to her pelican was shot through the glass and she was forced to steer the pelican down planet side which resulted in her near demise due to her fear of flying and heights. While Shawn was focused on taking down a banshee that was pinning her and a group of marines down a brute snuck up on her and nearly killed her. Just before it fired a deadly spike from it's weapon into her head a marine named "Jim" killed it which resulted in the two becoming good friends.

During combat  Jim took a Zealot by surprise when he fired a System 99 into it's back forcing it to the ground. Believing it to be dead he stood up to move to the rondevu point that was given but gave himself away in the process. The marine made his way to the rondevu point and met Shawn there but the Zealot wasn't alone and a Sangheili stabbed the marine through his chest killing him instantly. Shawn killed the Sangheili and collected Jim's tags and developed a hatred for Elites nick naming them "Split face"

She is easily told apart by the rest due to her sporting the GUNGNIR helmet and having the symbol on her chest piece along with her tag; 016 on it as well.

Height: 7'0 (In Armor) 6'11 (Out of Armor)

Weight: 880 pounds in armor/143 out of armor.
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PostSubject: Re: SPARTAN Shawn-016   SPARTAN Shawn-016 Icon_minitime16/04/15, 09:16 am

1. Asian isn't a race. Japanese is a race, chinese is a race.

2. Spartans don't have fears of heights. Did you read Ghosts of Onyx? The first test they ever had to go through was a drop at night.

3. It's pretty poor writing in the bio, but...there's not much I can say about that, that's something you need to improve on your own.

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PostSubject: Re: SPARTAN Shawn-016   SPARTAN Shawn-016 Icon_minitime18/04/15, 11:48 pm

depends on your definition of "race". Asian, African, European etc can be considered races.

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SPARTAN Shawn-016
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