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 Star Spangled Skies: Character Application

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PostSubject: Star Spangled Skies: Character Application   03/06/15, 09:37 am

Star Spangled Skies document - Updates still ongoing.






[b]Current Inventory:[/b]

[b]Life Story:[/b]

Example Character:

Name: Patch

Age: 31

Height: 1.9m / 6.2”

Weight: 84kgs / 185lbs

Description: Empty gaze, empty wallet, probably an empty head. Patch was born in Red Town along with most of the wandering members of Annapolis, and has learnt from the experience the same thing as everyone else; don’t drink from the bays.

Image of Patch

Current Inventory:
x2 .32 calibre packs
x2 BlamCo Mac and Cheese
x3 Radroach Meat
x6 Dirty Water
x1 Nuka-Cola Quantum
x1 Grognak the Barbarian Issue #12: The Star of the Northern Fist
Holodisk: Don’t Forget This
Keyring: Home Key, Stash Key, Bent Key
Hunting Rifle w/ Scope, Extended Mag
Combat Armour
28 Bottlecaps

Life Story:
“Red Town is a hunk of junk. Oh, shit, right, you didn’ know I was from Red Town. Okay, simply put, the place sucks. No, not everyone’s a raider, but that doesn’ mean they’re not all scumbags and lowlifes who only wanna know what’s in your pack. I don’t normally have much, but when I do, it’s not for long. Shit, half of my stuff is stolen or… reacquired. From the deceased, of course. How’d’ya think someone like me got a gun like this? I didn’ even engrave the name on it, Yeneffer’s a stupid name for a gun. Eugh… Anyway, I don’t spend time in Red Town if I can avoid it. I’d rather face the ‘lurks and the ‘roaches than deal with the shitbags there. Make the most out of your time out here, okay? You’ll regret it when you go back home.”

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PostSubject: Re: Star Spangled Skies: Character Application   04/06/15, 06:16 am

-----------------------------Robco Industries-----------------------------
------------------------------Admin Password------------------------------

Access Granted!

Annabelle "Queen" Sypes
>Age: 29
>Height: 5 foot 8
>Weight: 134 pounds

>Description: Honey colored "Wendy the Welder" hairstyle tops her head and her chocolate like brown eyes are something many people find comfort in. Other than that, She looks and lives just as the multitude of other wastelanders live. In poverty and in constant fear of being raided.

>Tagged Skills:
Small Arms

Chem Resistant
Wild Wasteland

Cherchez La Femme

>Current Inventory, held in backpack:
x3 Stimpacks
x3 10mm packs
x3 Bottles of Purified Water
x2 Bottles of Dirty Water
x2 Cram
x3 Salisbury Steak
x1800 bottlecaps
x1 Sleepwear

>Currently equipped equipment
Merc Cruiser Outfit
10mm pistol

>Life Story:
Annabelle was born in a makeshift hospital in Boston to a gunsmith and a doctor. She would grow up as any child would in the wasteland, and would find a love for medicine and science. As she grew older, she would spend time learning more and more about these two fields and when she was old enough, would try to get into MIT. With them needing more people to help them with their projects, they happily accepted her. She would spend the next few years working for the scientists there. After a few years of doing this, she would leave. She needed more use out of her medicinal skills and she would hit the road. She'd soon find her way to a smaller town in desperate need of medical attention. She would set up shop there and work as a doctor for many years. Having gained a suitable successor to her practice, she would leave once again and set out to the wastes to try to help as many people as she can.

The man on the moon rules the infinite time.
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PostSubject: Re: Star Spangled Skies: Character Application   05/06/15, 11:02 am

Name: Robin Reed

Age: 20

Height: 5”7

Weight: 70kgs

Description: Blonde Prim N' Proper hairstyle and emerald eyes. She looks somewhat 'healthier' than other wastelanders, but underneath all of the dirt, it's hard to tell.

Current Inventory:
1x Scoped Battle Rifle
1x 10mm Submachine Gun
3x Purified Water
3x Radroach meat
2x Pork n’ Beans
50x .308 rounds
40x 10mm Rounds
2x  Nuka Cola
127x Bottle Caps
Holodisk “Run”
Raider Badlands Armour

Life Story: Robin was manufactured in the Commonwealth by the Institute to serve as a non-human slave, until she began thinking for herself. After the realisation that she wanted freedom, she waited weeks until an opportunity presented itself. She slit her owner’s throat, and made a run for it, eventually finding The Railroad and escaping the Commonwealth. Outside, she found herself hunted by the Synth Retention Bureau, and often enters violent clashes with them. For her own safety, she rarely stays in one place and avoids anyone who could be working for the Institute.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Spangled Skies: Character Application   

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Star Spangled Skies: Character Application
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