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 Spartan III Commando "John B-169"

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Bad John
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PostSubject: Spartan III Commando "John B-169"   Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Icon_minitime11/06/15, 04:02 am

Name: John G-069

Age: 19

Race: Human, African (Born in Aigburth, Ganymede)

Skills: An experienced soldier John is a survivalist, a consummate close quarters combatant, and an experienced fighter. He tends to favor smaller, lighter firearms, such as M7 submachine guns and pistols, as they afford him a free hand when he needs to stabilize himself or work with his surroundings, the ability to dual wield weapons when he needs extra firepower, and they are easy to clean and store. He dislikes full sized rifles, deeming any weapon that requires two hands "clunky and cumbersome" despite his superior strength.

He has excellent reaction time and aim, and keeps calm in close quarters very well. In hand-to-hand, he is a brutal, dirty, considerate fighter, possessing advanced occidental boxing skills, and some training in more exotic martial arts. He prefers to keep things simple, using punches, kicks, and knees. He is an excellent pick when it comes to zeroing in and eliminating high value targets in close quarters, sporting an impressive kill count, even among the larger Covenant species.

Like any Spartan III, he is a passable marksman, and barring the inclusion of a more specialized sniper, he can serve as the designated marksman of a fireteam. However, he tends to take too much time leading and lining up shots, and will often miss his opportunity, preferring to wait until the enemy is stationary; he's no Linda or Jun when it comes to picking off targets at a range.

Despite his experience as a Headhunter, spending a large amount of time alone, or in small teams, he is very social, and a great team player.

He is a wonderful driver, and a passable pilot in the air. He is experienced with Covenant weapons, to the point that he enjoys them to an extent. He is, unfortunately, rather poor at operating heavy covenant vehicles and aircraft. His single success at piloting a banshee was down to pure luck.

Role: As part of a squad, he is best used as a close fire support operative, providing combat support and assisting specialists. He is also a fairly skilled driver, so you won't go far wrong by putting him behind the wheel of an escape or assault vehicle such as a warthog or a mongoose.

Screenshot/Appearance: Sporting a fairly youthful appearance, John has dark skin, dark brown eyes, and a button nose. He tends to wear a jeep cap and sunglasses when superior officers are absent. He has a fairly average body type, in terms of other Spartan III commandos, standing a few inches shorter than most of his Spartan III peers.

His Mjolnir armor is a fairly lightweight, GEN 2 design. His helmet is the most recent EVA variant with UA and Milint attachments to reinforce the "fishbowl" and feed clearer information to his handlers respectively. The visor is a dark, greyish blue. The body is a Soldier variant with no shoulder pauldrons, and no markings other than stylistic choices made by the wearer. The hard points, armor, and helmet are dark brown, and the undersuit is black with some brown markings. The suit, despite being fairly new, has a large amount of dings and scratches, but all in all, the suit works as good as new. The forearms are standard "recruit" models, along with the legs. There is a knife holster on his left shoulder with a smooth, non serrated knife.


Theme song(s):
Theme Song:

Insignia, if applicable: His suit has his service number printed on the right forearm.

Current Location: Awaiting deployment.

Current Status: Alive, and awaiting deployment.

Biography: A Spartan III, John was a member of a fairly wealthy family until his parents were killed on a Sabbatical to a planet that the Covenant unfortunately attacked and glassed. Orphaned, John ended up in the care of a fairly poor aunt, who was killed in a car accident. With nobody to take him in, John wound up in the less than loving care of ONI, who needed fresh, vengeful children for the Spartan III program, and were happy to take a child with nowhere else to go off the streets. Put through the wringer with the rest of Gamma Company, John survived nearly suicidal missions given modified SPI armor and assigned to Fireteam Sideswipe

He proved quite the proved quite the survivor, along with the majority of his peers (barring a few casualties). At the end of the Human Covenant conflict, he continued duty until the Spartan IV project became public. He chose to be rolled into the new generation of Spartans, and continue his work as a soldier. Much to his delight, he retired his SPI armor and was given Mjolnir GEN 2 armor; a massive windfall and a huge morale booster. With a few short procedures and an armor change, he was brought up to speed, and continues to serve with distinction.

He is noted to be quite sociable and friendly. Though he is noted to talk to himself, and present many off color comments, he's largely considered one of the more "balanced" Spartans, especially considering what he's lived through.

"That guy either has a very thick skin, or he's one sick puppy. Considering how wide his grin was when we offered him a Rail Gun, my bets are on the latter."
- ONI Operative.

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The White Wolf
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The White Wolf

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Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spartan III Commando "John B-169"   Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Icon_minitime11/06/15, 09:04 am

Beta company isn't a good choice. Gamma is better. Less lore breaking.

You can't be a headhunter. Because then you'd be just isolated from everyone else ever. That was what the headhunters were.

Wait. So he prefers small weapons because they give him a hand free, and hates 2h weapons because they're 2h, but likes to dual wield? That doesn't make sense at all. IT's contradicting.

"His suit lacks thrusters" Damn fucking right it does. It's SPI armour. You don't have to list that it doesn't have thrusters. Come up with a different flaw in your CHARACTER not your EQUIPMENT.

Headhunters did not work with larger squads. They were taken out early and did their own thing with their one partner and that was that. Also a dumb reason to be a headhunter.

You wouldn't have been assigned to the Headhunters AFTER training ended. You were taken out from training to become a HH.

You can't be 24. That would mean you were just being born as Beta Company did it's selections. Either up your age or be part of Gamma and lower your age.

[16:56:44] Fallen : I LOVE YOU SKIPPY~ <3
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Bad John
Not cool enough for a real rank

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Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spartan III Commando "John B-169"   Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Icon_minitime11/06/15, 09:40 am

Bump. Edited.
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Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spartan III Commando "John B-169"   Spartan III Commando "John B-169" Icon_minitime

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Spartan III Commando "John B-169"
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