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 Mech RP: 45th SPECWAR

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PostSubject: Mech RP: 45th SPECWAR   15/08/15, 09:50 pm

A town on the outskirts of Curiosity, July 2429

Juno marched forwards, towards the center of the burning town, a wall of fire erupting in front of her as she hosed down another building with her 09X3 Flamethrower. Around her, similarly equipped members of the 45th were doing the same, the smoke from the buildings blocking out the sun. All that could be heard was the cackling of the flames, the crack of gunshots, and screams.

The filthy traitors, Juno thought as a couple escaped the building she was torching, We’ll see how well your rebellion protects you. She lowered her flamethrower and drew her pistol, firing several rounds into the couple’s backs. Both of them dropped, blood pooling around them.

“The survivors are cornered in the town hall!” Someone cried, though through the smoke Juno couldn’t see them, “Move up, torch everything as you go!” Juno understood, Curiosity was going to become a warning to any who saw these rebels as their saviours. They couldn’t protect their own, and treachery was not tolerated by the Empire. Stepping over to the two she’d shot, Juno found them both, barely, alive. A short burst of flame corrected that, near incinerating the bodies. No corpses or buildings would be left; this town would be wiped clean, leaving only charred ground. The price of defying the Empire.


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Mech RP: 45th SPECWAR
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