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 Unbreakable Fate

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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Unbreakable Fate   16/05/16, 01:25 am

Eleanor rushed forwards without another word, swinging her sword in a downward arc at the demon. It dodged out of the way, but she had its attention now. She was confident in both her armour and her dodging, kicking up the earth each time her metal boots dug into it. She only hoped her new comrade was capable of using that knife.


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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Unbreakable Fate   20/05/16, 04:17 am

As soon as Eleanor rushed forward, Artemis hopped back to distance herself from the malicious beast. "Shackle this beast in place." She says as she brings her knife to about chest level. A purple light envelops the blade and she leaps forward just behind the Hellhound. With a mighty thrust, she plunges the knife into the ground. Dark sigils begin to form around the adversary, locking it and herself in place. "I can't hold this for long! Do what you must!" She calls out to her new partner.

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Unbreakable Fate
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