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 Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.

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PostSubject: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   19/07/11, 03:37 pm

Species: Sangheili
Gender: Male
Age: 50 (Human Years)
Name: Senox 'Moranee
Rank: Supreme Commander
Unit: Fleetmaster of The Fleet of Discovery, Shipmaster of The Light In Darkness
Specification/Role: Squad Leader, CQC, Demolition Expert.
Location/Assignment: The Glassing Of Resin, Human Colony
Current Status: Declared Heretic By The Hierachs. On Capture Imminent Execution.
Motto: "The lies have been told. Now I must release the Truth."

Screenshot: Sorta Like This
Logo/Insignia: Energy Sword Ripped Through A Marines Chest
Theme Song: Linkin Park : What I've Done
Bio: Since first contact with the humans Senox has fought. He was not as strong as the others he trained with, but he was faster. He believes that fighting is the only way to solve prblems as peace, however strong it maybe, never survives. Senox was a Ship Master aboard one of the ships that glassed Reach. His relegious faith is not strong as he would follow the orders of the Sangheili race instead of the Prophets. Senox does not 'hate' humans as so, he believes they show courage and bravery which many other species do not show. He has a notable crack in his helmet which was recieved in battle with a Demon, whom name he never learnt but voice still echoes in his ears, and if he is to ever find this Demon, to finish the battle.

//FILE LOG 621//

The sound of gunshots filled Senox ears as he dived for cover behind of a destroyed Scorpion tank. Smoke and flame still lingered around it. He fired his plasma rifle into the squad of marines, he wasn’t sure how many he hit or killed and that didn’t really bother him. A squad of Grunts led by an Elite Major ran past him into the battlefield. Not yet, wait for Gelog’s signal. Senox launched a plasma grenade into the air hoping to hit at least somebody. He hated this, he wanted to go out there sand cut their limbs of and see the terror in their faces as he plunged his sword into their chest. But no, the Humans had air support which meant it was a suicide run. He had to wait for his AA team to blow them out of the sky. Blue plasma shot through the sky. That was the signal. He pushed himself up and climbed over the destroyed tank. He wasn’t sure how many times his Sword tasted blood, nor did he care just as long as it did. It was saying, ‘A Weapon is Only Drawn To Taste Blood.’
A few hours later…
“Supreme Commander, we have taken the humans communication base.” One of Senox’s Zealots told him.
“Good. How much longer before we can purge this planet of the Human disease?”
“In two days, Supreme Commander. We must destroy the Humans evacuation attempts before the glassing can commence.”

//FILE LOG 626//

The Wraiths engines roared into action as it moved over the ridge. This was the final step to destroy the humans plague on this planet. The engine stuttered and stopped, as Senox and his Zealots dismounted the Wraith. They had to destroy the AA guns so the Banshees could take down the escaping evac ships.


“Wort! Wort! WORT!”


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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   02/08/11, 03:09 pm

Name: Laura Fall
Age: 23
Race: Human, Caucasian
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Skills: Marksmenship, Basic CQC
Type of Soldier: ODST
Rank: Lance Corporal

Screenshot: With Armour
Theme song(s):
Insignia, if applicable: Insignia
Current Location: The Tropheam
Current Status: Declared MIA by UNSC

Biography: Laura joined the army not long after her Father joined, and after four years of the standard Military, she was approved for ODST training. Her Fther died during the Battle for Reach, and her Brother went MIA not long after that. During a mission to take down a high value Covenant target, she nearly died, and would've until the 'The Hooded' (A group of crazy Scientists researching on the Flood) found her, and saved her. She then spent an unknown amount of time in a cell, until she met Dormii, a SPARTAN the Scientists had captured. After unkown events she was saved, after Snow and Senox came to save Dormii. She then went to the Trophaem, and after a while helped fight the Flood. She then had to jump out of a Pelican, in which she broke her leg.

Motto: "If something looks dead, shoot it again to make sure."



Sergeant Thomas Friyke (KIA)
Corporal James Nonsone (KIA)
Corporal Oliver Roberts (KIA)
Private First Class James Hobinson (KIA) (Later Promoted to Lance Corporal)
Private Harry Mc'Donald (MIA)
Private Laura Fall (MIA) (Later Promoted to Private First Class, then to Lance Corporal)





Mission Objective: To rescue ONI personel from a Insurrectionist 'camp'
Mission Result: Insurrectionist 'camp' destroyed, one ONI personel killed, Planet is now becoming Anti-UNSC

"Covering the trail"

Mission Objective: To destroy data banks at a UNSC base on Sigma Octanus IV
Mission Result: Data destroyed, Covenant extraction team killed, one ODST KIA, Corporal Oliver Roberts. Private Laura Fall promoted to Private First Class, Private First Class James Hobinson promoted to Lance Corporal

"No Scouts Allowed"

Mission Objective: To destroy a lone Covenant Corvette sighted not far from Laing
Mission Result: Corvette destroyed, unknown if Covenant Corvette broadcasted its location, UNSC Frigate Never Ending Light destroyed, Private Harry McDonald confirmed MIA


ODST Battle Armour, Sharpshooter Variant.
  • SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
  • MA5C Assault Rifle
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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   15/08/11, 04:55 pm

Name: Artyom One-One-Three (113)
Age: 28 (Including the five years in cyro sleep)
Race: Human, Caucasian, Russian
Skills: Stealth, CQC, Sabotage
Role: Infiltrator, Being the one with the rubbish jokes.
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Type of Soldier: Spartan III, Headhunter
Current Rank On Board The Trophaem: Artyom. A UNSC fucker who just tried to arm these bombs and kill us all.

Screenshot: With Armour
Theme song(s):
Insignia: Insignia
Current Location: [CLASSIFIED]
Current Status: Alive

Biography: [ENTER PASSCODE: *******... ENTER SECOND PASSCODE: ************... ACCESSGRANTED...]

Born in Moscow (Now known as Old Moscow), Artyom was trained like any other Spartan III. During his training he heard news about his home, Moscow. Half of the city had been bombed beyond recognition by UNSC forces. He did not care why. The people who he had thought were his allies had destroyed his home. He escaped by sneaking onto a Supply Frigate, but was captured after the Frigate made its next stop. He managed to kill five marines who were part of the twenty-man squad sent to capture him. On return to the Spartan Programme, he was told why the UNSC had destroyed his home. Moscow had become home to a large group of Insurrectionists, who had threatened to bring Covenant weapons to Earth. The UNSC had no choice but to do what they did. Artyom now understood. It was not their fault his parents were dead, it was the Insurrectionists. He would make it his goal to kill every one of them. After completing two specially assigned training missions, (He did not know there importance) he was taken to begin Headhunter training.

Motto: If it’s hostile, kill it.


Modified SPI Armour

  • Active Camouflage no longer requires energy from other armour abilities
  • Increased armour strength to match that of MJOLNIR Mark IV
  • It gives the user Increased Strength, Speed and Agility, being able to match that of MJOLNIR Mark IV
  • Cooling System does not fail after long periods of use, allowing the user to use the armour for as long as wanted
  • The armour can now hold an AI
  • Energy Shields are now increased

  • Use of Active Camouflage temporarily slows the user’s reaction time down once out of Active camouflage
  • A direct burst of Energy can overheat the cooling system, causing the armour to lock itself for as long as it takes for the cooling system to restart

  • Two M7 Caseless Submachine Guns (Silenced)
  • M6G Personal Defense Weapon System (Silenced)
  • Set of Six Throwing Daggers
  • Net Gun (Used for Capture of Targets) NOTE: Net is uncuttable unless for use of heated Energy (Energy Blades/Sword)


He begins speaking

What can I say... Well. He is the most annoying A.I. I have ever met. Possibly the only one who's objective or whatever is to annoy it's user. Yeah... So from the start. I found him in an Rebel base, they were trying to get information out of him. I have to give him that, he doesn't lack security. I mean, they had been working on him for six months, and they hadn't got past any of his security. Firewalls and stuff... I don't know! I'm not that techie type of person. Time to go... I will finish this later. Hopefully.



He begins speaking

So where was I... Oh yeah. So I found Robin in a Rebel base, I was on a mission to wipe out all their data. See, thats what we (As Headhunters) do sometimes. Its not always just assassinate some guy, or blow something up. But back to Robin! I found him, and I kept him until I could find away to get him working. Which I did... After getting another augmentation, and 'borrowing' some technology from a Research base. So yeah... He had 'problems' at first. Kept remembering stuff from his original user, not sure how he did it, but he managed to keep it under control... Adiosa for now, I wil carry on later!



He begins speaking

So... Yeah. Robin had problems. He fixed them. And then I was stuck with the most annoying A.I. in the history of the world. The end!




Rebel's Blight

Modified D77H-TCI Pelican


Increased Stealth Capabilities (Active Camouflage)
Holds an Armour locker, which can hold a full suit of MJOLNIR armour
Small auto surgeon, for small wounds, such as shots to the arm or leg.
Faster than most, if not all Pelicans.


Is less durable than other types of Pelicans
Has niether ANVIL-II ASM pods or rear-mounted AIE-486H HMG
(Less Weapons)
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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   10/09/11, 09:25 am


Name: Nathan Miller
Age: 21 Years Old
Race: Caucasian
Screenshot: With Armour On
Skills: Survival, Repairing Equipment,
Theme song(s):

Current Location: Wondering Around England
Current Status: Alive
Biography: All I remember is waking up. Waking up surrounded by dead bodies… There was a man, a badly injured dying man, he told me my name… Like he knew me… Like I should’ve known him. I couldn’t remember anything before waking up, other than how to shoot and kill, stuff like that… No stuff about… Me. So I woke up, my armour… My equipment… And headed out into the world. After a few days of travelling, I cam across a small camp of people. It was there, they told me all about the Zed's, and other important things. As well of the Ireland Safe Zone. So it was then, that I began my search for Ireland. Wherever it was. And somewhere, deep inside, I had a hope that someone there would... Know who I am...

  • Elite Special Forces Armour
  • Uboyneg Automatic Shotgun
  • Combat Knife

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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   30/09/11, 06:42 pm

(The Nexumil.)

Quick... Overview:

Initially only the Leainve and Utrion, the Nexumil, as they now called themselves, created the first small... Village. After this... The Thelians were discovered, and this led to many other great creations. After the Nexumil had learnt all they needed from the Thelians, there was a split decision on wether to remove the Thelians, or to recruit them into the Nexumil. A war broke out, which led to the Loyal Nexumil winning, and the Thelians joining the Nexumil. Soon after this, they advanced to the surface. Other species then joined the Nexumil, and cities were also built on the surface. Soon after this, the Nexumil advanced to Space travel.



The Races of the Nexumil

Queen/King (Are either Leainve or Utrion, but develop distinguish features.)
Utrion – Bigger than Leainve, and stronger. They lack in numbers that the Leainve do, but usually hold higher Military Positions. They have bright white skin, and purple eyes.
Leainve – Bigger than a Human, but smaller than an Utrion. There are more Leainve than most other species, the Thelians and Kilens being the only ones with more numbers. They have dark grey skin and red eyes. Hardly any hold high Military positions, but many are normal workers.
Thelians – Small spider like creatures. They are around the size of a small dog. Black skin, with the occasional red ‘glow’ on their body. They can take apart weapons… Nearly anything easily, and can swallow it. Once swallowed, they take it back to the Nexumilias armoury, where it is ‘thrown’ out, usually in much better condition than before. They are the most numerous species in the Nexumil.
Longus – Tall, skinny, dark white skin. Mostly members of the Nexumil council, some become part of the Military, usually only ever place with Utrions. They wear heavy armour, and are very agile. They are equipped with only the best equipment, including Etyiuons weapons.
Rewons – Huge, ‘dinosaur’ type creatures. They stand as tall as buildings, and are usually used as battering rams. Some grow mutations, which can be used as weapons, but they are naturally a peaceful race, and are usually only aggressive when attacked, or are ordered to attack.
Tyrions – Big, dumb, thick skinned creatures. They are only ever used in the Military of the Nexumil.


Time Line of the Nexumil

Creation of the capital city (A small village during that time) of Piohs

The Leainve and Utrion join to become the first species into the Nexumil

Discovery of the Thelians

Creation of the Great armoury of Nexumilias

War between the Rebellious Nexumil and the Loyal Nexumil

Rebellious Nexumil are defeated, and most are killed or exiled

The First King, a Utrion, comes into power

The First King dies, and the next King comes into power

The Second King is killed by a remaining group of Rebels

The First, and current, Queen is put into power

The Nexumil travel to the surface

The discovery of other species

The Rewons, Tyrions, Longus, and Kilens all become part of the Nexumil

Creation of cities on the surface

Space Travel is discovered
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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   30/09/11, 09:05 pm

Name: Hanakor (High-Onk-Or)

Age: 31 Human Years

Race: Nexumil – Leainve

Gender: Male

Skills: Hunting, Survival, Knows basic ‘Human’

Appearance: Dark Grey Scaly Skin, Red Eyes, Dark White teeth. He wears scrap armour which covers all of his body, mostly made from other pieces of armour from the battlefield, as well as some ‘pure’ armour created by the Thelians.

Rank: Lineieses (Lin-E-Es)

Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Loyal… Unless he can gain something from going against his orders.

Uyopian Armour (A mix of Scrap and Pure armour)
Hlakyo Burst (A Pure Rifle, created in an Armoury of Nexumilias)
Tyion Blade (A Pure Blade, given to all Leavine before their first battle.)

Biography: He hunts, he kills, he survives. He knows nothing but to follow his orders, unless he can gain from doing otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   02/10/11, 10:08 am

Name: Uineu

Age: 92 Human Years

Race: Nexumil - Longus

Gender: Male

Skills: Leadership, Fighting

Appearance: Always wears Dark grey, armour, so his actual appearance underneath is unkown. It is suspected he looks like an average Longus.

Rank: Longus - Leader Of Explorations

Personality: Angry... Ruthless...

Longus Chief Armour (Almost bulletproof0
Uwqiens Arrow
Revins Blade

Biography: A ruthless leader, and hates most others who are not of... Nexumil.
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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   27/11/11, 03:30 pm

(NOTE: I'll be counting this as my main RP character, as the others are... Dead. (One is actually dead...))

Name: Nathan Rover
Age: 24 Years

Race: Caucasian

Skills: CQC, Stealth, Driving

Weaknesses: Long Range Weaponry, Flying, Explosives

Role: (How to put it...) 'Assassin'... (Something like that... You get the idea.)

Personality: Quiet, Cautious.

Physical Appearance: Short 'Light' Black Hair, Slightly Tanned Skin, Average Height, Average Weight.

'Outfit': Light Recon Armour (That, but no fancy helmet (No HUD ect), but with a hood instead. 'Face Bandanna Thing' has no emblem on it.

Theme song(s): None at this time.

Insignia, if applicable: Nopedope.

Current Location: Tyranus.

Current Status: Alive.

Biography: Born into a wealthy family, of well known space merchants. Moving from planet to planet, it was a good buisness. The war meant supplies were low. And when supplies were low, people would pay more. His father had... 'Contacts' which meant his stock wasn't entirely... Legitamate. So, after discovering that his Father was in fact 'stealing' supplies, then selling them back, he left.


Three years passed. Rover had joined a Mercenary group.


Mercenary group is 'mysteriously' wiped out. All bodies accounted for except Troyanco and Rover.


Troyanco is accounted for. Dead.


Rover's contact is tracked down to a man known as 'Air'. 'Air' is known as [DATA CORRUPTED. FILE TRANSFER INTERRUPTED.]

Rover's is tracked killing an illegal smuggler, Evans, George.

Rover is confirmed as part of the 'Frieantos'.

Susposed 'Good' 'Assassins'.

Recovery Data:


Standard Body Armour - (Image as seen on Appearance)

One RUG - A Bug like mechanical object. Rubbish batteries.

Ten Throwing Knives - You get the picture.

Suppressed MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System - Assault Rifle.
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PostSubject: Re: Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.   

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Senox - All of my Characters, and any info relevant to them.
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