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 Fun Little RP.

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The White Wolf
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The White Wolf

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PostSubject: Fun Little RP.   14/09/15, 04:16 am

The year is 1930 and you received an invite months ago to a party in London. Intrigued, you headed out from your place of residence and arrived in London just in time. You followed the directions on the invitation to find that it was a train station. A rather impressive and fancy steam engine was waiting there with a large banner hung over one of it's passenger cars. You boarded at once along with many other invitees, presenting your invitation to a black man in a white suit. You have now been aboard the train for five days and have been well fed and clothed the entire time. It has been enjoyable, and although you have no idea of your destination, you're sure that it is to be great. It is 12:30 pm now on the Friday of your journey and you find yourself in the dining car, along with a great many other of the passengers. Suddenly, you lose consciousness and by the time you're awake, nearly everyone has vanished.

This will be a sort of free RP. You play yourself and you are free to join whenever. If one of your actions has a consequence, or you are due to find out information about a certain subject, I will either PM to you or make a post describing the reactions. Death is an entire possibility in this RP and you have one simple goal. Escape the train.

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PostSubject: Re: Fun Little RP.   14/09/15, 08:37 am

=jumps off train=
nailed it!

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Fun Little RP.
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