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 Spartan II Ibrihim-045

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Spartan II Ibrihim-045   04/01/16, 04:17 am

Name: Ibrahim Parsons

Age: 26

Species: Human, Lebanese-American

Skills: Natural tinkerer and marksman. Familiar with use and maintenance of antique weapons and vehicles. Intuitive, capable of making field repairs under stress, and upgrades or modifications given time and materials. Enthusiastic and skilled driver. Extremely capable and versatile marksman, able to eliminate targets at range with the humblest of weapons, thanks to an Long-range Optical Targeting Overlay (LOTO) system equipped with helmet. He prefers to handle situations in his own way, with preparation and careful planning.

Weaknesses: Cynicism and disregard for violence. Not a leader, but also has difficulties with following orders. Does not use powered armor on his arms or hands. The miniscule amount of lag generated by the servos in the armor inhibits his precise accuracy, and instead covers his arms with standard issue UNSC garb. While this decision gives him very fast reaction time and the ability to follow a target exactly, it costs him the signature strength exhibited by SPARTANs due to powered MJOLNIR armor. This also manifests itself in cqb, as he does not possess the brute strength to crush skulls. Even though he received the same augmentation as other SPARTAN IIs he retained a somewhat slighter frame. Dislikes firing weapons and tends to gravitate towards high powered single shot weapons, aim deteriorates with rapid fire.

Equipment: Typically a standard issue DMR or Battle Rifle. His guns tend to alternate occasionally and he tends not to make major changes. Dislikes scopes and removes them on his guns because....
LOTO (Long-range Optical Targeting Overlay) implemented into helmet display. It contains comprehensive statistics on all weapons included in UNSC's arsenal and a small but growing database on Covenant weaponry. The LOTO combines this information with sophisticated atmospheric readings and gravitational data, along with powerful zoom optics and tracking abilities to inform I-45 of the perfect shot, no matter the gun,making him extremely lethal, as long as he's far away.

As of right now, that's the most unique piece of equipment he has, although he has been drafting blueprints for both a forearm mounted shotgun, and an ultra-compact Marksman Rifle.

He also carries a small bag of universal tools with him, that can be modified for use changing a flat tire to stitching fragmented assault rifle back together.

Role: Designated Marksman, Driver, or Mechanic (or most likely all three at once)

No screenshot sorry dudes

Theme Song: The sound of I-45 laughing at how silly this question is

Insignia: Occasionally carves an upside down smiley face on engines when finishing repairs

Current Location: Aboard UNSC Frigate "Emancipator"

Current Status: Awaiting deployment and assisting UNSC engineers with reverse engineering covenant plasma technology,no progress so far.

History: Although he doesn't realize it, I-45 has come under the eye of ONI, and not in a flattering light. His perceived insubordination and occasionally difficulties with quietly falling into line have led to his designation as a potential threat to mission security. In actuality, he is willing to do his job just as much as the next SPARTAN, but he derives no joy from killing. The only time he genuinely is happy is when he is fixing something or driving the hell out of some vehicle. This enthusiasm behind the wheel has led to two separate complaints by Marines, both indicating they feared for their lives while riding in a Warthog with him. Upon the second complaint, ONI pulled the helmet cams from the Marines and were shocked to find I-45 driving the military vehicle and dangerously high speeds alongside a windy trail. More than once he brought the truck into a slide, taking it to the edge of the cliff. ONI was especially outraged to hear occasional bursts of laughter from
I-45. Upon inspection of the Warthog by UNSC technicians, they found the central control unit had been modified, allowing intake guide pressure nearly twice the UNSPEC regulations, and total bypass of safety systems. I-45 received severe reprimanding for unlawful treatment of UNSC property. Since then, ONI has received numerous unsolicited reviews of I-45's safe driving with no outliers. The incident has been filed as "resolved" by ONI (UNSC doc 99.988.03). As the human-covenant war gains intensity, the UNSC no longer has any choice but to deploy I-45 despite a relative lack of combat experience, and it is recommended he be assigned to a campaign as soon as possible.

That's it. First post, first time rping bla bla bla. Hope this forum isn't totally dead and if you see something that deserves correction point it out. I'm by no means a Halo genius.

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan II Ibrihim-045   04/01/16, 04:27 am

Aaaand I wrote this on my phone so excuse the rough writing, hard to review and edit
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The White Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan II Ibrihim-045   04/01/16, 07:50 am

It is totally dead. Sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan II Ibrihim-045   04/01/16, 09:09 am

I like to think we're going through another lull.....though yeah, it is kinda dead.

Though hey, if you've got friends who'd be interested and can mind a few rules, please, bring them in.

Probably gonna pay for the open invite but eh, we need people.

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan II Ibrihim-045   

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Spartan II Ibrihim-045
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