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 Heard you dog ears needed content

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PostSubject: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime17/06/16, 09:38 pm

So bitches lets share and shit cause you're all massive cocks that are obviously mentally deranged for coming to this place. So let's play a game, it's called sharing! Yeah fucking shocking right, I mean I've only been strange internet acquaintances with some of you for four years. Let's learn about each other, and no Anog I don't want to hear about your diaper fetishes again for the eighth time now...

I'll start, I'm fucking awesome, I'm fucking badass, I can't take a joke at my expense cause I totally don't have a fragile ego or self esteem that I constantly prop up with my own exaggerated praise.

I like baking, yeah I know it's fucking mumsy but at least I had a mum you fucking orphans.

I like making up words that are kewl. Like fucking Bitch Nuggets, yeah it's a classic, and there ain't no topping it. If you've been using it while I've been AFK I expect royalties, looking at you Dracoinmyballs.

My favorite people on the site...
Or at least the ones my fucking constantly drug addled brain can remember.
You know what fuck that, I'm just gonna talk about my impressions of you guys and how I liked your RPs... You can do that too if you want, who cares it's share time bitches. (FYI my rp knowledge is pretty much only old

In no fucking particular order, yeah I know you're gonna search for you name first cause you're a narcissistic freak like me.


You a nazi, a wheeabro but a love ya, cause I guess I see a lot of me in you. Don't get over sentamental and wet that diaper of yours you degenerate... Your RP was really good if a little trigger happy, like I know Snow wanted to kill us cause we were traitors or something but you just fucking shot me in the leg dude, like six times... Right after I just lost the other one! THEN PEOPLE CALLED ME FUCKING MELODRAMATIC FOR FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT. WELL I@M SORRY I THOUGHT IT WAS AN APPROPRIATE RESPONSE TO BE UPSET BY GETTING SHOT AFTER JUST LOSING A LEG FROM GUESS WHAT!?!??!?!? GETTING SHOT....
Yeah your RP ended on like a super mega downer though..., like no one even reacted to it. I think your body was just sitting in a room somewhere with a bullet through the skull. I was out the RP by then, I think, but I could tell you were pretty down on the whole thing. I hope it's working out better now, and you're trying to be a bit nicer you bit freak, cause I genuinely enjoyed RP with you.

the one the only, SlummyZeru
I don't know why you got rid of the name Summy, wherever you are, I thought it was the best part of your name.
You RP'd like a madman you were always on the chat. I liked a lot of the things you did but you seemed very interested in playing out other scenarios that we weren't accommodating at the time. Like I remember you making lotsa references to Cowboy Bebop or something and wanting to make everyone fighters or something. it was kind of hard to ground you in those moments, but you did give Ash a robotic leg so who am I to complain?  Hope you're okay out there doing whatever it is yah do, and you're killing it. <3

with sexy fucking Torres, whacha doing now, like a chef in the army or something? In a base in the fucking desert or something. Your RP was like... I don't know really driving for me at the time. Torres was such a cool commanding character, that I just really loved playing with. I think my best moments in the RP came from the conversations we had and I liked to think of Ash and Torres as really good friends. Somethings I didn't always understand  like how you came back after you died as an angry promethean clone or something... Honestly My memory is a little fuzzy so it might just be my misunderstanding. Anyway you were fucking awesome

Never fucking think I learned how to pronounce your name correctly. You're a creepy bastard with the whole Marble Hornets esque fucking video diary you had. Anyway I don't really remember you RP much, apart from I think, if I remember this correctly you were originally under the name Delta, and had this like squad of robots and a whole ship or something... I don't remember much else, apart from was it Aruafell? or something? At that odd sexcapade that Dormii got into... Boy, what a sticky little pickle that was, and I'm not just talking about Dormii's cock! HAaha cause it's small... ooohhh I make myself smile sometimes, something I don't think i can say you did to me much... I just don't think either of us tried very hard to be friends. Plus you're the only person in my history of Adminhood that I ever banned...

Talking about Dormii, we go back a weeeee bit now don't we. You were the only one of your like group of friends, nick and raz right? that was on the Bnet originally? I like Dormii, although I constantly said Grath in the RP by accident, and you guys would always point it out in the chat and inside I'd be, ''oooooh fuck I've fucked this up now they're gonna know I'm a fucking retard and I'm just pretending to be competent holy shit they hate me I'm delaying the whole RP''.. But that's beside the point. Anyway I liked doing the whole turn you in plot that was fun, and you were a good RP, I think at one point I had a competition in my head against you cause you were the only other person with more posts than me. That changed quickly though and you're still in what must be the trillions. I yelled at you a lot for dumb things and I'm sorry about that. I'm glad you're happy and I consider you a good friend... I mean ASH does, not me cause I'm too cool to have friends... I'm not all soft like you yah dork... Durrrrrr

Draco Malfoy:
Urhg, hey, what's up dude, heard you're pretty cool, things are pretty good... I'm sorry I was shit at the Mcgraw Rp with you, that could of been cool, but I took it in a direction that's normally a big weakness for my writing, i.e action... It's good to see you're here it's been a while and I'm sorry I lost touch shouldn't of been such a lazy shit. Can't really talk about my RP without somehow mentioning yours. I still think Ash and Dante were a cups of cute cups. You had that whore Lynn or whatever come along. Whata bitch she was what were you thinking really, sheesh, I leave for one moment and you stupid RP falls apart... Sheesh, can't help yourself, what a mistake. Weren't you doing a pokeMANS lets play or something at one point? That still around? I might binge on it. I feel like I should be able to say something profound and precise to describe this all but we were just kids having conversations with each other through people that didn't really exist... I don't know what to make of that, but I know I'd do it again if I had the chance and do it with you cause it was the best time I had in the RP. I'd be a lot nicer though, I was a pretty mean cookie cat at times. I'm sorry if I bailed and flipped I do that a lot hharrrrk. Hope you're happy and shit, you degenerate.

So Skip, you to me always seemed like this aloof cool cat that I could never compete with. Yeah, I saw you as this competition in the early days... I know that's dumb and wasn't really reflective of how things actually worked. I fucking adored Jay's RP every bit of it. She was by far my favorite character and I was constantly jealous. I loved it when Ash and her would just have conversations... On reflection I felt like I fucked up my end of it, but you always just let me keep going. You were really good at that with Jay, giving people a chance to play... I know that sounds dumb, but it did a lot for my writing at the time and actually helped my confidence a great deal, and I've only just realised now that I've said it that I've never told you that... And If I didn't know you might never know... So yeah thanks and stuff. We had arguments for reasons I can't even remember, I used some pretty dumb tactics and I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I appreciate the effort you've put into this site... I hope your RPing is good, and shit and all the other stuff too, maybe we should go camping one day. I'll get you plastered on every illicit substance you can name.

Nick, Lick, Flick the clit. What's the deal with airline food hahahhahahaha... Oh God I'm crippled by a terrible ceaseless depression, but you know all that cause guess what!? You're fucking awesome and you always listened and put up with my shit. I was like dude, stop being understanding and shit, and moaning and being fucking horrible but you've always been nice. So thanks. Although what the fuck is the obsession with the bra sizes right? Like is this some weird japanese thing? Like I know they're obsessed with blood types or something odd like that but you and bras, you bit tit worshiping JOI cum eater. God knows what you get up to you sleazy old man. You must be in your 40s by now at least. I hope all my bullshit didn't hurt you too much. You're super sweet and shit and don't let anyone shit on you. We should like really catch up soon cause despite as much as I might of said fuuuuuuuuck I really did enjoy our chats. I'm sorry I'm such a difficult freak sometimes anyway... So yeah sorry, but your RP. To be honest I was a little intimidated by your character, you had this big sweeping backstory. I think I choked myself out on that and failed to do any real hard RPing with you. Which I think is a shame cause when we did I really enjoyed it. Tan-ASS-At-ee is a word and that's how I say it. Hope shits good and stuff yah bra pervert just don't talk about showers and we'll be good Cucky.

If you fags like this... Urgh, I'll guess I'll do more, and if you want me to do you ask... Or something, like I care I'm too cool to care... Psh
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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Re: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime24/06/16, 08:13 pm

I'm a bad person, i've done unimaginably cruel things to people because I'm selfish enough to diminish those people into just, not people... And that lets me do whatever I want without consequences. I'm sorry, to those people I've done that too... It's probably a lot more than I'd care to admit, actually it is. Because I know exactly who it is and when it was. You don't forget cruelness like that.

Sometimes it feels like I can't love anything anymore. I can't enjoy doing the right thing as much as people who do the right thing do, and I can't enjoy doing the wrong things the way people who do the wrong things do. I'm in the middle and not even happy about it. I feel like nothing, just another listless person that couldn’t decide and only realised after it was too late. Now I'm left with nothing but a bag of questionable substances and depressing literature to keep me company.

I had this bad habit when I was younger and it's comeback now, when I never expected to see it again. I used to spit, not on people, but onto the potted plants of people I didn't like, and into their sinks, and outside their houses. Nowadays I mostly spit outside, and don’t tend to do it around company, which is rare, but enough constant chastising has made it a deeply private tick. The once easy attention grabbing titillation is now something far more personal, to the point where I’m unsure that’d I’d really ever want to share it with someone else.

I don't why I'm doing this... I just feel like a piece of shit
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PostSubject: Re: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime13/07/16, 10:49 pm

*looks for self, doesn't find self.* disappoint

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[00:06:17] Siggy Stardust : nigga just punched the frog so hard the frog didn't feel any pain

[18:46:19] @ Quilliam : Don't worry Felix,
[18:46:32] @ Quilliam : you'll forever remain stupid and ignorant <3
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PostSubject: Re: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime26/08/16, 10:47 pm

Life, eye, get a gawk at that chalk aye...

FUCK everyone. Jesus everyone sucks. We're fucking formed from primordial fucking ooze and muck and fucking can comprehend our own consciousness and existence in an uncaring and indifferent universe yet we still can't be decent to each other for five fucking minutes. A huge crack in one of the Arctic's largest ice shelves threatens to plunge an unprecedented amount of ice into the oceans and what the fuck are we doing about it... Seriously, look around you, the fucking lives of the people next to you what are they doing about it... Sure, people don't have the power to change it... But why are people so powerless..? Really I want to know the answer, is it poverty? Is it a corrupt democracy? Is it just in human nature to feel worthless and weak...? Or is it just fear of getting it wrong and being wrong.

I think if I knew the answer, I think if anyone did we wouldn't be where we are... I don't want to feel like shit, but how can i feel anything but disturbed at the sight of the world out there. I feel like there's no hope for change, that we're sliding down a pit and it's darkness all the way down.

It's always been this way though, It's not the world that makes me despair, it's the people in my life that do. Yeah I'm fucking that shallow and closed minded. In truth, if the circle around me was thick enough, comfortable enough, I likely wouldn't give a shit about what happened out there. But it's not, so I have to concern myself with it. I don't know where I'm going with this, when even I write it's not with an agenda or an end goal. It's just this spoiling consciousness that froths out of me in fermented little globs of spit.

I don't know what will happen in my own life, so how can I know what will happen in the rest of the world. I guess I should just switch it off, everyone else seems to do it. Just close your eyes and think of england in the words of the late great 006 from Goldeneye. I remember watching that film, we taped it off the telly, and it was on this old VHS from germany that had a sticker on it I couldn't read. It was from like a christmas airing of the film on ITV or something, because halfway through the tape there was the news followed by the queen's speech. For years after the fact I still watched it, it was a time capsule. These motorola ads with the 'hello moto' for razor flip phones were just so appealing to me for really no reason. It's fucking mad how I can hardly remember entire evenings of my life but those adverts will be with me until the day I fucking die.


I think we RP to find something we want that we don't have in our real lives. Maybe it's a purpose or maybe it's escapism. Maybe it's the feeling of affirmation you get from writing something and having someone respond to it. It's like a little notification on social media, the cheapest form of validation. Everyone I've ever met loves nothing more, than talking about themselves, having intimate parts of themselves known to others. All you have to do is learn how to listen to them, and ask them the right way, and you can have everything from a person.

You can spend a long time doing that, and I'll assure you, maybe only 1 in a 100 will ask about you back. I think we're selfish, I think we're lazy, I think we take the easy road and the one that challenges us the least in every sense. I think we're scared to be different and I think we're scared to be the same. I feel like I'm falling everyday that I wake up, and every night I dream the same way. I'll never answer the question, 'why am I here?', there's no point to me being here. The only one you can answer is, 'am I worth being here?'. Most days I'd say no...

[22:33:49] Draco : They were on the radiator because they thought they could cook the shit off
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PostSubject: Re: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime14/11/16, 04:47 am

Well, shit. You alright fam?
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PostSubject: Re: Heard you dog ears needed content    Heard you dog ears needed content  Icon_minitime

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Heard you dog ears needed content
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