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 Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning

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Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning  Empty
PostSubject: Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning    Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning  Icon_minitime20/06/16, 03:56 pm

Author's Note: yeah I ship Shippy, I know some of you prefer more classical couples like Anru, or even Rarth, but the truth is Shippy is my OTP.... So apologies to my readers who came here for that. Anyway, don't forget to rate and review, and smut warning as always teehee xxoxxxox ~Quilly

Another night, another fight... The soft glow of computer monitors did nothing to temper Shadow's frustrated complexion... ''Where are they?'' He thought, biting the top of their lip. He never believed it at the time, that his heart could really be taken like this.  He had, perhaps quite ignorantly assumed that none else could hold his interest like they have... Or perhaps, due to his age he was yet not capable of feeling such things. He supposed he should have realised it then. When all he wanted was to see them quietly walking in front of him, so he could just watch them. Sating this incomprehensible, primal need to just observe him. An unspoken agreement, a silent love affair. That's how it started...

Shadow stood up, pausing to stare at his door, hoping it would ring when a thunderclap drew his attention to the window. The storm was seemingly endless. The hot, balmy rain that defined his adolescence and lots of it hammered a tiny ceaseless precision against his window. The soft surf of the wet tarmac outside, bouncing off the road, gently dabbing the passing faces with a surf mixed with runoff and motor oil.

That was when it happened, his appearance, Shadow hadn't even the noticed the door behind him swing open. It was him, Skippy...  Something was off though, that typical distant stare he wore, a shield of course that Shadow had to remove the hard way, was gone... Skip.. Was crying? Shadow called out to him, 'ski'... but was cut off by an abrupt laugh. No it wasn't a laugh, it was a sob. Shadow went over to him, gently lifting skippy's face with his hand on his cheek. Shadow felt a wetness on his palm, tears? he had never seen Skip cry before. That's when the smiling started. The smile that Skippy wore,  that wicked way Skippy often smiled when when something terrible would happen. He was doing something, perhaps a new game, or just eagerness to see Shadow wriggle. He couldn’t tell. In hindsight, he could have stopped, but, the tempting smell of Skippy was so close to him now, the muscles on his neck tense and taunt and the thought of leaning into to kiss him. The scent sex was just too powerful to ignore. As Shadow did what every cell in his body screamed at him to do Skippy jumped against him, forcing him to the ground.

Skippy pinning Shadow between his legs, his tears falling onto Shadow's tussled shirt, 'why is... this so.. fucking hard..', Skippy sobbed through gritted teeth, it was hardly distinguishable against the tone of the rain outside. Shadow a little nervous, didn't know what else to do, but grab Skippy's with his own hands, and bring him even closer.

Skippy fought the embrace at first, ferociously cutting Shadow with his nails. Long white streaks running down Shadow's back like the peeling bark of a birch. Skippy bit Shadow's lip until it bled. He grimaced in pain and bucked backwards but excitement of bleeding flared a heat in him, he  wanted to do nothing else but bleed in Skippy's mouth. Thrusting his wound against Skippy forcing him to take Shadow. He sucked and moaned. Then Shadow followed...

In the post-coital heat they laid lazily on top of each other, Shadow's hands running through Skippy's hair, him purring in a gentle response of approval. Shadow just existed in that moment in perfect clarity. To do, to be anything more was unnatural, offensive. They were each other joined and they were themselves. A union that Shadow imagined compared to a religious experience. Shadow was laid between his thighs now. The autumn colored carpet rustling between them. The heat of each other's moans enough to pleasure them both.

Shippy 4 evar <3

{some of you are arguing about my depiction of Skippy, saying he's too Tsundere to act like that, well that's just the power that Shadow's love has over him! I won't be responding to further comments on that matter thx...} r8t+review
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Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning    Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning  Icon_minitime13/07/16, 06:49 pm

Can't unsee Shadow like this <.<

+10 Funny

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Friend Fiction: ~Skippy/Shadow~ Vol 1 redemptioning
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