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 Mass Effect: Revival

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PostSubject: Mass Effect: Revival   19/03/17, 07:02 pm

Beneath a microscope a small cell pushes out its membrane into little shoots, exploring its surroundings. The cells life was ended and a picture of it was taken and printed out. The center of the cell, the nucleus, could be seen in a back-drop of colors, each color representing the expression of a protein. With a little artistic editing, the cell looked like the Milky-Way galaxy from a distance. To better the analogy that everything is connected. Structures in the cell were colored to represent the Mass Relays. The title of the piece "We're all connected". It hangs in an art gallery on the Citadel. The ship that dates back to a time well before Turians, Asari, Humans, or any species living today. The repairs to the citadel were done mostly by the Keepers, but everyone pitched in, it took years to do, but it was done. Most of the Mass Relays are in working condition, I wouldn't say the repairs are complete. Omega remains the criminal hub it was under Aria, the Batarians are still a vengeful hegemony. The Reapers were destroyed, synthetic life everywhere was destroyed. But they'll be back.

The Illusive man is dead, the Alliance is hunting down the remaining Cerberus operatives, those who haven't defected. Many mercenary groups were wiped out, like the Talons, leaving a void for new un-tested mercenary groups to make a name for themselves. Many people have returned to their respective homeworlds, leaving a former refugee camps empty - not that they remained for long. The keepers make sure of that. The Citadel seems to have a few more people walking around. The Council stands strong, C-SEC received a boost in recruits, as did many a Military organization, from the Asari to the Volus. Reaper technology is hot on the market - though selling it is illegal, according to the council, and you must turn it over to the appropriate authorities or face a heft fine or jail time. In some ways, there's a silent race for cracking the Reaper's code. Whoever gains the advantage of Reaper Tech will have a technological advantage over the other Species.

The Galaxy is a little bit more united, but there's also a bit more strain as well. Each of the homeworlds are in bad-shape. It'll take many decades or even centuries to rebuild completely. For now, there's going to be an increase in criminal activity, and not a whole lot of intergalactic policing going on. Everyone has their own priorities.

For me, it's finding the Truth, no matter the cost. I am Corvinus Nigrius, Turian detective, biotic, investigator into all things, especially if I'm paid to. Fining people, things, information, that's my game. I live on the Citadel, but my work takes me around the universe. Sometimes it takes me to backwater planets with corporations screwing over miners or frontiersmen. Currently, I've got a few jobs in front of me, on the Citadel.

Character list:
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   09/04/17, 01:10 pm

Juliet watched quietly as the captured Batarians were lined up against the wall. They'd been given a choice, tell them something interesting, or they'd be shot. Almost all of them had chosen the firing squad. One, however, had promised to confess everything. He was being shipped to one of their safehouses for questioning. The rest, however, recieved an M-96 Mattock round to the back. On the surface, this was just another gang battle. But Juliet knew differently; these Batarians were Mercenaries, at least at the moment. They'd been hired specifically to attack the Cerberus remnant here.

Which meant they'd been found. Her Omni-tool lit up, receiving a transmission from someone.
"They were hired by a Turian," The voice said, "Introduced himself as Batu. That's all we got."
"Start looking into Batu." She ordered, "I want him found."
The call cut off, and Juliet rubbed her eyes. They'd been on Omega too long. They had a nice slice of territory carved out for themselves. They'd been getting comfortable. "Throw the bodies in the waste disposal," She ordered, "Then head back to HQ for further instructions."

The next thing on Juliet's mind was getting herself a drink at the bar.


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Mass Effect: Revival
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