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 O.D.S.T specialist

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PostSubject: O.D.S.T specialist   19/08/11, 12:59 pm

Hey Im new here and please understand that this is not my actual gamertag
time for my chatracter.

Name-Classified to ONI
Age-Classified to ONI
Race-Human (white)
Skills-Anything you need me to be
Bio-Don't f**k with the O.D.S.T and you'll be fine
Team-Needs one
Current location-Classified to ONI
Current Status-Classified to ONI
Past mission-Classified to ONI
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PostSubject: Re: O.D.S.T specialist   19/08/11, 04:45 pm

Hi, welcome to the site. If it's alright, I'd like to give you some help on your character..

Name:If you have trouble thinking of one, use you real one. We won't know the difference.
Age: again, whatever age you want. I think the retirement age is 40 something for the military, so just slap something down between the ages of 17-40.
Skills: I suggest something along the lines of Stealth or sabotage, seeing as how your role is assassin
Team: you dont NEED one, but some people like to be part of a team so they can do more.
Bio: What you have down is more like the motto. The bio is like, where are they from, what have they done, what lead them to this point
Current location is really just how you plan on making an entrance to the story, same for current status
Past mission: That's up to you, that can stay classified, but we want to see your creativity on this. Try for something convincing, like it actually happened. It's okay if you can't, but at least try.

Welcome again, and if you need any help on anything, come into the chat. Some one is bound to help you in there.

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O.D.S.T specialist
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