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 1st Lieutenant Phillip Drake - ODST

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PostSubject: 1st Lieutenant Phillip Drake - ODST   01/09/11, 02:32 am

Name: Phillip Drake
Age: 32 years old
Race: Male Caucasian Homo-Sapiens
Role: Tends to be in charge of the drop of a platoon of ODSTs if no superior ranking officer is present.
Theme song(s): N/A
Insignia: N/A
Current Location: Showers aboard the Marathon-Class cruiser Iron Fist.
Current Status: ...Showering?
Biography: Philip has always kept his pre-war history quiet whenever he would sit alongside his fellow soldiers who would talk about thier homes and loved ones, Although talking of loved ones was prohibited as it only lowered morale this many years into the war, Most simply believe Philip never talks of them because he has no major history outside of the UNSC.
Philip enlisted many years ago as a soldier on the frontlines of battle, seemingly already a Corporal despite his recent enlistment, causing some confusion among his fellow enlisters, yet only his Staff Sergeant at the time knew why this had been done to him.
After only 2 years as a Corporal, Philip voluntarily joined the ODST ranks, in which he served for 5 more years as a Second Lieutenant before being promoted to his current rank.
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1st Lieutenant Phillip Drake - ODST
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