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 Eviscerator Zyro - Rota 'Xenutee

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Eviscerator Zyro - Rota 'Xenutee Empty
PostSubject: Eviscerator Zyro - Rota 'Xenutee   Eviscerator Zyro - Rota 'Xenutee Icon_minitime12/09/11, 10:26 pm

Name: Rota 'Xenutee.
Also known as: Rota, (II Master Awesome II)Eviscerator VI and/or Zyro.
Age: 37.
Species: Sangheili
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Spei Arm (City), Charybdis IX (Planet).
Hair: None.
Eyes: Purple, otherwise reflective.
Attire: Black ceremonial robe. Resembles a lab coat.
Father - Omi; Supreme Commander. Deceased.
Mother - Lonu - Deceased.
Brother - Ardu - Deceased.
Sister - Arti; Missing/MIA.
Skills: Giving orders, intelligent, science.
Likes: Destruction, himself, his plans, when his plans go well, winning arguments, invasions.
Dislikes: Immaturity, everyone except himself, failure, things that don't make a large explosion, disloyal troops, losing arguments, peace.
Role: Commander, tactician, strategist, inventor.
Rank: Spec Ops Commander.
Screenshot: (Have you ever seen a screenshot of a dashing elite in a lab coat?)
Theme song(s):
SPEECH/MAIN THEME: Vasari 3 - Sins of a Solar Empire.
ARRIVAL/INITIATION: Soundtrack 2 - Supreme Commander 2
PLANNING: Warring Worlds - Shattered Plans.
UNCERTINTY: Advent 4 - Sins of a Solar Empire.
BATTLE: Koroem - Advent Rising.
SPACE COMBAT: Battle 8 - Sins of a Solar Empire.
(I wanted to add moar XD, but I think the current amount is more than sufficient.)
(P.P.S. I'll get URLs to them later, kinda capped right naow.)
Insignia: Two crossed swords - the royal crest of the Eviscerators.
Current Location: N/A (High Charity, awaiting verdict).
Current Status: Presumed dead...?
Biography: Rota 'Xenutee is a high ranking sangheili officer who commands the Vassal of Vengence, Rota's latest starship. Rota is known for being an excellent strategist and occasionally displays a childish personality, whether this is just part of the ploy or if it's his true nature, one can't say. As well as being an agent of the Eviscerators, Rota invents serveral new pieces of weaponry and technology for his arsenal, and for others who "greases his palm". Rota became involved with the Eviscerators (A secret organisation who work behind the scenes for the arbiter and important entities) in an attempt to redeem his sins commited against the Covenant - being involved in and aiding a "misfit band of party-goers". If it were not for Rota's talents, he would have recieved death.

Rota's father, Omi, was a supreme commander as well as a buisnessman who always looked into the future. One thing he didn't foresee was the dishonour he brought apon his family. An untold shameful act that was forgiven, but at the ejection from the community. Rota and his family were banished to the 'Uncharted Zone'. There, they discovered a movement of marginalised soldiers who were banished for the unauthorized modification of standard class weaponry. The family was welcomed in because of Omi's military status. There, Rota's talents were unearthed and Rota's reputation had rose, with the help of a flawless record in RCS (Random Combat Senario) simulations. Rota was enlisted in the Covenant navy and saw his first live operation - data retreivel on UNSC Planet Tamworth. 432,480 units later (About two months), the Hand of Retribution was on its lonesome cruise before it was attacked by Human ships-most likely an act of revenge-and Rota's mother, father and brother were killed, save for Arti, his sister. Her exact whereabouts are unknown.
Rota's rank and position soared with the desparate search for his only family urging him, calling from his heart to fight on.
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Eviscerator Zyro - Rota 'Xenutee
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