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 Character Bio: Amadus Phillada

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Character Bio: Amadus Phillada Empty
PostSubject: Character Bio: Amadus Phillada   Character Bio: Amadus Phillada Icon_minitime14/09/11, 08:47 am

Name: Amadus Phillada
Also known as: Amad,Eclipse
Age: 25 and a half
Species: Sangheili
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Delexium City - Taken off planet before Destruction , Taj Nelmonus (Planet) -Destroyed
Hair: White with Streaks of Black.
Eyes: Red with a Black Slash through the Center.
Attire: Black with a fair sized peace of red fabric running through arround each limb hole .
Father - Teramus Servent of the ruler of Taj Nelmonus - Deceased
Mother - Remus - Deceased.
Brother - Darkus - Missing/MIA.
Sister - Darshiva - Deceased.
Skills: Assassination,Sneak,Blade.
Likes: Revenge, Beer, Meeting New People, Taking/Giving Orders
Dislikes: Immaturity, Under Cooked Food, Aid's,Cont...
Role: Colonel, Mathamatitian.
Rank: Dark Brotherhood Listener.
Screenshot: Don't Bother
Insignia: The Black Hand insignia of the Dark Brotherhood.
Current Location: Delexium City, - Coordinates Unknown.
Current Status: Unknown
Biography: Yet to come
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Character Bio: Amadus Phillada
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