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 Anog - "Snow"

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PostSubject: Anog - "Snow"   13/05/11, 01:46 am

Name: "Snow"

Age: 21

Race: Human, Caucasian

Skills: Good- Medic, Explosives. Bad- Flying, Heavy Weapons

Type: ODST

Rank: Corporal

Unit: 105th MEU, 7th Shock Troops Battalion

Role: Medic

Weapons: M292 Designated Marksman Rifle, MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System, M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun, Humbler Stun Device, M383C Linear Shaped Charge Demolition Kit. M6E Hand Gun



Current Location: Somewhere on Ariel

Current Status: MIA/KIA

Biography: Little is known about "Snow" but that he is a nice guy.
Although no one but the High Command know his name, everyone calls him "Snow".
He is from Earth, a country named New Germany.
He is was Missing In Action during the Battle of Ariel, he awakens from being unconscious due to flying debris during a Covenant Banshee strike. Alone in the forest he sneaks through it to find enemies or friendlies, weather they are alive or dead.

Battles: Battle of Skopje, Fall of Arcadia, Battle of Ariel: OPERATION: FIRESIDE, Sigma Octanus IV, Fall of Reach

In Battles to come: Battle of Earth, Battle of Installation 00

Motto: If it moves, shoot it. If it screams, shoot it again.

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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   26/05/11, 02:07 am

<//: Begin Transmission:

Location: Space over Ariel

Time: 0743

Date: Jan. 8, 2552

Objective: Explore the reports of Covenant activity on Ariel


Helmet Cam On.

MSgt. Frost: Troopers, we are taking an expedition to Ariel. There has been reports of non-human activity, obviously it has to be Covenant.. or someone is afraid of Big Foot. I will see you down there, to the pods!

I sit comfortably into my seat and strap myself in. When the order went to launch, I jolted up almost hitting my head.
We touch down in a shanty town and investigate. I am sent to investigate a fuel depot with a man named Keminski
We see Jackels setting up what seems to be an explosive and we open fire. I contact Frost

Master Sergeant Frost, we have Jackels at the fuel depot. They seem to be trying to destroy it.

MSgt. Frost: Roger that, Trooper. Eliminate.

One Jackel was cut in half from simultaneous fire from Keminski and I. The other two were shot down in a bloody pulp

Go defuse the bomb, I got your back

Before he got through the door, the bomb exploded leaving extreme burn marks on our armour

Master Sergeant, the fuel depot is destroyed

MSgt. Frost: We are under..Static we need.. Static now, retreat!!

Keminski and I fall out of the town meeting with two other ODST's. We reach the outskirts of the town, killing Covenant that were assaulting. I cover the left flank alone, when I return to the main position, there was no one there. I retreat to the forest

I spot a Sniper and a beam of light..


End Transmission ://>
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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   10/07/11, 04:38 am


Location: Voi Center Plaza, Earth

Time: 1246

Date: October 26, 2552

Objective: Defend Voi for reinforcements to arrive and relieve


Helmet Cam On.

I stare off in the distance awaiting the on coming Covenant force

Off camera voice: They haven't spotted us yet, wait for them to get into the gap.

Brutes with Grunt complements. I take out a Zippo lighter and me and one of my buddies light up 2 Molotov Cocktails

Friend: Ok.. one.. two.. three!

We both toss them down on top of the high ranking officers, causing an explosion fireball to take out a couple Grunts

Friend: Haha! Homemade Incindiery Grenades!

The rest of the group begins to open fire on the remaining Covenant infantry


Nearly 20 minutes later what seemed like a Platoon of Hunters begin to move through the gap in the buildings

Sergeant: Let them pass...

Out of no where a Spartan jumps into the frame, killing 2 of the 12 Hunters

Friend: Alright! The Chief is here!

That isn't the Chief...

A Hunter spots us and fires his fuel rod and knocks me cold just before he is murdered by the mysterious Spartan


Some one awakens me as the Spartan, supposedly a Female has a plasma burn on her forearm. Being the Medic, I am needed for that job

Maybe you should stay off of that for a while, Spartan.

I smile

You deserve it.

I couldn't tell if she smiled, but she got up and walked away



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   11/07/11, 04:37 am


Location: Voi Center Plaza, Earth

Time: 1425

Date: October 27, 2552

Objective: Unspecified


Helmet Cam On.

The bodies of Yesterday's bodies being cleaned up. Grunts and Brutes to the Bonfire. Jackals to the local Attack Dogs

Friend: They deserve it, mutant freaks.

We walk past Marine graves when a Sniper opens fire and kills a Marine, exposing his intestines

Sniper! Find Cover!!!

I duck behind a forklift and when the Sniper fired another time, I moved up up near a rock

I have you now.

I cock my Assault Rifle and the Jackal Sniper falls near my feet

Hey! Who stole my Kill!

I jump on top of the rock to see the Spartan charging away

Friend: Alright, new meat for the dogs!

I watch her as she disappears into the dust storm

Something about her...



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   15/07/11, 09:00 pm


Location: Voi Center Plaza, Earth

Time: 2355

Date: October 28, 2552

Objective: Guard duty


Helmet Cam On.

I stand on a line of crates, which you are able to see most of the middle approach to the city. I stare off into the Darkness, turning on VISR mode every now and then, but I mostly keep it off so not to strain my eyes. I slowly begin to fall tired, but I drink ice cold water to keep me awake.

I begin to pace back and forth, trying to attract any attention to stealth squads

After about 2 hours of pacing back and forth I see a figure running on the roof tops. I point my AR, checking the ammo display

The figure jumps out of sight and I go for my comm

This is...

I fall to the floor of the crates as I am forced into them

Get off!

I draw my knife and flip over, the knife was knocked out of my hand

Female Voice: Shut up!

The Camera gets a small glimpse of the Armour, and of the fist coming at it



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   17/07/11, 10:05 pm


Location: Voi Center Plaza, Earth

Time: 1231

Date: November 17, 2552

Objective: Hold out for Reinforcements


Helmet Cam On.

Wraith mortars are falling down all over the place, the screen goes to static when they hit and returns to normal. A few ODST's, myself and a couple of Army Troopers take cover in a small construction building. I hear a convoy of Warthogs moving outside past us, going to kill the Wraiths

When is that Counter Attack coming?

I check my watch and rush outside with everyone else, firing at Covenant Infantry

Come on, we are taking heavy losses.. come on..

We stumble upon a Chieftan commanding his Brutes and they spotted us

Shit! Back, Back!

We begin to run back the way we came, the Brutes following us. we hide behind some crates, not hearing any armour clanking I look over the crates to see the brutes lying on the floor, one nearly torn in half

Young Army Trooper: What the.. what happened?

I don't know.. I don't want to find out, let's go!

We run toward the outskirts, where the main assault was coming from. We reach the small defensive wall and begin to pick off little bastards. The Young Army Trooper was shot in the chest, I tried to help him.. but no use..


A Hunter comes up behind me and attempts to smash me, I roll out of the way and shoot him with my pistol, but the bullets were just deflecting. I run behind a small concrete roadblock and pick up a Rocket Launcher, I stand up over the edge about to shoot.. but it was dead again...

Did anyone see what killed it...?

I sit there looking at the body, with the sound of gunfire and plasma shooting all over the place.. dumbfound..



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   18/07/11, 09:33 pm


Location: Voi Center Plaza, Earth

Time: 1810

Date: November 17, 2552

Objective: Counter Attack Covenant forces


Helmet Cam On.

I watch as overwatch as the Master Chief destroys the final AA gun. Cheering all around begins as the ships come in and blast away at the Dreadnought. Another Covenant ship comes through a portal and my cheering stops. It was coming right at the city, I duck and take cover as it crashes

More Covenant!

I cock my rifle and get down from the building, going toward the crash site with a couple more Marines

Trooper: They just don't giv...

Just then a creature jumps on him and crushes him to death. A small parasite thing takes down another guy

What are these thi..!



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   22/07/11, 04:45 am

Name: Christina Bernett
Age: 20
Race: Human, Caucasian
Skills: Sneaking
Role: Scout/Rifleman
Current Location: Republic of Germany
Current Status: Deceased.
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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   08/08/11, 05:37 am


Location: Voi Outskirts

Time: 1901

Date: November 17, 2552



You have started up the Helmet Cam Model 138, would you like a tutorial on how to operate this technology...?

Yes [No]

Helmet Cam has begin to record... NOW.

I hit the camera

Stupid thing..

I look over a rock, revealing the smoldered and destroyed city. I watch as a glassing beam flattens the area, adjusting the cameras settings.

I am getting out of here...

The camera shows my feet as I run away from the town of Voi

The camera goes to static, then comes back on when I run into a Pelican

Crew Chief: Thank god we found someone, we thought no one would have made it out of that city!

The Pelican's door shuts as we land in a Covenant Carrier

What the hell are we doing here?!

Crew Chief: Oh, some of those Elites joined forces with us.. I don't like it anymore than you...

Tell me about it...

I walk around the hanger, finding a couple Marines and ODSTs

Hey. What the hell is going on..?

One of the ODST's stops from looking at the Elites from across the hanger

ODST: Apparently we are going to this thing called "The Ark."

He returns to staring down the Elites, when an Elite with Fancy armour comes from behind carrying our weapons. I shrug, not knowing what he was doing

Hey, what the..?

He ignores me and I see the Sergeant Major carrying Elite based weapons, coming toward us. I grab a Carbine

Oh cool! I always wanted to try these!

Sarge: Well start learning how to use it, boy, you might need to survive off of one of these!

We start to fire at paper targets, the targets incinerate from the super heated radiation, I laugh

Me likey...

I hand the Carbine to the guy next to me and I receive a Plasma Rifle, I try to find the sights on the gun, I shrug and start holding down the trigger. The recoil begins to make me shoot at the ceiling, I put the Plasma rifle on a stack of crates acting as a table

Not for me... haha...

Next, I obtain an unclaimed Energy sword. I turn it on, cautious of the heated edges. I twist it in my hand, awestruck by it


I turn off the Energy Sword, not even giving it a little wave

Not screwing with this thing...

I sit down on the stack of crates, finished with Covenant weapons training

I fiddle with the camera, eventually turning it off




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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   13/08/11, 04:52 am


Location: The Ark

Time: 1022

Date: November 18, 2552

Objective: Find the Cartographer


Helmet Cam On.

It's dark for a couple seconds, then the Pelican door opens up. I look out just before the Pelican lands, I jump into the sand that makes me almost sinking

I thought we were going to a Alien planet.. Not a sandbox...

I trudge through the sand to reach a Covenant patrol, our Sniper takes out the Captain, we clean up the grunts. We continue on toward the LZ of the Forward Unto Dawn.

We set up in a tunnel just outside. The ship makes it's decent and a ghost slams into the rock next to the tunnel because of the thruster power.

The tanks roll through the tunnel, we provide rear security.

Sigh.. this is too easy..

We reach the front gate and enter the forerunner building

This place seems too familiar..

The energy bridge activates and we wait for the vehicles to roll across, when everyone is across the bridge deactivates. We were assigned to defend the bridge, not even 15 minutes later, Jet pack Brutes start to jump across

Jet Packs!

Automatic firearms open up on the flying monkies as they fire down on us

One guy gets his foot pinned to the floor from a Spike, another gets blasted by Plasma, dying almost instantly. I rush over to the guy with the pinned foot.

I don't have a saw, so you are going to have to pull your foot off.

He keeps firing as I direct his foot off of the spike, he holds in the pain

Okay! Let's go!

I support him as we, and a couple other soldiers, run through the doors as they shut

A Plasma bolt comes flying at my face, the camera shifts violently



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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   10/09/11, 02:58 am

ZOMBIE RP CHARACTER|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Name: Brandon Shultze
Age: 18
Race: White
Skills: Civilian Firearms
Role: Traveller
Theme Song:
Current Location: Great Britain
Current Status: Traversing the land.

Biography: Originally from Germany, Brandon had taken a German SWAT uniform for some protection from the vile "Zeds".

His family was mainly a hunting family, he carries with him a .40 Caliber Glock, a .44 Magnum Rifle and has found a .223 SL8 in the SWAT lockers. He conserves his ammo, but it is getting in low supply after 3 years. He started with nearly 1200 rounds for each gun, which bogged him down greatly, but shot most of them up and only has a remaining 200 rounds for each weapon.

He heads toward Great Britain for possibly a better place to defend... but he fears he is completely wrong...
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PostSubject: Re: Anog - "Snow"   

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Anog - "Snow"
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