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 Eos: Human AI

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Eos: Human AI Empty
PostSubject: Eos: Human AI   Eos: Human AI Icon_minitime31/10/11, 10:21 pm

Name: Eos
Age: 5
Race: Smart AI, 3rd generation
Skills: Hacking, controlling ships/large transports, Cyber-warfare, and the ability to calculate pie to seven billion decimal points
Role: Technical support, combat support, Mathematic support
Apearance:Picture (Totally going to draw it myself when I can be asked)
Theme song(s): Theme
Current Location: Aboard the ONI vessel Vacuum of Sound
Current Status: Researching the rapid decrease of mass in local star clusters

Created in the beta quadrant outside the Reach system ‘’Eos’’ was one of the first 3rd generation AI’s. They were developed to replace the last generation of AI’s so a Oni project was created do fashion the most powerful generation of AI’s yet, their goal was to effectively skip a generation, but this proved harder than first anticipated. Eos was original created to help preform revisions on slip space dives, but her role soon changed as demand for clever AI’s rose. Eos has often been in trouble from the supervisors for ‘’meddling’’ Often never letting a subject drop till she has all the answers she wants. As her most recent assignment she was assigned to the ONI vessel Vacuum of Sound to research recent disturbances in local star activity.[Update] Contact with the vessel was lost three days ago no emergency message was received, a recon team has been despatched to their last know location. [File closed]
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Eos: Human AI
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