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 Jack Zeno S187

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PostSubject: Jack Zeno S187   Jack Zeno S187 Icon_minitime12/12/11, 03:30 am

Name: Jack Zeno S187

Rank: Captain

Age: 29

Race: Caucasian

Skills: Jack is an amazing pilot, and is cleared to pilot anything that moves, from a bike to a super carrier. He is a skilled close range fighter, but prefers fighting at middle range. He is very weak when it comes to range, he can use ranged weapons but not very well. He lacks in technical know-how, but he does understand ships.

Role: his role changes a lot, but he often runs rabbit.


Insignia, Wolf head in a sheild

Current Location: Classified

Current Status: Classified

Jack was recurited from the streets at 6, and was trained as a spartan 3. He was given the normal spartan III injections as well as the standard metal graft on his bones. he had a reaction to the visual enhancer and his irises are now a dark red. given the standard implants. He took a liking to mid-range weapons and showed great promise in air combat.

He was a Saber pilot during the Fall of Reach, was docked for rearming when the retreat was called. he has been sent on many missions all classified. He has been the sole surviver of 2 missions and been hospitalized after 4. He is known for protecting his team at cost of self injury. He has also showed amazing skills as a pilot.
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Jack Zeno S187
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