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 Dragon's Team members.

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Dragon's Team members. Empty
PostSubject: Dragon's Team members.   Dragon's Team members. Icon_minitime16/12/11, 08:21 pm


Gonzalez: Gonzalez joined the rebels after surviving the Hubble incident. Well.....after being a ODST a few years after he joined that is. He's a loud talker, talks his mind, but sure as hell listens. He carries a Anti-Material Rifle and sure as hell can blow someones head off with it.

Overkill: Overkill was born on a rebel planet, thus had to join. He's loud, and sometimes doesn't know how to shut up. But, yell enough and he'll listen. He has very good agility, and can basically run for miles. He's a Marksmen of the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle . He also has researched about Forerunner tech, and knows a lot about it.

Flame: An enthusiastic motherfucker. Wanted to join the rebels at a young age, and when he finally got accepted, was ecstatic. He uses the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System . A few team members hold a grudge because of something he did. No one talks about it.

Eragon: Annoying, to me anyway. He can kill at least. That's all he needs to be able to do. Also carries a MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System .

Lloyd: Lloyd started off as a ODST, he switched over a few years later for a incident in his company. Anyway, he's a good soldier, and a good shot. He's armed with the
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle

Zadez: Zadez is are communique officer. Good speaker and good listener, takes orders well, and can kill anyone. Armed with the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System

Hammer: He's got an accent, Canadian to my ears. Anyway, large SOB, defiantly strong. Guess that's why he's our Explosive expert? Master of the M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle and the M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon

Wolf: Good friend of mine before this squad. Young, only 18, has a few Emblems on his armor and skin. Wolves being one of them.....which I still wonder why. Armed with the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System .

Reibear: One of the only girls in the squad. Infiltration expert. Agile, small, can use the Active camo ability very well. Armed with the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun

Jumper: He got the name from being a ODST for multiple years. He went one a nice and relaxing vacation. But instead got captured and recruited by the Rebels. Doesn't like his job. But hell, we all gotta do it. Armed with the MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System

Dragon's Team members. Halo-3-ODST-11-300x168
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Dragon's Team members.
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