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 Hunter Xoima

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PostSubject: Hunter Xoima    Hunter Xoima  Icon_minitime08/01/12, 09:17 am

Name: Xoima
Race: Mgalekgolo
Skills: Faster then most other hunters, Faster Plasma Cannon firing (weaker though) more nimble, quieter (less movement noise)
Role: Shock trooper/Spec. Ops.
Appearance: Black hunter armor, smaller,
Theme song:
Insignia: Covenant
Bio: Been promoted to actually 'hunt' or stealth missions. Previously had been a Body Guard, protecting prophets and a couple of Sangheili. One of the prophets died under my watch, so I was no longer 'capable' and demoted. So he fought as a shock trooper, killing U.N.S.C people. Fought on Reach. he grew found of silently killing enemies instead of head-on charge. Doesn't mean he hates charging.
He received his black armor from his 'hunting' nature.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Xoima    Hunter Xoima  Icon_minitime10/01/12, 06:28 pm

Name: Xinoa
Race: Mgalekgolo
Age: 65
Skills: More in tune with his weapon than most other hunters (knows the blast radius by heart etc)
Role: Shock Trooper
Appearance: Red hunter armor
Theme song:
Insignia: Covenant logo
Bio: TBA, unfortunetly

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Hunter Xoima
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