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 Yhar R'Matal

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F'alas Vadame
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F'alas Vadame

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PostSubject: Yhar R'Matal   15/02/12, 11:24 pm

Name: Zhar R'Matal
Age: 14 years
Race: Kig-Yar; Jackal
Skills: Good: Agility, Speed, Sniping. Bad: Strength, Piloting , Melee attacks
Role: Sniper

Theme Song: None
Insignia: None
Current Location: Eayn
Biography: Dear Mate,
I hope your enjoying yourself on the battlefield. You'll be happy to know that i've arranged for you to come home this mating season and off that filthy Corvette. Things here are going not so well, we're debating whether or not to trade with the humans or not, as they are enemies and we could get in trouble for it, but it could also bump up the economy out of debt. I've also been reading your autobiography, and chapter's 1-4 are interesting. Your nest was located on a ridge! That must've been so beautiful to gaze upon the sea. With much love,
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Yhar R'Matal
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