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 Fallout RP Characters

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The Meta
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PostSubject: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 06:12 am

Name: James "Copperhead" Robinson

Age: 30

Weapons: long range fighter; Kriss Super V SMG, Mk.14 EBR assault rifle, and one .50 Desert Eagle.

Theme Song(s): 'Ain't No Grave' Johnny Cash, 'Shoot to Thrill' AC/DC, 'Rambling Man' Willie Neilson, 'How You Remind Me' Nickelback, 'I Stand Alone' Brian Tyler, 'Last of the Brave' Martin O'Donnel and Micheal Salvatori, 'Free Bird' Lynyrd Skynrd, and 'Crazy Train' Ozzy Osbourne

Motto(s): 'Only the dead have seen the end of war'- Plato, 'The best weapons you have are your intelligence and your creativity.'-Anonymous; Come an apocalypse, basic morals are often the first casualties; A man's first instinct is to run, his second is to survive; If you look after your own hide, then you're not a man

Home(s): Washington Mall District, near the Washington Monument


Journal Entry-

Well, who was I before the war? Before the 'Dark Times'? Well, I wasn't really much. I worked as a consultant for company that worked with the Department of Defense, and I made really good money; and I felt that I was contributing to the defense of the United States.

But then we were moved to the Vault, and everything changed forever. I was just another person trying to figure out what was happening in the outside world. Everyone was confused, and we wondered when we would come out. Then the doors opened, and we saw a vastly changed world.

I then immediately set to work arming myself, and making sure I survived those three dark years after we were released. I now find myself living near where I used to work, in a little building; with just enough to survive for a couple weeks at a time. I now close this entry confident that I will live another day to write and survive.

Yes, I may look like something out an old action movie with my leather jacket, cutdown military boots, sunglasses, leather gloves, and cowboy hat; but it helps to block out the sun and provide a bit of an intimidation factor. Survival is the key out here, and let no one else tell you otherwise.

-James C. Robinson, survivalist and part-time mercinary


"Ever since the project started, I've wondered if I had become a monster in the eyes of my team."-Warrant Officer Jack Micheals, S-150, GHOST-3

"All my life, I served with distinction, and became a war hero. Now I train those who will do that themselves."- MsSgt. Marcus Murand, ODST D.I.

"As a member of the Airborne's Jet Pack section, I was called crazy. As a Spartan-4, that hasn't really changed at all."- Mark Novak (Hawk), S-IV, Echo Squad

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps he hears a different drummer. Let him step to it, however measured or far away."--Henry David Thoreau

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The Oldest Crones Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 06:32 am

Name: Markis "Impact" Verdun

Age: 48, although he doesn't keep count and will always reply "Younger than dead"

Race: Caucasian

Weapons: M320 MGL - CheyTac M200 Intervention - Colt M1911 (.45)

Theme Song:

Motto: It's not the fall, it's not the sound of the shot, it's
not the speed of the vehicle that kills you, it's the impact. That which
paralyzes you, freezes you with realization, stops you cold, which
kills you. When you realize you will die, that this is your end, will
you die.

Homes: Remnant base Alpha Charlie 6, based around the remains
of the Washington Monument. Sniper positions are set up along the
monument, but are only used in times of crisis, to better preserve the
monument. The base itself is a pentagon shape, to reflect the culture
the inhabitants of the base came from.

Museum of Technology as a "hidden home." A small living quarters area has been set up by him along the entrance to Vault 106. Traps set up to keep out the various bandit or mutant.

Bio (mandatory): Markis was a sniper in the US army. He was trained to use all weapons, as per procedure, but shined at long range combat. Preferring it to combat nearing mid-range or CQC because, "hit them before they can hit you." He lived a simple live, no wife or child, and few but very close friends. He only trusts what he sees, believing anyone can be a traitor, except those which have earned it, those who put others before themselves, willing to sacrifice for others.

As he left the Vault he was assigned to, he found the Remnant, a group of US military personnel who claim ownership over the wasteland as it's rightful owners. He is stationed at Alpha Charlie 6, with a small home nearby in the Museum of Technology, which he built on leave after finding the Vault entrance on a scouting trip. His small home is set up along the entrance to the Vault, so that anyone who emerges could be helped to a home and told what is going on.

He's quiet, only speaking in small answers, or grunts and gestures. He can speak, but prefers not to unless they are his friends. He's also slightly overweight, but it's mostly muscle, not fat, as he does his best to stay in shape and ready. He jogs to various places with his gear loaded. His Colt sidearm is on his hip holster, as per standard uniform, with the only upgrades being glow-in-the-dark iron sights. His Intervention is holstered on his chest, with the built in bipod, a suppressor, and a 6-8x scope with removable glint cover. His M320 is holstered on his back. His helmet has a movable spotter's scope, so he doesn't need to rely on a second person. He wears a balaclava with the words "Night, sunshine" on the mouth cover. His uniform is mostly urban/desert camo, with lots of greys and tans. He also carries two hooks on his belt, next to his ammo. It helps him reach sniper positions easier, due to ruined buildings and weakened stairs and ladders.

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

Don't walk behind me I may not lead
Don't walk in front of me I may not follow
Just walk beside me and be my friend

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The White Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 06:42 am

Name: Lillian "Dash" Raptis

Age: 19

Weapons: 1 Colt M1911 and an AI Arctic Warfare AW-50 Bolt_Action Rifle.

Home: Rivet City.

Bio: Born and raised in Vault 92. Taught to play numerous musical instruments from a young age as per the Vault specifications. After the incident with Vault 92 she became one of the only two survivors of the Vault, the other being her grandmother who is known to most as Agatha.

She lived with her Grandmother for a while, using the location in the hills to become quite proficient with a sniper rifle she had picked up not long after exiting the Vault. As she often brags, she used to bullseye Bloatflys back home, and they're not much bigger than two metres. She left for Rivet City as soon as she could get the caps together through trading with the caravans and hasn't looked back since. It was at Rivet City where she earned the nickname Dash, through events no-one speaks of.

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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 06:53 am

Name: Atticus "Deadshot" Strom

Age: Twenty

Race: Wastelander. Caucasian.

Appearance: Dark Red hair. Brown eyes. Wears standard clothing as a civilian. A white shirt and blue tattered pants. When he is working as a guard for Rivet, he wears a set of issued armour. When he is working as a hitman he wears a trench coat over the armour. He has a holster for the .45 on his left leg and a sling for the Barret.

Weapons: Colt .45, Barret M82.

Theme Songs: The Ink Spots: I don't want to set the world on fire. A Day To Remember: All I Want

Motto: Always have a back-up plan.
A ghoul is just like a human. Only... more radiated...
Never come between me and a kill.

Home: A ship based city known as Rivet City

Bio: Born in Vault 106, Atticus had seen the stir that had fallen the residents. 106 had become crazed and at the age of sixteen he left. His mother and father died in a riot that had occured within the vault. Along the way he gathered many weapons. Only keeping two of his favourites. He set out East for a ship city known as Rivet. He was greeted and brought in with open arms. Well... sort of... he applied for the job as guard to protect Rivet. He failed. Only after his third try at the age of nineteen did he get what he wanted. However, he soon found out he also loved working as a sort of hitman. Taking jobs from people around Rivet to get rid of people they disliked. The pay is decent, just enough to get him by. He is twenty now so much had happened in his life. He is amazed at how long he has survived. He specialises in the usage of his Barret Sniper Rifle for his long range contracts. For a more up close and personal kill, he goes for his Colt .45. He boasts that he had once shot a cigarette out of a target's mouth before killing him using the Barret.

The man on the moon rules the infinite time.

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The Oldest Crones Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 06:57 am

Name: Daniel "DC" Carter

Age: 25

Race: Caucasian

Faction: Wastelander, no allegiance.

Weapons: Assault Rifle-- M4A1. Two Pistols-- SIG Sauer P226, .40 ammo and an Colt M1911 (.45)

Theme Song(s): Rusty Cage--Johnny Cash, Civilian--Wye Oak.

Home(s): Abandoned buildings or homes. Never stay in one place.

Bio: Daniel was assigned to Vault 80 as a security chief. Whatever family he once had is dead, and his home, his original home, is gone. For the three years known as the Dark Times, he kept the peace as best he could, until a revolt broke out among the population, resulting in the death of nearly all of his security personnel, and the forced execution of all civilians. he still has nightmares. When the Vault finally opened, he left the tomb that was once his home, and saw the wasteland that was his new world. Now he just scours around the wastes, looking for his next meal, and fighting to stay alive.
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PostSubject: Nicholas, the Odd man in the Wasteland   25/02/12, 07:17 am

Character Profile:

Name : Doc Nicholas, but everybody calls me Nick for short, I'm not much one for fancy talk. Or they call me Nikola, after that Tesla fella, he was mighty strange, and somehow they thought it nice to call me after him. some folks.

Age : 20

Race: Caucasian

A Machete,
his fists,
FN Browning High Power (HP)
Type: Single Action
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum (also 7.65mm Parabellum and .40S&W)
Magazine: 13 rounds (10 rounds in .40SW)
Dragunov SVD (silenced, scope-less)
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Operation: gas operated, short stroke, rotating bolt; semi-automatic
Capacity: 10 rounds (box)

Motto: What is the wasteland? But a beautiful reprieve from humanity?

Homes: Capital wasteland, by the forests and the trees, occasionally a small little wooden hut out in the middle of somewhere. Originally from a Vault, occasionally returns.

-Journal entry 2981 Recording 120-

It's been quite a while since I left the vault, too long, in fact. I may have to journey back soon. Preferably soon.
Well anyway. Today is my birthday, I turn twenty. It's been quite sometime since I've spoken to a human being. Ghouls and Super mutants aside. but of course. The Forced Evolutionary Virus is quite interesting. It's quite robust, very well made. But if only it's effects were less, aesthetically displeasing. Super mutants are all fine and dandy. but, uh, I think a normal looking person would be much more appreciative.

(a few seconds of silence)

Ah, well, I been out here in the wilderness of Capital Wasteland for quite sometime. Living in the forested areas round the place, far from cityscapes and those ruffians. I much prefer this solitude of mine little forests, with my mole rats and lizards and Yao Guai. Not to mention the other lovely forest critters.


I've got a horse, he's mighty fine, take him place, we go awfully slow, don't want to startle any deathclaws now. That wouldn't be too dandy. He's a mighty fine steed. There's a Harras of horses moving in, they have a female among them, they maybe one of these days I'll get ol' Akecheta, that's Sioux for, uh, fighter, I believe. Anywho, I prefer nature to humans, Mother always rewards you when your kind. I like doing as she does, makes for a mighty-fine living it does.

This darn pip-boy make one hell of hassle though, but it's helpful, it's flashlight thingy helps me see somethings i'm workin' on, in the dark. Make keeping track of certain things a breeze, like the map feature, though I don't really use it unless I'm in a city, cuz cities are strange places. the Vault was strange, but you didn't need a map to go anywhere. anyway, that's it for now, I might just catch a snooze, gotta get up early tomorrow.

audio only

Theme song:

-Journal Entry, written-

I feel like this song represents me in some way, nah' entirely sure. I've had many heartaches, women from 'round the wastes that I've met. Many pretty lasses, they don' seem to take to me very well. Anyway, this has me feelin' down, I'mma drink som' beer and head off to snoozeville.

Themes: Other theme:

"Note 2886, January 26th year 2###

Ran into the Treeminders on my way to talk to Harold. I had to get some of his seed to spread out near my shacks, to promote life and all that. They stopped trying to preach about Harold to me after it became apparent that I was not your average wastelander. The Leaf tattoo probably gave it away. Any way, I might pick up a personality and stick to it while I'm out here. No one from the Mojave will recognize me if I change how I dress and how I act. Some facial hair will probably be necessary. Any way, I'me leaving a note by Harold, just in case some other wastelander winds up there. The note will say to go along with the ceremonies that the Treeminders have, they are harmless. But don't stay there for more than a few days. They won't stop trying to convert you. Or something like that. I'll have to make periodic stops there in order to spread trees. Gosh, I feel like Johnny Appleseed. Only instead of apples, it's just trees. "

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 09:32 am

Name: Benjamin
Age: Pre-War Ghoul, stop counting
Race: Ghoul
Weapons: Colt Python, Colt M1911, Remington 870
Other Weapons: Dragunov SVD
Motto: Enjoy life to the fullest.
Theme Songs: Down With The Sickness (Disturbed) Changes (3 Doors Down) I walk alone (greenday)
Home Sweet Home: A small one room gas station near D.C. and the river
Biography: Journal Entry Number One. This is the first time I've done this type of thing. But I'm so excited about this thing Ive recently igfound. Its this factory of Nike a Cola, I cant get in though, tough security. So I am going to Rivet City to see if I can get help or tools.
Canturbery Commons didn't have the needed equipment.
I'm going to build a boat/ raft and ride down the river. Its going to take awhile, so I found a temporary home. Its a relatively small, it'll do.
Its a small gas station woth several destroyed cars. Except one in the back garage, it runs to a small degree but I can't use for what I need.
Apparently the previous owner was rich, he hid several guns, some supplies and a music player in his lock box. At gun point he cooperated and gave me the key. I told him to leave immediately and he will keep his life. He may or may not come back for me but ill hopefully be gone before he comes back. He must've been working on the car out back. I feel bad for him but survival of fittest right? I have to get back work. Soooooo yeah, goodbye book.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 10:38 am

Name: Christopher 'Blitz' Lloyd.

Age: 21 Years Old.

Race: Caucasian.

Weapons: AK47 - Assault Rifle // Barrett M82 - Sniper Rifle // Colt Python - Magnum.

Theme Song(s): Five Finger Death Punch - No one gets left behind // Black Veil Brides - The Legacy.

Motto: Live with respect; Die with honor.

Home(s): A huge Cavern which nears River City. Tangled with traps, but a huge sanctum for Chris.

- Journal entry 1345 Recording 53 - // Begin Transmission //

Jesus Christ, part of me thinks that I would have been better off in the Vault. Out here, its just as bad as in there, except worse. Barely enough food to survive on, and there is nobody to talk too. No clean water, except that waterfall that's covered in Deathclaws. But at least in here I'm safe.
This Cavern is beautiful, to me anyway. Over the years I have tried to improve it, and I did. This place is amazing. Beds; games; weapons, and everything needed to survive. Its home.

Its hard to earn money...I usually do some mercenary work...and the pay off of that is hard to survive on. I need to find some more work...I'm going to find more work...

But I'm not sure whether I will return to the Vault any day soon, if not ever. I'm scared if I am truthful to return to the Vault. I upset a lot of people when I left, and its the same out here.
I'm thinking of going on another trip, all around the Wasteland, who knows...I might get lucky. Wait, someones here! Shit!

(Sound of rushing)

// Recording ended - Transmission over //

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - Shelob was one of the countless brood of Ungoliant; a Giant Arachnid and a Relic from a time long passed. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant’s spawn, and was many times larger than even the largest of Mirkwood’s Spiders. A purely neutral character, she served only herself, and her hunger and bloodlust would be satisfied by any creature she could consume. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing bite that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 12:25 pm

Name : John Taylor
Age : 27

Race : Caucasian

Weapons :LM-25 Firestarter
M224 Widowmaker
FN Browning HP

Theme Song(s): Everything Ends - Slipknot

Motto: "We fight, untill no one can fight us, we live because no one can stop us." -From the song: "Pulse of the Maggots"

Home(s) There is a small hole in the ground, completely cut off other than the entrance, about twenty minutes south of Rivet City. Unless you knew it was there, you'd never see it.

Bio (mandatory): I walked around my "home". It was set up so in the unlikely event it was attacked, I'd have plenty of cover. I'd lived in a vault most of my life, but there wasn't a single object to give that away, other than my damn Pip-boy. I'd hated the place, and removed most of its ties to me. I hated every last one of the guys in there. I'd been an engineer in there, and had retained most of my skills. My metal armour stood proudly, my weapons hung from the walls. I was a bounty hunter, killing anything for a bit of money. I had very few loyalties, which made my job that much easier, I'd gotten a bit of a name for being merciless, the way I saw it though, I was very merciful. I could easily make my targets suffer, but I killed them quickly. I sometimes turned down a job because it interfered with my very few moral codes, but the employer always came back. The wasteland was my work place now, not some dusty machine.


[16:53:21] Luna : I just thought

[16:53:26] Luna : Gamer is pronounced

[16:53:29] Luna : Gay-Mer

[16:53:41] Luna : Which in TES Would be "Gay-Elf"

[16:53:47] Luna : You're all gay elves.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 03:16 pm

Character Profile:

Name : Alex Mercer

Age : 26

Race : White

Apparel : This but imagine the purple, brown.

Weapons : The Kneecapper, The Blackhawk and 2 Trench Knives (Black)

Theme Song : Ain't No Rest For the Wicked By Cage The Elephant

Motto : The first rule of The Waste: Trust No One.

Home : In one of the houses in Springvale by Megaton. His house is modified with extra protection on windows and doors for raiders and scavengers.

Bio : Born in the wasteland from parents who were born in one of the Vault. Alex never knew which one since his parent died from a raider attack at a young age. The raiders who killed his parents took Alex in and taught him how to survive and made him one of their crew, but Alex still bore a hatred for them. When he reached the age of 17, roughly 12 years from when he was captured, he killed the group of raiders who took him in. After that he ran away into the wasteland with only his knowledge and a pistol, lost he found the place of Megaton. After working in Megaton for a year Alex decided to go his own way and found a living as a scavenger, raiding tombs and abandoned houses for loot that he could sell like weapons and armor. Although some of the rarer loot he kept for himself.


Did you think I was lying?
I said I’m evil, without even trying.
Drinking the red from your heart in one sitting.
You think you've got me pegged, you must be kidding.
I raise the dead up and they do my bidding.
Girl, I’m a thousand years old, I’m a riddle.
Bad little boy, yes, I’m bad, but not little.

Don't you know I'm a villain, every night I'm out killin'
sending everyone running like children
I know why you're mad at me, I got demon eyes
and they're looking right through your anatomy
Into your deepest fears, baby, I'm not from here
I'm from the Nightosphere
To me, you're clear, transparent
You got a thing for me girl, its apparent

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 03:28 pm

Name (mandatory): Jack Meadow

Age (mandatory): 21

Race (mandatory): Caucasian

Faction: Wastelander, however he will accept delivery jobs from any faction, as long as they pay of course. Except for the USC, they’re just weird.

Weapons (mandatory):

LM-25 ‘Firestarter’
Type: Laser Assault Rifle
Rate of Fire: 1000 shots per minute
Capacity: 40 shots per pack
Range: 1000m
Colt M1911 (.45)
Type: Single Action
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7 rounds

Theme Song(s) (optional): Songs that fit your character’s profile or personal taste.

Motto (optional):

Home(s) (mandatory): Whenever he’s not on a job, he lives in Rivet City, which means he doesn’t usually spend much time there.

Bio (mandatory): Born and raised in a Vault, like most others. When the vault was finnaly opened, and all the inhabitants left, Jack lived with his family, and eventually moved to Rivet City. After some more years of… Nothing, Jack left the safety of Rivet City, to try and make a living. Life was… Pretty shit, to put it simply. Work was scarce, and even then, most of it was Mercenary work, and that would probably end up nasty.
He soon found himself working as an ‘Engineer’ in Megaton, fixing robots, doors… And any other piece of equipment some idiot couldn’t be bother to try and fix themselves. Some time later, he found himself working with Computers as well, fixing, programming… The programming was mostly just to protect a computer from hacking, but the security on the computers were, and still are, pathetic… You may as well stick a giant red button saying ‘HACK’ on it. Jack got bored of engineering work, and soon left Megaton, with… Lower hopes than before. He eventually got a small time job working for a group of traders, he’d deliver packages and supplies if they were needed some place that wasn’t on the traders planned route. Jack guessed that word must of spread, and he soon found himself doing jobs for various people. And that’s what he’s spent the last couple of years doing, just delivering packages. He was like the Postman of the wasteland, and sometimes he’d have to actually fight. Mutants, raiders, some abomination of a creature… That was how he got some of his ‘weapon training’. It wasn’t much training… But hey, you need whatever you can get in this wasteland…

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 04:17 pm

Name: Esther

Age: 17

Race: Human Caucasian

Knife: A home made knife with a dull 4 inch blade.

Rifle: A makeshift rifle that uses compressed air to fire a grenade that explodes upon impact

Motto: In time we will all be worn down into granules, washed into the sea and dispersed.

Home: Originally from a slaver camp Esther stays mobile, and wonders alone to avoid detection and find safety in the barren wastes.

Bio: Raised in a slave camp for as long as she can remember Esther suffered the worst of the wastes, with little to no food or water survival was an almost hopeless struggle. There was almost no form of education in the camps or any luck of escaping. Esther grew up in the cages a hostile and fiendish environment, most of the slaves ended up turning to cannibalism to make it by. After the slavers had aggravated a local Merc group they came under frequent attack. One of their raids provided an opportunity for escape and the slaves began an uprising. During this Esther took her chance and tried to leave but the slave collar strapped around her neck made thing complicated. Now with a makeshift solution she wonders free but alone in the barren lands, hiding from anyone in fear of her recapture.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   25/02/12, 11:17 pm

Name: Branden Schmitt

Age: 20

Race: White/Caucasian

H&K 416
Glock .40S&W

Motto: "I've always felt alone my whole life.
For as long as I can remember.
I don't know if I like it... or if I am just use to it, but I do know this...
Being alone does things to you, and feeling shit and bitter and anger all the time...


Home(s): Mostly sleep under any shelter I can find.

Bio (mandatory): Before all of this, Branden was 17 and a new officer on the Capital City police department. Lucky him, he only made one arrest before the war had kicked off and everything turned to shit.

He was in his police cruiser by himself one day, patrolling the highway when a ear screeching explosion.

Screenshot: With light body armour and an RPG on the back
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Apprentice Story teller

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   26/02/12, 02:30 pm

Name (mandatory): Matt I Collins

Age (mandatory): 18

Race (mandatory): Caucasian

Weapons (mandatory): M4A1, M14, Desert Eagle

Home(s) (mandatory): Any major cities.

Bio (mandatory): Born in the Mojave, he lived only about 6 years of his life there before being forcefully moved to Washington D.C by Slavers. At about 16, the N.E.A raided the camp he was staying at, he was able to get his collar key off a dead body, grabbed his M14, and ran out the back entrance of the base. Two years later, he is now a Scavenger, doesn't work for anyone.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   10/03/12, 11:09 pm

name: Emma
age: 16 (me and my bro bonded like bro and sis blah blah blah)
race: ghoul
weapons: M345 ‘Reaper’ python Cheytac M200
theme song:
motto: who needs a gun when you have a perfectly good knife?
home: shelters here and there
bio: I was born in a nice home then my parents died in the explosion by bandits when I was 15, I escaped with the help of ben.
We've been traveling together since then. he has never told me his age but he is like my brother. I know he is a pre-war ghoul but thats about it.

When life hits you, hit it harder....

[19:10:43] * Xazhi hugs Chey
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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Characters   11/05/12, 07:19 pm

Name: Zenith Fidela Peirce

Age: 22

Race: Caucasian (albino)

Weapons: his fists, Katana, Flare gun, Balistic fist.

Theme Song: Heresy in disguise (falconer), Pretender (Foo fighters), Wenches and mead (Alestorm)

Motto: Dont wait for luck. make your own.

Homes: has none.

Bio: Zenith does not remember where he was born but he has been in alot of battle over the years and knows what its like to have the agonized faces of those he kills to be burned into his memories. which is why he is a alcaholic. but for some odd reason he seems to fight better when he is drunk. probably because he uses the drunken fist combat style or perhaps it is because he is usualy always drunk. although he seems clumsy and stumbles around sometimes when drunk his fighting abilities are improved by this drunken state. he has a very pleasent personality and will avoid fighting if he can. but is not afraid to fight if he has to. he hatched a deathclaw egg at one point and raised it but he released it into the wasteland to be free. he spent the majority of his life either fighting or exploring the wasteland. he has exceptional survival skills as well as hand to hand and melee combat. and makes a great alliy to have in both combat and just to have out in the wasteland. he knows how to handle animal attacks without having to fight them and how to craft things out of scrap found in the desert. he was never very good with a ranged weapon though so he only keeps a flare gun to scare off lakelurks and such. he tries to stay away from casinos for their ability to take all his caps and leave him with no whiskey.
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Fallout RP Characters
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