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 Nicholas, the Odd man in the Wasteland

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PostSubject: Nicholas, the Odd man in the Wasteland   25/02/12, 06:51 am

Rules of the RP:

1. No one person can have more than five weapons on their body (two pistols, one assault rifle/sniper rifle/or long range weapon, one SMG, one RPG).

2. You can have one vehicle only, if you chose to have one.

3. You can belong to only one of the above factions, or be a wastelander trying to survive.

4. Be realistic in your posts


Character Profile:

Name : Doc Nicholas, but everybody calls me Nick for short, I'm not much one for fancy talk. Or they call me Nikola, after that Tesla fella, he was mighty strange, and somehow they thought it nice to call me after him. some folks.

Age : 20

Race: Caucasian

A Machete,
his fists
FN Browning High Power (HP)
Type: Single Action
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum (also 7.65mm Parabellum and .40S&W)
Magazine: 13 rounds (10 rounds in .40SW)
Dragunov SVD (silenced, scope-less)
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Operation: gas operated, short stroke, rotating bolt; semi-automatic
Capacity: 10 rounds (box)

Motto: What is the wasteland? But a beautiful reprieve from humanity?

Homes: Capital wasteland, by the forests and the trees, occasionally a small little wooden hut out in the middle of somewhere. Originally from a Vault, occasionally returns.

-Journal entry 2981 Recording 120-

It's been quite a while since I left the vault, too long, in fact. I may have to journey back soon. Preferably soon.
Well anyway. Today is my birthday, I turn twenty. It's been quite sometime since I've spoken to a human being. Ghouls and Super mutants aside. but of course. The Forced Evolutionary Virus is quite interesting. It's quite robust, very well made. But if only it's effects were less, aesthetically displeasing. Super mutants are all fine and dandy. but, uh, I think a normal looking person would be much more appreciative.

(a few seconds of silence)

Ah, well, I been out here in the wilderness of Capital Wasteland for quite sometime. Living in the forested areas round the place, far from cityscapes and those ruffians. I much prefer this solitude of mine little forests, with my mole rats and lizards and Yao Guai. Not to mention the other lovely forest critters.


I've got a horse, he's mighty fine, take him place, we go awfully slow, don't want to startle any deathclaws now. That wouldn't be too dandy. He's a mighty fine steed. There's a Harras of horses moving in, they have a female among them, they maybe one of these days I'll get ol' Akecheta, that's Sioux for, uh, fighter, I believe. Anywho, I prefer nature to humans, Mother always rewards you when your kind. I like doing as she does, makes for a mighty-fine living it does.

This darn pip-boy make one hell of hassle though, but it's helpful, it's flashlight thingy helps me see somethings i'm workin' on, in the dark. Make keeping track of certain things a breeze, like the map feature, though I don't really use it unless I'm in a city, cuz cities are strange places. the Vault was strange, but you didn't need a map to go anywhere. anyway, that's it for now, I might just catch a snooze, gotta get up early tomorrow.
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Nicholas, the Odd man in the Wasteland
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