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 Helen Fansa

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PostSubject: Helen Fansa   Helen Fansa Icon_minitime29/02/12, 12:29 am

Name: Helen Fansa
Age: 26 Years old
Race: Human; Latina
Skills: Good: Accuracy, Tactics Bad: going Solo, Heavy Weapons
Role: Sniper/ Strategist
Theme Song: None
Insignia: An image of Sargasso
Current Location: New Mombassa
Biography: Helen Fansa was born on Sargasso in a heavily populated city. She always had excellent grades and was transferred to a private school because of her knowledge. When she was 15, she enrolled into the academy after hearing about the attacks on Harvest. She had a tough time keeping up with the men, being less physically adept. However, she got by just in time to participate in the actions over Sigma Octanus IV. After that battle, she was transferred to the ODST core, Squad 56. She holds little authority, and is generally looked down as a soldier, being a woman. When the battle of Sargasso came, she fought bravely to protect her home, but it wasn't enough, as Sargasso fell and was glassed. Vowing revenge on the Covenant, she volunteered to go to Reach under the 'Bullfrogs'. She was the last survivor of the group, heading aboard Squad 56's flagship, the carrier UNSC Sahara. Currently, the Sahara and her squad are fighting the Covenant over Earth and in it's cities.
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Helen Fansa
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