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 Kaine 'Nar Ranoee, Crusading Spirit Fleet.

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PostSubject: Kaine 'Nar Ranoee, Crusading Spirit Fleet.   18/03/12, 11:22 am

Name: Kaine 'Nar Ranoee

Gender: Male

General description: His height is shorter of his counterpart, Paarthurnax, at 8"1". His eye color is that of a brilliant blue, one of the comparisons between the two. He has no scars, which differs between both of them. His skin is also smooth, but will a paler blue, where his blood type is -A. Him and his brothers height, adds to their look and they both use the same stances, most of the time. They both...alike...never back down.

Age: 69 Years Old

Race: Sangheili

Skills: Kaine has some fantastic skills, however differing from his brother, in many ways. Kaine is fantastic with explosives, and point blanc assassinations. He also in talented is the arts of the sword, not aspiring to a great swordsmen as of yet. He was brought up around fighting, as was Paarthurnax. He was taught by Paarthurnax' father, Alduin, the current Special Operations Commander. He was trained by different tutors, ones who knew of explosions and being a point blanc assassin, making Kaine, the best in what he does. He is not very good at political debates however, and tends to stay away from verbal battles. He too is extremely talented in evading and dodging bullets or objects, which was leant by Ripa. His temper is mild, more sustained than Paarthurnax, meaning he has no rage ability, at least not to his known ability. He loves his family and his brother.

Role: Leads lances of Special Operations into battle, usually up to several units, perhaps more. He is with Paarthurnax most of the time, and he listens to his orders, as he is his oldest brothers, but because he respects him, as does Paarthurnax. He gives him much ability however so.

Insignia: His insignia, is none different to those that are imprinted on the Plasma grenade, in fact it is merely exact. He has not been branded, unlike his brother.

Birthplace: Verass State, Sanghelios.

Birth date: Unknown for sure, presumably before 2500.

Theme song(s): Covenant Dance - - Rise Against - Hero of War - - Escape The Fate - Ashley - - Little Big Town - Boondocks.

Current location: M.I.A

Current status: M.I.A

Family members: Alduin 'Verassai (Father) - - Aluna 'Verass (Mother) - - Paarthurnax 'Kai Verassee (Brother) -- Uska Verassee (Brother).


- Needle Rifle (4x Zoom, extended magazine, modified round coverage and native Sangheili symbols).
- Plasma Rifles x 2 (Extended plasma magazine, double cooling systems and native Sangheili symbols).
- Energy Swords x 2 (Native Sangheili symbols and quicker ventilation system).
- Energy Blades x 2 (Cloaking enabled system and quicker retraction time).
- Camouflage System
- Special Operations Harness
- Personal Energy Shield (Four seperate energy shields).
- Utilities x 2 (Carries personal things, or whatever the user can fit it).
- Grenade and charge belt (A belt that seperates from the actual armor, coming out from it and floating until discharged).

He spent twelve years in military training and army, before eventually graduating and surpassing the tests to join the Covenant Army, alongside Paarthurnax.
He went on a number of tours with his brother, surviving them all, leading lances and armies to war with the Humans and other races. He was trained by his father, Ripa 'Kal Vargun, Ripa 'Kai Vadumee and Thel 'Vadamee, to name a few. His superior skills meant he rised quite quickly through the ranks of the Covenant, surprising the Arbiter and the Prophets at one stage.

He respects his family and his species, respecting his family more than ever now, the same traits as his brother.
Kaine's original family, died when he was young, Jiralhanae's doing. The Verass bloodline, being great friends with the Rano bloodline took Kaine under their wing and brought him up as their own.

He loves his family and wouldn't replace his family for anything, he is very religious and loves Covenant music and the way his race makes music with what they have. He took part in the Human-Covenant war, being in hundreds of battles, he does not despise the humans, now that he has had the time to research them. He always finishes his battles, even if it kills him. He loves his brother, and has been in countless battles with him...

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - Shelob was one of the countless brood of Ungoliant; a Giant Arachnid and a Relic from a time long passed. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant’s spawn, and was many times larger than even the largest of Mirkwood’s Spiders. A purely neutral character, she served only herself, and her hunger and bloodlust would be satisfied by any creature she could consume. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing bite that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them.

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Kaine 'Nar Ranoee, Crusading Spirit Fleet.
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