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 SIV - Jamie 1817

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PostSubject: SIV - Jamie 1817   SIV - Jamie 1817 Icon_minitime28/03/12, 05:49 pm

Name: Jamie 1817

Age: 28

Race: Caucasian


Skills: Scouting, Rifles, CQC

Role: Scout


  • Armour: Armour

  • Armour Rear View Design and Colour: ARVDAC

  • Armour Head Rear View with Arm View (Arm colour doesn't apply): AHRVWAV

Theme song(s): Again, only if you want to

Insignia, if applicable: Insignia

Current Location: UNSC Frigate Eternal Glaze

Current Status: Waiting for Orders to come through.


  • BR85HB SR Battle Rifle

  • M6G Personal Defence Weapon

Biography: UNSC Record... Sam 1817... Loaded... Previewing Now...

Jamie volunteered to join the Spartan IV Programme after Serving Five years in the Marine Military. Jamie was given the option to join the ODST Forces after four years, but refused, wanting to stay with his squad. One year later, and Jamie was then placed in the Spartan IV programme, and was deployed some time later. He has yet to perform any notable feats as a SPARTAN IV, but has shown... Sufficient levels of readiness during Training.

Training Record 561:

SIV - Jamie 1817 Sglcux
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SIV - Jamie 1817
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