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 Oak (Phantom)

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PostSubject: Oak (Phantom)   Oak (Phantom) Icon_minitime03/05/12, 07:12 pm

Name: Oak (formerly known as Phantom)

Age: 19 (but thinks he's 38)

Race: Artificialy created human. Looks amarican and is albino but with white hair.

Skills: Oak is a master at Melee and Hand to hand as well as using throwing weapons and other skills used in ancient times. but he cannot shoot the side of a barn with a gun and does'nt know the first thing about most modern day technology. He is incredibly strong and has loads of stamina he can continue fighting even with seemingly mortal injuries and he can read people pretty well but his stamina wont save him from poison which affects him a great deal more than normal people. (about 10X more vulnirable.) and so his enemies like to use poisoned bullets on him. (particularly nightshade.)

Role: No particular role but usualy acts as an errend boy for everyone or bodyguard.

Screenshot/apearance: Oak stands about 8,7. he is albino with Silvery white hair White skin and Red eyes. Wears Sea green and Sky blue armor (his zodiac colors.)

Theme song(s): Back in control (sabaton) Fade to black (Bleach movie fade to black soundtrack) Brother mine (Full metal alchemist soundtrack)

Insignia, if applicable: Rogue

Current Location: Sitting next to a tree Drinking Sake and looking at the stars.

Current Status: Drunk

Biography: Oak was created in a millitary research facility and was made as one of many experiments and the first success. he was made to be a combat tyrant. but to their surprise he and some of the other combat tyrants Defected to escape their control. some for moral purposes and others for more personal, and yet others came to follow a more "just" cause. some people who met Oak feared him quickly for his fighting styles and size but eventualy came to realize he was more tender and peaceful than he looked. in his older days when he was known as Phantom he was a very brutalic person and reveled in killing and fighting. now he still likes the fighting but tries to avoid it if possible. but he is loyal and will always protect people for seemingly no reason.

Oak (Phantom) PlayerModel[img]
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Oak (Phantom)
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